Thieneman lawsuit filed Tuesday, Jun 20 2017 

Local developer and activist Chris Thieneman has filed a lawsuit against the City of Louisville, LMPD Officers, and County Attorney Ingrid Geiser for malicious prosecution among other things. As I have mentioned previously, I have a personal relationship with Thieneman and chose to NOT be the lead on this case to avoid any claims of impropriety or bias. I think it was the right decision......then.

With that said, in lieu of recent events at LMPD it is time to get this story out. Mainstream has refused to report on this issue, even after the CJ's Joe Gerth implied that when Thieneman  filed the suit that they would. Is anyone really surprised that they did not?

Thieneman lawsuit

Image may contain: 1 person, smilingA brief background goes as follows. Chris Thieneman and April Smith were in a relationship. Chris broke off that relationship and then April Smith decided to make him pay. Case in point, on the day Thieneman was arrested, he was with Smith in her car, she was driving, and when she stopped at a red light on Brownsboro Rd, Thieneman left the vehicle with a cell phone that he owned. What did Smith do when Thieneman tried to get away from her? Smith left the vehicle running at the red light to chase Thieneman to get the phone that he owned back.

The car was stolen with all of Smith's belongings left in it, so she could chase Thieneman who was clearly trying to get away from her.

What happens? Thieneman calls 911 the police come.......and arrest him based on a bs story that he assaulted Smith. No corroboration, no witnesses, and he was falsely arrested based on false accusations.

Reverse the roles, if a man had been driving and the woman left to get away, then he chased her, wouldn't he be arrested and charged? So why wasn't Smith? Why was Thieneman?

Brief? You bet but is the gist of where this all started.

How can someone who is fleeing then be accused of attacking the person who was chasing and stalking him?

Of course then you get Officer Amy Phelps, who records her interview with April Smith during the investigation on the night it occurred, somehow stating that the "tape erased itself" AFTER Thieneman counsel requested a copy for their court case. Miracle how that happens isn't it?

I know firsthand how that works from my own personal experience with LMPD "investigations."

Miraculously Phelps then decided to "re interview" Smith a month later, AFTER Smith had legal counsel, and "schooled" on how to answer, yes that is what lawyers do folks, which ruins any credibility of course.

Can we say obstruction?

On top of all that, it is alleged, and in my opinion proven, that Smith lied under oath. Perjury anyone? That's what put Mel Ignatow in jail.

County Attorney Ingrid Geiser even admitted in closing arguments that Smith lied under oath, Geiser then went on and accused Thieneman of felony witness tampering, with no evidence whatsoever, in her closing arguments.

Of course since it was closing arguments she could lie, cheat, or steal, and the defense could not respond to prove it.

Geiser should have been the one to stop this insanity and instead chose to aid and abet in it. This should be grounds for a bar complaint and she should be fired immediately from the County Attorneys office. Don't hold your breath.

This case goes beyond anything reasonable and in my opinion a major cover up has been ongoing for far too long. Why was this allowed?

Thieneman is an outspoken, unapologetic Republican activist, who has challenged the Democratic mafia more than once and been successful at it. Library tax anyone? Thieneman was the driving force behind it's defeat.

That's just one example, but it is the only reason i can come up with that so many would conspire in a witch hunt with no facts to back it up.

The difference is Thieneman chose not to be bullied and blackmailed into submission. He chose to stand up against the abuse.

As Tom Clay told Thieneman, when Thieneman asked what it would take to get this stopped, "open your checkbook." That is exactly what Smith wants. No regard for the truth just make Thieneman pay her for absolutely nothing other than her being a scorned ex.

Thieneman is a successful businessman and could have simply wrote a check when Clay tried to blackmail him but he chose to stand for his honor against injustice. And yes blackmail applies here.

If you or I would make that statement we would have followed Karen Sypher into jail but because Clay is an attorney it is legal. Anyone understand that double standard?

Standing up should be commended in a fair world.

Politics should never enter the equation when it comes to right and wrong in the legal system. Sadly we now have one more case where once again the lines are blurred because of those in power and their evil intent.

I will be releasing the transcripts of Smith's deposition testimony going forward and explaining the realities of the situation.

