See the Murals in Smoketown Friday, Aug 14 2020 

You may have never noticed it, or never really thought about it, but Louisville is full of murals. There are more than 80 of them throughout the city. You can see some of the best ones in Smoketown, a historic Louisville neighborhood that’s full of great stuff to see. Go See the Murals Smoketown has so many different murals, the Imagine Mural Festival was held here earlier this year. There were 13 new murals added to the neighborhood recently, including one of Louisville legend Muhammad Ali. You can find some along S. Shelby Street, Lampton Street and Logan Street. To see all the murals, you’ll have to go exploring around Smoketown on your own. This is the best way to see this historic neighborhood. Smoketown Louisville Choose a nice day with plenty of sun so you can get a good view of the colorful murals here. Once you’re trying to spot them, you’ll definitely start to see them. They’re all over Smoketown and they’re pretty hard to miss. Smoketown is just a few blocks away from downtown Louisville. That puts culture, healthcare, parks and all sorts of attractions and cuisine within blocks of Smoketown. This neighborhood is mostly residential and it's mostly full of great historic homes. Learn a little more about this community and you may learn it's the right one for you. See the Homes in Smoketown In the early 1800s, Smoketown was full of large kilns used for making bricks. Some of the bricks made in Smoketown in those early days were used to build now-historic homes and buildings that still stand all through Louisville. By the 1880s, Smoketown had become a quiet residential area. That's still what Smoketown is today. Smoketown is still full of pretty bungalows and shotgun homes, real estate with classic good looks. Many homes here have been restored and renovated to return them to their historic glory. Some Smoketown homes still need to be revitalized. Go see everything this neighborhood has to offer, including all the beautiful murals that help brighten up Smoketown and many other areas of Louisville. About the Author:  Joe Hayden is the Team Owner and Manager of the Joe Hayden Real Estate Team - !

Try Cuban Food This August Thursday, Aug 13 2020 

Cuban music is known for being upbeat, exciting, something to get you up and moving. Cuban food is kind of the same way. It's spicy, it's packed with flavor, it's exciting. This August, get up and get moving and head to Havana Rumba. Here, you can try authentic Cuban cuisine without even leaving Louisville. A Taste of Cuba Traveling anywhere isn't so easy right now. But you can get the taste of the exotic at Havana Rumba and enjoy just a little bit of Cuban culture. Start with an appetizer, like some empanadas or croquetas de Pollo y Jamon. You don't have to pronounce it perfectly to know that chicken croquettes served with dipping sauce is delicious! There's a selection of tapas on the menu, several different salads and soups and some tasty sandwiches. Get the Cubano or the house specialty, the Havana Rumba itself. There's a vegetarian sandwich on the menu, plus lots of different chicken dishes and several mouth-watering beef dishes. Finish your meal with a wonderful after-dinner coffee drink or a dessert. Havana Rumba Cuban Food The Middletown Havana Rumba is open Mondays through Thursdays from 5 to 9:30 pm, Friday 11:30 am to 10 pm, Saturday noon to 10 pm and Sunday noon to 8:30 pm. Havana Rumba is at 12003 Shelbyville Road. That's just minutes outside of Lake Forest, a neighborhood that has its own championship golf course, community park and hundreds of truly beautiful homes. Get a little taste of Lake Forest real estate and you're definitely going to want to order much more of this neighborhood. Feasting Your Eyes on Lake Forest Homes The neighborhood is named for the many small lakes you can find here along the winding streets. Many of those streets end in cul-de-sacs that are perfect for showcasing the custom-built, luxury homes here. Built in contemporary styles, each home built in Lake Forest has its own look and distinct charm. The houses here have multiple bedrooms and bathrooms. They're surrounded by landscaping and they have big, spacious rooms and large garages. Homes here have outdoor living spaces and lots of great things to enjoy inside, too. It's normal in Lake Forest to find homes that have custom cabinets, gorgeous stone counters, hardwood floors, big master suites, walk-in closets and all those other extras that everyone looks for in a home. Lake Forest has everything people look for in a neighborhood, too. There's a strong community spirit here and lots of public areas to enjoy. Get a taste of this neighborhood this August. Because one you get a good look at Lake Forest, you won't want to live anywhere else. About the Author:  Joe Hayden is the Team Owner and Manager of the - Your Louisville Real Estate Experts!

