Local developer and activist Chris Thieneman has filed a lawsuit against the City of Louisville, LMPD Officers, and County Attorney Ingrid Geiser for malicious prosecution among other things. As I have mentioned previously, I have a personal relationship with Thieneman and chose to NOT be the lead on this case to avoid any claims of impropriety or bias. I think it was the right decision......then.

With that said, in lieu of recent events at LMPD it is time to get this story out. Mainstream has refused to report on this issue, even after the CJ's Joe Gerth implied that when Thieneman  filed the suit that they would. Is anyone really surprised that they did not?

Thieneman lawsuit

Image may contain: 1 person, smilingA brief background goes as follows. Chris Thieneman and April Smith were in a relationship. Chris broke off that relationship and then April Smith decided to make him pay. Case in point, on the day Thieneman was arrested, he was with Smith in her car, she was driving, and when she stopped at a red light on Brownsboro Rd, Thieneman left the vehicle with a cell phone that he owned. What did Smith do when Thieneman tried to get away from her? Smith left the vehicle running at the red light to chase Thieneman to get the phone that he owned back.

The car was stolen with all of Smith's belongings left in it, so she could chase Thieneman who was clearly trying to get away from her.

What happens? Thieneman calls 911 the police come.......and arrest him based on a bs story that he assaulted Smith. No corroboration, no witnesses, and he was falsely arrested based on false accusations.

Reverse the roles, if a man had been driving and the woman left to get away, then he chased her, wouldn't he be arrested and charged? So why wasn't Smith? Why was Thieneman?

Brief? You bet but is the gist of where this all started.

How can someone who is fleeing then be accused of attacking the person who was chasing and stalking him?

Of course then you get Officer Amy Phelps, who records her interview with April Smith during the investigation on the night it occurred, somehow stating that the "tape erased itself" AFTER Thieneman counsel requested a copy for their court case. Miracle how that happens isn't it?

I know firsthand how that works from my own personal experience with LMPD "investigations."

Miraculously Phelps then decided to "re interview" Smith a month later, AFTER Smith had legal counsel, and "schooled" on how to answer, yes that is what lawyers do folks, which ruins any credibility of course.

Can we say obstruction?

On top of all that, it is alleged, and in my opinion proven, that Smith lied under oath. Perjury anyone? That's what put Mel Ignatow in jail.

County Attorney Ingrid Geiser even admitted in closing arguments that Smith lied under oath, Geiser then went on and accused Thieneman of felony witness tampering, with no evidence whatsoever, in her closing arguments.

Of course since it was closing arguments she could lie, cheat, or steal, and the defense could not respond to prove it.

Geiser should have been the one to stop this insanity and instead chose to aid and abet in it. This should be grounds for a bar complaint and she should be fired immediately from the County Attorneys office. Don't hold your breath.

This case goes beyond anything reasonable and in my opinion a major cover up has been ongoing for far too long. Why was this allowed?

Thieneman is an outspoken, unapologetic Republican activist, who has challenged the Democratic mafia more than once and been successful at it. Library tax anyone? Thieneman was the driving force behind it's defeat.

That's just one example, but it is the only reason i can come up with that so many would conspire in a witch hunt with no facts to back it up.

The difference is Thieneman chose not to be bullied and blackmailed into submission. He chose to stand up against the abuse.

As Tom Clay told Thieneman, when Thieneman asked what it would take to get this stopped, "open your checkbook." That is exactly what Smith wants. No regard for the truth just make Thieneman pay her for absolutely nothing other than her being a scorned ex.

Thieneman is a successful businessman and could have simply wrote a check when Clay tried to blackmail him but he chose to stand for his honor against injustice. And yes blackmail applies here.

If you or I would make that statement we would have followed Karen Sypher into jail but because Clay is an attorney it is legal. Anyone understand that double standard?

Standing up should be commended in a fair world.

Politics should never enter the equation when it comes to right and wrong in the legal system. Sadly we now have one more case where once again the lines are blurred because of those in power and their evil intent.

I will be releasing the transcripts of Smith's deposition testimony going forward and explaining the realities of the situation.

Once again, politics played a key role in this and will cost we the people millions.

Where was MSM? Crickets of course.

There is so much more one article just won't do it justice.

Stay tuned there is much more to come.

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