Once again, politics played a key role in this and will cost we the people millions.

Where was MSM? Crickets of course.

There is so much more one article just won't do it justice.

Stay tuned there is much more to come.

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LouisvilleKY’s THE WEEK: Bevin’s Twisted Logic, Politics and Podcasts Friday, Nov 4 2016 

Yes, you can count me among those disappointed in all things political this season. This week, those of us paying attention were subjected to some jaw-dropping comments from our Governor, who said on Terry Meiners show that most of us who criticize Trump for all his boorish behavior with women are hypocrites. He said you shouldn’t be knocking Trump for saying he grabs women in the crotch if you have read a racy book.

Or played a certain video game. Don’t take my word for it, here are his actual words:

“The same hypocrites that are supposedly outraged and offended by this are the very same people that I guarantee you were first in line to go watch ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ to see if it was as trashy as the book they’d read,” he said, adding “They listen to rap music on their way home to go play ‘Grand Theft Auto’ with their kids . . . ”

2016-11-02-12-53-20So he thinks that regular citizens are hypocrites for criticizing a nominee for President of the United States for vulgar behavior if they choose to read an immensely popular book focused on sex. And Bevin, our own Trump Jr., thinks that listening to rap music is also on par with sexual assault.

I know you’ve already decided who you’re voting for, and there’s nothing I could write, or that either candidate could do, to change your mind. So go out there and vote your conscience Tuesday.

Meanwhile, I offer you a couple of pretty good podcasts.

On the Rusty Satellite Show, my guest co-host is Chris Thieneman, who is continuing to fight his way through the court system on a three-year-old assault case, for which he was basically acquitted, except for a $500 fine. Which he is appealing. And for which, on Friday, he was handed another delay by the court system. As you’ll hear, he won’t be backing down on that.

We also talk about politics, and I guarantee that if you listen, you’ll learn something. I’ve also got Emily Hagedorn of Yelp! on the show, and she taught me some things as well.

Rusty Satellite Show

On EatDrinkTalk, Steve Coomes has a great interview with restaurant legend Majid Ghavami, who showed up for his first restaurant job interview 40 years ago in a suit. He’s since earned his place among the city’s finest operators. Later this month, he is closing Majid’s in St. Matthews.

EatDrinkTalk podcast


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LouisvilleKY’s THE WEEK: Some Justice, Some Horseflesh and Something’s a Thunder Friday, Apr 22 2016 

The Derby horse are here early this year, and so is the media throng. For my interview with Jennie Rees for the Rusty Satellite Show this week, I went with photographer Bill Brymer to Churchill Downs’ backside, and recommend it highly. This is before all the tents, all the media, all the hangers-on, so it was just me and Bill hanging with the horses, their connections and people who know the game.

Bill got the shot above of Derby contender Mohaymen, who was the story of the day. We watched Jennie interview a Japanese trainer, who has Lani in the big race, and tried to keep  up with Jennie as she darted from one thing to another.

Jennie Rees with me on the backside. Pic by Bill Brymer

Jennie Rees with me on the backside. Pic by Bill Brymer

Jennie’s story is both inspiring and telling of the media climate. She was offered a buyout at the Courier-Journal after three decades — which included a full year of salary — and is taking advantage. She’s already got multiple sources of income and made the key decision that her career should be more focused on racing than on journalism.  Of course, I’ll be interested to see how the C-J covers the track without its key turf writer, who  will be spending parts of Derby Day reporting for WAVE-TV.

You can hear the interview here:

Biebs Was Here: You may not have heard that Justin Bieber was here this week. I picked up a couple of young girls crazy for the young man at the Seelbach in a Lyft. They were very excited. There were thousands just like them around the Yum! Center. They told me they (their parents) paid $2,000 for 2nd row tickets and a Meet-and-Greet with Bieber, which they said he canceled.

All SET For Great Dining: You can also hear my talk with Joey Wagner on the show, including his description of his new SET restaurant, now setting up in the former Cunningham’s space across the street from the Palace. Joey is the king of celebrities, and vows that he’s going to be inviting Palace performers in for pre- and post-concert meals, prepared by a great chef. Reserve me a table.