Collect Materials for a Nature Collage This August Wednesday, Aug 12 2020 

One of humankind's earliest inventions was art. The oldest artifacts discovered by archaeologists include works of art. Even before people built their own structures, they were painting the caves they used as their homes and community spaces. You don't need a lot of fancy materials and store-bought stuff to create amazing works of art. You can do it the way the men and women living in caves used to do it, just collect natural items to make your own beautiful art. Head out to one of Louisville's great green spaces at Tom Sawyer State Park to get materials to make a great nature collage. A Day in the State Park Go to E.P. "Tom" Sawyer State Park to explore the many trails here and collect cool natural items you find. Small rocks, interesting twigs and leaves, berries, shells. Once you start looking, you'll start to see all sorts of great little items that would look perfect on a nature collage. The park is open every day from 6 am to 10 pm. Tom Sawyer State Park Nature Collage Once all farmland, today the state park is more than 550 acres of wonderful nature and stuff to do. There's a dog park here, a wonderful area to observe the skies that's used by the Louisville Astronomical Society, even an archery range. There are athletic courts here, a fun BMX bike track, a community garden and all sorts of hiking trails to explore. The state park is at 3000 Freys Hill Road, just outside the Anchorage neighborhood. This is one of Louisville’s best-known neighborhoods because the real estate here is so breathtaking. Many people dream of living in Anchorage. After you see the houses here, you just may have the same dream. Go House Hunting in Anchorage Anchorage is built with big homes on big lots that take full advantage of all the natural features in the neighborhood. This community is full of rolling hills, tall shade trees and homes that are spread far apart. Anchorage is a perfect neighborhood for social distancing, because people here can enjoy their outdoor and indoor living spaces and never get close to anyone else if they don't want to! There's a country club and golf course near the center of the neighborhood, plus a couple places where you can get a bite to eat or a drink. But mostly, Anchorage is custom-built, luxury homes that are stuffed with high-end features and details. Stone counters, custom cabinets, spa bathtubs, walk-in closets, fireplaces and hardwood floors are just the beginning. The homes here also have amazing light fixtures and chandeliers, spacious rooms, custom tile work, crown molding and more. Start looking around and you won't be able to stop looking at the gorgeous homes in Anchorage. About the Author:  Joe Hayden is the Team Owner and Manager of the Joe Hayden Real Estate Team - !

Take the Kids to a Great Playground This August Tuesday, Aug 11 2020 

School ended way early this year and it looks like there will be no school in August. This means that kids have a lot of energy and a whole lot of nothing to do. So this August, take them to the Marshall Playground and Sprayground where they can run around, have fun and wear themselves out. That way, you can have a little break yourself! A Day at the Playground The Marshall Playground and Sprayground has been ranked as one of the city’s best playgrounds for kids by the Courier-Journal. There’s a huge lawn where children can play all sorts of games, run around and enjoy being outdoors. The playground is safe enough for toddlers to enjoy. And as for the splashgrounds, no one’s going to mind if you run through a few times yourself. After all, it gets pretty hot in Louisville in August. Marshall Playground and Sprayground The park is open every day from dawn until dusk. Beckley Creek Park is at 1411 Beckley Creek Parkway. Just minutes away, you can find Shakes Run. Spend Some Time in Shakes Run This beautiful community was named for the creek that winds its way along right next to the neighborhood. Inside Shakes Run, you'll find winding streets that end in cul-de-sacs, little lakes and community gathering areas and even a beautiful clubhouse at the center of the neighborhood. You'll also find some truly breathtaking real estate in Shakes Run. The houses here are built in large, multi-bedroom styles in pretty, contemporary designs. Homes here have high-end details and little luxuries, all those extras everyone wants in a home. Shakes Run homes have features like French doors, fireplaces, built-ins, crown molding and gleaming hardwood floors, not to mention recessed lighting, custom cabinets and huge closets. Everything that's on your wishlist is in the homes here. Go see Shakes Run and go find out for yourself, because you deserve a little play time, too. About the Author:  Joe Hayden is the Team Owner and Manager of the - Your Louisville Real Estate Experts!

Have a Paper Airplane Competition This August Monday, Aug 10 2020 

Sports may not happen. School may not happen. Summer concerts may not happen. But you can still enjoy the spirit of the game and the thrill of competition, fun and excitement and a little adventure. Stage your own paper airplane contest in Cherokee Park this August and see who has the best aviation skills! Airplanes in the Park Head to Cherokee Park this August armed and ready with a paper airplane. Bring friends and loved ones with you, or have them meet you there, to have a contest. There are several ways you can do the contest, or you can stage multiple contests. See which plane flies the fastest or which one goes the farthest. You can even have a contest to see which plane looks the best. Cherokee Park Paper Airplanes There are several wide, flat areas in Cherokee Park that are perfect for staging a paper airplane contest or several. Cherokee Park is open daily from 6 am to 11 pm and it's got almost 400 acres of nature to enjoy. There are lots of features at the park, including ballfields, trails, a dog run, a fishing spot, some great picnic areas and play areas for the kids. Cherokee Park is at 745 Cochran Hill Road in the Highlands. That's right next door to Cherokee Gardens, luxury parkside homes surrounding one of Louisville's historic properties that are surrounded by some of the city's best culture, theater and eating. Not bad for one neighborhood, right? Live in Luxury in Cherokee Gardens Make your way down the winding, quiet roads of Cherokee Gardens to see the beautiful real estate under the shade trees here. Many of the custom-built, luxury homes here were designed by a noted local architect who believed in blending function and beauty together to create eye-catching, show-stopping designs. The big homes here are built in stone and brick in spacious, multi-bedroom designs with multiple bathrooms, big lawns and lots of landscaping. Houses in Cherokee Gardens have fireplaces, wood floors, stone counters, custom cabinets, master suites, lots of storage space and high-end features everywhere you look. The more you look around in Cherokee Gardens, the more you're going to want to live here, too. Have a little adventure this August and have some fun in and around Cherokee Park. About the Author:  Joe Hayden is the Team Owner and Manager of the Joe Hayden Real Estate Team - !

Wash the Car This August Sunday, Aug 9 2020 

Get outside and go somewhere that’s always been perfect for social distancing, Zips Car Wash! Give your car the full treatment, inside and out, and give yourself a head-turning vehicle. Head to Dixie Highway and spend some time washing the car. At the Car Wash Zips has all the tools you need to wash your car from top to bottom. You can even wash the tires and apply wax, if you like. You’ll also find vending machines offering all the wipes and cleaners you might want to clean your windows, shine up mirrors, polish the interior and get those tires gleaming. You can grab an air freshener if you want one, too. Zips Car Wash There’s a really good incentive for picking this car wash: free vacuums! After you wash the outside of your car, pull through to get to the vacuums. You can use them for free for as long as you need. Zips is at 9500 Dixie Highway in Valley Station. This pretty riverside community is packed with homes, history and cool extras (like a car wash with free vacuums). Being in Valley Station The first homes were built in Valley Station in the 1950s and the building hasn't stopped here since. You can find homes in all styles and sizes here, in all shapes and designs. There are big, contemporary homes here sitting on huge lawns with pretty landscaping, traditional two-story homes with multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, lovely stone houses with dual-car garages and cozy bungalows with classic style. You can find homes with high-end features like recessed lighting, stainless steel and stone counters. Or you can find a great fixer-upper that's ready for improvements. You can find lots of other great stuff in Valley Station, too. This neighborhood has a couple of large shopping areas, golf courses, a community center, a bowling alley, restaurants, shops and some historic attractions. Riverside is here, an historic home property dating to the early 1800s. You can also find Mike Linnig's here, a seafood restaurant and a locally famous eatery that's been around for a century. You may just find that your future is waiting for you right here in Valley Station. Come here this summer and find out. About the Author:  Joe Hayden is the Team Owner and Manager of the - Your Louisville Real Estate Experts!