KYderbyBookTHE Book on the Kentucky Derby: I met this week with Cathy Shircliff, publisher the new book, The Kentucky Derby, by Bill Doolittle. You have to check out the DigiMark technology that comes with it that allows you to see video on your phone by simply hovering over a page in the book. Doolittle, who was among the media checking out Mohaymen at the track Wednesday, will be signing books at the Readers Corner on Frankfort Avenue tonight at 5.

The Chris Thieneman Trial: Did you notice that when he was arrested, Chris Thieneman’s face was the lead story on every TV station’s newscast? He faced accusations from an ex-girlfriend that he assaulted her in a business some 32 months ago. Well, he was found NOT GUILTY of the most serious charge Tuesday, which went unnoticed in TV newsrooms. And a C-J story led with a misleading headline — “Thieneman Convicted on Wanton Endangerment.” Read my take here.

Stacey Servo... Pic by Rick Redding

Stacey Servo… Pic by Rick Redding

Servo is New 2 This: It was great to see that Greater Louisville Inc. is focused on Talent Attraction enough to hire New2Lou founder and Rusty Satellite Show veteran Stacey Servo. A quote from Deanna Epperley Karem in the hiring release: “Being a transplant to Louisville herself, we think she brings a wonderful balance of real-life experience and interpretation, as well as, a technical skillset that can help us with our internet and social media strategies around attracting folks to Greater Louisville.”

Hatmaker Tops the List in Jtown: After an intense two-week search, Mayor Bill Dieruf and the Jeffersontown City Council selected one of their own to replace Rick Sanders as Police Chief. Major Ken Hatmaker has been with the department since 2001. You can hear him on an up coming Jeffersontown Chamber podcast.

Some Fresh (Fire) Barbecue: Speaking of the Jtown podcast, listen in to my talk with entrepreneur Matthew Saltzman, a business turnaround specialist who is breathing new life into the FireFresh Barbecue franchise. I hit him up for a free meal at the ribbon cutting this week at the new store on Blankenbaker. Here that here:

A Champion for Breakfast: My pals in the Breakfast of Champions came up with a great speaker for our May 10 event at the University Club. It’s Harry Pickens, the renowned jazz pianist, who promises to play some piano for us while also offering an inspiring message about reducing stress and living life. I’ll post the Facebook invite soon.

It’s Child Abuse Prevention Month: So that’s the topic of my health column in Insider Louisville.

Chocolate Whiskey Slushies for Everyone: Expect some surprises at the 3rd Turn Brewery as Ballotin Chocolate Whiskey and the Rusty Satellite Show present our second “Cocktails with Champions” at J-town’s coolest bar, 3rd Turn Brewery. When it’s over, you can walk home with me.


Thunderous Applause: Enjoy the fireworks Saturday. I’m especially interested in hearing the music, for the first time provided by Teddy Abrams and the Louisville Orchestra.





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Chris Thieneman is NOT GUILTY of Assault Charge Friday, Apr 22 2016 

Chris Thieneman finally got his day in court, and was found NOT GUILTY of the most serious charge against him brought by an ex-girlfriend.

In Judge Amber Wolf’s court, a jury considered charges stemming from a September 2013 incident in which the former girlfriend, April Smith, claimed that the former U of L football star and political candidate tried to strangle her. This occurred after Thieneman got out of a car she was driving on Brownsboro Road. Smith left the car running and followed Thieneman to a nearby business in which she was a partner with Thieneman.

ChrisThieneman faced the possibility of a prison sentence had he been convicted on a charge of assault. The jury found him guilty of wanton endangerment and fined him $500.


If you follow this site, you know Chris and I are good friends, and even if we weren’t, I’d be convinced this prosecution is a travesty of justice. This woman, April Smith, has pursued multiple charges against Chris, convincing a prosecutor of her story and dragging him into court. She still has a civil case against him and there are additional charges. But it seems obvious that she is doing all this for one purpose –  to get her hands on his money,

Certainly I believe Chris’s story — which is simply this. At the time of the incident, he was attempting to end their relationship. She would have none of it. Unfortunately, the breakup couldn’t be simple, because Chris had set her up as the owner of a Snap Fitness franchise (in a property he owned) and a massage business (where the accusation of assault took place).

While Chris had moved on from the relationship, her connections to him emotionally and financially wouldn’t allow a clean break. On the day of the incident, it was Smith who left the car she was driving running in the middle of a busy street, and it was she who caused the confrontation in the office. She pressed charges, and a sympathetic police officer believed the story she made up at the scene without even speaking to Chris.

Smith’s attorney in her civil case made Chris an attractive offer — that for $5,000 she would drop the case. He’s certainly paid a lot more than that in legal fees. But Chris is stubborn that way — he wouldn’t admit to something he knows he didn’t do. 

And simply because Smith made the claim, Chris was arrested, taken to jail, and subjected to a flurry of bad publicity, including being the lead story on the evening news. Later, she told authorities that Chris had physically damaged the Dixie Highway Snap Fitness business (remember, it was on property he owned) and, without proof, filed more charges that he had violated a domestic violence order. This precipitated another round of negative media attention in which media coverage centered on the charges and didn’t get Thieneman’s side of the story.

There are plenty of lessons here. If you’re a man, know that the police are likely to believe any woman who claims you assaulted her and will take you to jail without evidence. If you’re in a romantic relationship, don’t bring finances and businesses into it.  And if you’re a well-known personality, know the media will sensationalize your story, reporting only the charges against you without getting your response.

Chris is happy to have gotten his day in court, and calls the result a victory, though he doesn’t understand how he could be convicted of wanton endangerment when he was the one trying to get away from the supposed victim. She is likely to continue her futile case against him in other courts.

Chris is moving on. He’s getting married soon, and has a beautiful baby daughter. He continues to be successful as a businessman. But he vows that April Smith is not getting a dime from him. 




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Judge Rules Thieneman’s Positive Polygraph Test Inadmissable, Sets Trail Date for late March Saturday, Mar 5 2016 

Wolf Won’t Allow “Checkbook” Comment by Accuser’s Attorney in Trial

Chris Thieneman, whose arrest 32 months ago on wanton endangerment charges was widely reported in local media, may finally be getting his day in court.

Judge Amber Wolf, in a March 4 pretrial hearing, suggested that prosecutors and the Thieneman defense be prepared to start a trial in late March.  The trial was to have started March 7, but Judge Wolf granted a continuance after prosecutors put forward an expert witness who was unknown to Thieneman attorney Steve Pence. Pence requested time to prepare for that witness.

Chris Thieneman

Chris Thieneman

The case stems from a September 2013 incident involving Thieneman’s ex-girlfriend, April Smith, which resulted in Thieneman’s arrest.

According to police records, as reported in Sept. 2013 by WDRB, a police report said “the two were arguing inside a car on Brownsboro Road when Thieneman got out of the car and took her phone. The woman says she left her car in the middle of the road to go call police, according to the arrest report. That’s when she says Thieneman followed her and put his arm around her neck.”

In court yesterday, Judge Wolf granted the prosecutor’s request to exclude two pieces of information in the trail. Wolf ruled that the defense may not introduce evidence that an attorney for Smith asked Thieneman to “get out his checkbook” and the case would go away. Wolf also ruled that a polygraph test which Thieneman voluntarily took and passed would not be allowed at the trial.

A request to overturn a ruling made by Judge Erica Williams was denied. That ruling focused on the admissibility of other alleged instances of assault against Thieneman.

In May 2014, Thieneman was arrested a second time on charges that he violated an emergency protection order and retaliated against a participant in the legal process. That case is still in the court system.

Thieneman, a star football player at the University of Louisville in the 1980s, made several runs for  public office, including as a candidate for Mayor in the 2010 Republican primary.