Go on a Nature Scavenger Hunt This August Saturday, Aug 8 2020 

There's always something to discover in nature, something amazing to see, something new to learn. The natural world is full of wonders. This August, try celebrating the natural world in a fun way that will challenge your powers of observation and send you on an adventure through the natural world. Try creating your own Nature Scavenger Hunt at Jefferson Memorial Forest! Hunting for Details in Nature Make a list of natural items to look for. This can be straightforward, like searching for a bright red cardinal or spotting a honeysuckle plant. Or it can be a little more unusual, like searching a tree with a twisted trunk. Everyone participating in the hunt can take pictures of their finds with their phone. The first person to find all the items on the list wins! It's up to you if you want to include a prize or not, but prizes do make games more fun. Nature Scavenger Hunt at Jefferson Memorial Forest The Jefferson Memorial Forest is a perfect pace to look for natural wonders of any kind. There's a huge variety of plant and animal life here, a broad diversity that gives you plenty of stuff to find for the hunt. The forest is at 11311 Mitchell Hill Road. Be there from 8 am to 4 pm Mondays through Saturdays and Sundays 10 am to 3 pm. Jefferson Memorial Forest is just a short drive outside of Pleasure Ridge Park, the Louisville neighborhood also known as PRP. While you're already in the area, try doing a little house-hunting in PRP. See Pleasant Real Estate in PRP The large Pleasure Ridge Park neighborhood sprawls out between Dixie Highway and the Ohio River, a large collection of homes, parks, restaurants, shops and schools. Mostly, this neighborhood is made up of streets shaded with trees and flanked with sidewalks. Homes in all shapes and sizes give PRP its pretty, suburban look. This neighborhood has sprawling ranch houses, big two-story homes, sweet bungalows and everything in-between. PRP houses stand on lawns under tall trees, with outdoor living space and plenty of living space inside, too. Do some hunting in this neighborhood this August and you'll see that this is a pretty great place to be quarantined, and it's great all the rest of the time, too. About the Author:  Joe Hayden is the Team Owner and Manager of the Joe Hayden Real Estate Team - !

Go Wild at the Zoo This August Friday, Aug 7 2020 

See the Louisville Zoo in a way you’ve never seen it before this August at the Wild Lights Asian Lantern Festival. This event runs all month long every Thursday through Sunday night, so you can see it more than once. In fact, you’re probably going to want to see it multiple times. Wild Lights This is the largest lantern festival in the whole region. You’ll see more than 65 enormous lantern displays made up of more than 2,000 magnificent lanterns wrapped in more than 60,000 square feet of silk. Each and every single one of these lanterns was handmade by Chinese artisans. Wild Lights Asian Lantern Festival The festival covers more than 70 acres of space along a one-mile path inside the zoo. It takes more than 50,000 LED bulbs to light up this incredible display. While you’re here, you’ll see the Water Dragon. It’s more than two stories high and 130 feet long! Go online to get your tickets in advance. The festival lasts from 7:30 to 9:30 pm. The Louisville Zoo is at 1100 Trevilian Way. That’s just minutes away from Hayfield-Dundee, a beautiful neighborhood filled with historic architecture and jaw-dropping homes. Get Wild About Hayfield Dundee Hayfield-Dundee is just a short drive away from the Highlands community, a culture-rich area of Louisville that's packed with restaurants, nightlife, coffee shops, boutiques, theaters and attractions. The pretty Bellarmine campus is within walking distance, as are several parks. Sullivan University is just a stone's throw away and the zoo is nearby, too. But the neighborhood itself is mostly residential and mostly made up of gorgeous homes in traditional styles. This was all farmland once. You can still see the history of that in the pretty, rolling lawns that remain here to this day. These houses are surrounded by trees and landscaping and made in large, multi-bedroom designs. Inside, many homes here have hardwood floors, recessed lighting and a lovely mix of modern features and classic architecture. Some homes here have arched doorways and wonderful little touches, like crown molding. Go wild about the real estate in this neighborhood. Plenty of people do. About the Author:  Joe Hayden is the Team Owner and Manager of the - Your Louisville Real Estate Experts!