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The Closing Bell: Businesses moving into Butchertown, WHY Louisville in limbo, Bill Weyland’s 10-year plan, and more Friday, Nov 20 2015 

Closing Bell CoverWelcome to The Closing Bell. This is your last stop for biz scoops and big news before the weekend — a roundup of stories that can’t wait till Monday. Two new tenants sign on for Butchertown development Spots at developer … Continue reading

THE WEEK: Good News from Google and other Interesting Folks in the ‘Ville Friday, Sep 11 2015 

Let’s start out with what I didn’t do this week — there were no trips to Riverport, no meals on Dixie Highway and no annoying phone calls. That left more time to pursue stories for and to produce a great episode of the Rusty Satellite Show. It was a productive week for the city as well, especially with yesterday’s announcement about Google Fiber potentially coming here.

with Paula and a huge, furry, lovable creature in Nashville

with Paula and a huge, furry, lovable creature in Nashville

A Even Better Week for WKU: Coach Jeff Brohm‘s Hilltoppers had the only win over a Southeastern Conference school on the opening weekend of college football, surviving a 14-12 thriller over Vandy in Nashville. Then last night, they edged La. Tech at home by a field goal with what I maintain is the most potent offense in the country. At the game in Nashville, I saw red-towel waving President Gary Ransdell, who told me he reads the weekly LKY/Rusty newsletter.

And You’re Newest Jeffersontown Chamber Member is: With Jeffersontown’s Gaslight Festival coming up next week, has earned the privileges of membership in the Jtown Chamber. Highlights of the Festival – the golf scramble on Monday, and the big street festival on the weekend.

The City Bike Ride: There’s nothing like spending Labor Day morning with Mayor Greg Fischer, Congressman John Yarmuth and a few thousand friends bike-riding from Waterfront Park to Shawnee Park.  I spent some quality time with one of my favorite Rusty guests — Dr. John Gilderbloom. This was after getting Jackie Green to put air in my tires and air his semi-annual complaint that the event shuts down a number of TARC routes.

From August Wilson's Seven Guitars at Actors. Photo by Bill Brymer

From August Wilson’s Seven Guitars at Actors. Photo by Bill Brymer

Actors’ Excellence: Go see “Seven Guitars“, the current production at Actors Theatre by August Wilson. Set in 1948 Pittsburgh, it showcases the plight of a group of African-American family members and the racism they face. And go listen to Jennifer Bielstein’s appearance on Rusty to hear why Actors is such a special part of Louisville.

The Problem with Common Core? I went to the Louisville Forum this week to hear what amounted to a debate on the merits of Common Core, and I don’t understand the opposition to the program that brings standards to public education across the U.S. All but four states have adopted it, and college-readiness scores have improved in Kentucky since it started four years ago. Maybe the opposition comes from Republicans who are opposed to anything with Obama’s name on it. I sat next to former JCPS board member and Rusty guest Debbie Wesslund and current member David Jones Jr.

My 1998 profile of Jurich in Business First

My 1998 profile of Jurich in Business First

The Jurich Juggernaut: Check out my interview with a jovial Tom Jurich, who as I recall wasn’t so content the last time I interviewed him, in 1998. Then, he was dealing with fallout from firing Ron Cooper, but the theme of his message was the same — class and integrity. He’s continuing to back projects, like the Papa John’s stadium expansion, that help build the school’s national reputation. Also, please join us at the Sept. 22 Breakfast of Champions, in which Jurich is our featured speaker.

PJCS: If you’re going to Saturday’s home opener against Houston, check out some improvements brought to you by U of L, like being able to summon security to get that rude fan in your section to shut up. If you don’t like the way the game’s going, the Churchill Downs meet will be going on across the street.

Freedom for Nipples: Sure, it was a quirky event that could happen nowhere else in town but the Highlands, but the Free the

Nan Elpers at St. Francis High School. Bill Brymer photo

Nan Elpers at St. Francis High School. Bill Brymer photo

Nipple walk last Saturday attracted 400 marchers and a whole lot of gawkers. It was all started here by St. Francis High School senior Nan Elpers, who explained the serious cause behind the event she started with a Facebook post on the Rusty show.

Thieneman’s Update: I’m hoping to show you the tape of a promo for Chris Thieneman’s “Fantasy Thailand” reality TV series. It’s awesome. Chris told me the latest on the case of the ex-bf who accused him of assault — because of the video you see here on and the fact that Judge Erica Williams is a Facebook friend, she’s been recused from the case. Now the courts have to find a judge who doesn’t have any social media connections to Chris.

Dan Johnson Might Run for Mayor: Just kidding, that won’t happen. But apparently the detached-from-reality Metro Councilman thinks he can overcome his public financial woes and slide into Greg Fischer’s chair. The money quote, from WFPL: “It is something I will definitely consider. I understand that there may be other things happening with our mayor, that he may run against Rand Paul next year.”

Need a Job?: Among dozens of available positions, the Job of the Week is for a Maintenance Tech, with electrical experience, at an East End plant. If that’s not for you, browse other positions from Snelling here.

RR with Paul Thorn before his show at Headliners last year.

RR with Paul Thorn before his show at Headliners last year.

Backslide with Me on Friday: My favorite singer, Paul Thorn, is playing at the Kentucky Center for the Arts on Friday night. It’s a step up for Paul and evidence of his popularity here, as I’ve seen him play in the past at Waterfront Wednesday, Jim Porter’s, Headliners and at a public festival in the Highlands. You can find me in the front row with Paula. Here’s my interview with him.

Really, Giving Blood is Good for You: As you’ll read in my latest for Passport Health Plan. I’ll be going next week. And, did you know the play Dracula begins its annual run at Actors Theatre this week?

Signage for Taj: I’ve been watching the Market Street storefront in hopes my pal Mike Maloney gets his bar open soon. It’s impressive, at least on the outside. It would be a great place to go during the Nulu Festival Sept. 26. See the main photo.






THE WEEK’s NEWS: Ice Cream, a Roller Coaster and Some Real News Friday, Jul 24 2015 

The current news cycle is being dominated by yet another tragic shooting, this time in Louisiana, and America’s continuing failure to do anything to change how easy it is for deranged individuals to get their hands on guns. However, there’s plenty of good news in good ole Louisville K Y . . .


Comfy Cow OpeningCOMFY COW’S RANGE: Could an ice cream business be Louisville’s next national success story in business? The six-year-old startup launched by partners Tim and Roy Koons McGee opened a commissary this week with plans to market sweet treats nationally.

CHRIS THIENEMAN’S COURT BATTLE: Watch the video on this site from Chris Thieneman. He was scheduled to go to trail to defend himself against assault charges brought by an ex-girlfriend on July 21. But the prosecution granted a delay as it attempts to get the Judge recused because, get this, Judge Erica Williams might have seen the video because she has access (like every other local judge) to see it here or on Facebook. Chris has refused to settle, the easy thing to do, because he says he’s innocent.

Stacy Funk and me. Bill Brymer photo

Stacy Funk and me. Bill Brymer photo

THE BEST PARTY: Stacy Funk has helped coordinate the Best of Louisville party with Louisville Magazine for years. It’s July 30 at PLAY. She promised a category for Best Podcast next year on the Rusty show. Here’s how to get tickets.

HEBERT GOES FULL CIRCLE: Before he became WHAS-TV’s top political reporter and then Jim Ramsey’s top spokesman, Mark Hebert got a job fresh out of WKU on a Frankfort radio station. Now he’s hosting a radio talk show about the school at 93.9 FM.

A STORM CHASER WE CAN LOVE: Forget those crazy weather folks. The city’s best Storm Chase will be at Kentucky Kingdom when the park unveils its new roller coaster next year. Storm-Chaser-140DegreeStall

NULU KNOW PARTIES: All the cool kids will be the NuLu Summer Block Party this weekend.

WANT TO HEAR GOD LAUGH? In this week’s Rusty Satellite Show, that’s David Tandy’s response when I asked about his political future plans. It was his way of saying that his future might include a run for Mayor, or Congress, but he’s not sure how it’s going to turn out.

METRO COUNCIL BACKS OFF AIRBNB RULES: Saying any new law would be a nightmare to enforce, the Metro Council is backing off its proposal to charge airbnb hosts a $250 fee. So, you can still rent my house.

ANOTHER REASON I’M NOT FOR BEVIN: The GOP’s candidate for governor is against gambling in any form, including new casino gaming legislation, in any form. Does he know that a coalition of Louisville business leaders has pushed for this for years? Not a progressive stance or a way to get votes around here.

CAN YOU DRIVE A FORKLIFT? The Snelling Staffing Job of the Week is a 1st Shift Manufacturing Plant Manager responsible for Quality Control, Analyzing Production and Employee Performance and Scheduling. Details at Snelling Staffing.