Watch Thunder Over Louisville August 15 Thursday, Aug 6 2020 

No virus can stop the Kentucky Derby Festival, just delay it for a while! Celebrate this uniquely Kentucky tradition this August, instead of April, with the kickoff event for the Festival at Thunder Over Louisville. It’s the same fireworks, the same great show and all the same thrills, just four months late! Celebrating Tradition For this year’s special delayed Thunder, the theme will be “Thunder’s Greatest Hits.” This year’s show will be a collection of moments from the last 30 years of Thunder’s history. Soundtrack selections from the last three decades will be used. Thunder Over Louisville 2020 As always, this is an all-day show that will begin with thrilling air stunts thanks to the U.S. Armed Forces. The show this year will include a Navy F-35, Air Force F-16 Viper and Marine MV-22. The Golden Knights parachute team will be here. That’s not all. There will be many surprises and special features. To see Thunder, find yourself a spot on the waterfront and be prepared to look up! The show will last from 3 to 10 pm. It’s free to watch Thunder but finding parking and getting a spot can be difficult, so plan ahead. On the Waterfront Thunder can be seen along the river for miles. You can even see it on Indiana’s side of the water. But if you start exploring Louisville's waterfront, you’ll also find out that this is where some of the city’s most beautiful real estate is located. As long as you’re scouting out parking and set up areas, take a look at one of Louisville's incredible waterfront neighborhoods, Indian Hills. A few miles away from the downtown area, you’ll find Indian Hills. This waterfront community is unlike any other neighborhood you’ll find in the city. Houses here are spread out and many natural features give Indian Hills a look that’s all its own. You’ll see thick patches of trees and natural greenery. You’ll also notice the winding path of the river that cuts there here, where natural rocks create their own breathtaking scenery. The natural wonders here are amazing, but it’s the homes that really steal the show. Indian Hills homes are built to be large and luxurious, with huge lawns and big, sweeping driveways. You’ll find multiple-car garages here, fireplaces, hardwood floors, incredible architectural details, large rooms, master suites and amenities everywhere you look. Indian Hills homes are made to be comfortable, beautiful and full of extras. It’s pretty easy to celebrate the great homes in this neighborhood. Come here this August and you can find out for yourself. About the Author:  Joe Hayden is the Team Owner and Manager of the Joe Hayden Real Estate Team - !

Learn How to Repair Your Bike August 12 Wednesday, Aug 5 2020 

Biking is great exercise and it’s a pretty good way to get around. A bike can go more places than a car and it can even get you there without burning fuel or releasing emissions into the atmosphere. This August, get hands-on and learn how to perform basic bike repairs at Falls City Community Bikeworks Open Shop. This is a great skill to have and it’s one you will definitely put to use. Bike Workshop Head to the Falls City Community Bikeworks Open Shop to learn how to make bike repairs. The workshop is open from 6:30 to 9:30 pm. You’ll learn how to perform repair and maintenance tasks. You can even get tips for accessorizing your bike. Falls City Community Bikeworks Open Shop Repairs The workshop has tools and parts on hand, as well. You can also purchase all the tubes, tires, grips, cables and chains you may need while you're here. Wear a mask and maintain your distance from others during this open workshop. Falls City Community Bikeworks is at 1217 Logan Street. That’s just outside of Germantown. If you’re looking for a great biking neighborhood, Germantown is it. Ride Around Germantown Germantown was one of Louisville's early neighborhoods. People came here to build homes as early as the 1870s. Germantown was part of one of the first neighborhood associations in the city, too. There is still a lot of historic architecture here, but Germantown today is a hip, trendy place to be. Lots of young people live here to be close to downtown Louisville and stay surrounded by great real estate at the same time. Germantown has parks, gyms, shops, markets and some pretty great places to get a bite to eat or an after-work drink. Many people here have small home gardens to take advantage of the lawns, a pretty nice feature to have in neighborhoods close to downtown Louisville. Germantown is full of pretty one- and two-bedroom homes in great shotgun styles and larger three-bedroom homes in two-story and bungalow designs. Many homes here have a great mixture of historic features and modern elements, like hardwood floors paired with brightly-painted kitchen cabinets, or recessed lighting casting a glow over hand-carved fireplaces. Ride a bike around Germantown and get a good look at all the lovely places to live in this great neighborhood that’s both modern and historic. About the Author:  Joe Hayden is the Team Owner and Manager of the - Your Louisville Real Estate Experts!

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