Where to get your Easter Meal Sunday, Apr 5 2020 

The question on many of our minds right now is how can we help our local community and get a wonderful meal for our family? We have gathered up the restaurants that are doing family-style hot Easter meals for curbside pickup and delivery.  Good food is important and being able to share that food with your family is what memories [...]

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Chibo offers online cooking lessons with local chefs, proceeds benefit local restaurants Sunday, Apr 5 2020 

The Chibo Restaurant project gives local chefs a platform to offer virtual cooking lessons and to make money with many of out work during the COVID-19 outbreak.


Four Local Candy Shops For Easter Candy Wednesday, Apr 1 2020 

*Please note due to the 2020 COVID-19 Pandemic we are promoting stay at home and social distancing. You can see all our updated Spring, Easter, and social distancing posts here.  Best places in Louisville for Easter candy Are you looking to fill Easter baskets with special goodies? These local shops offer unique candy and homemade chocolates that will make this [...]

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Where to get Cookie Kits Tuesday, Mar 31 2020 

Cookie kits have become a popular way for local bakeries to provide curbside options. And, it’s fun for the family while you are at home.  Are you looking for cookie kits? Here are some local Louisville (and beyond) bakeries that offer kits that have everything you need to have fun at home! We are here to help you find DIY [...]

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Yum! Brands CEO forgoes salary to help employees affected by COVID-19 Monday, Mar 30 2020 

CEO David Gibbs will forgo his salary to assist company and franchise restaurant employees affected by the coronavirus outbreak.


Texas Roadhouse CEO forgoes salary to help hourly employees during COVID-19 outbreak Thursday, Mar 26 2020 

CEO Kent Taylor will forgo his base salary and incentive bonus through January 2021.


Louisville Area Grocery Stores & Hours Tuesday, Mar 24 2020 

Many of our area grocery stores have changed their hours to allow for older adults and people that are vulnerable to shop without all the crowds and after the staff has done a deep cleaning during the pandemic. Listed below are their current hours.  We have included Louisville area grocery stores and their hours in one list. Please remember to [...]

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Louisville Covid-19 Relief Thursday, Mar 19 2020 

Many people in Louisville are facing hard times while everyone deals with the Covid-19 crisis. Here is information about Covid-19 relief in Louisville.  Do you need assistance during this Coronavirus crisis? If you are in Louisville and looking for Covid-19 assistance, we have found information that may help you. Depending on your income or line of work, there are opportunities [...]

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Easy Bread Recipes Wednesday, Mar 18 2020 

Easy Bread recipes using very few ingredients Do you need more bread but can’t find any in the stores or don’t want to go shopping during this social distancing period? We have a few bread recipes to share. These easy bread recipes do not require many ingredients. Who knows what you have in your pantry or fridge but maybe you [...]

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Starbuck’s menu offers more than that meets the eye Monday, Mar 16 2020 

By Zoe Watkins–

The Starbucks’s menu offers a variety of drinks that can cater to anyone’s taste. Though if someone is getting tired of that regular Vanilla Bean Crème, there are some secret items that customers can order to try out.

However, it’s technically not Starbuck’s official “secret menu”, but many people don’t realize how customizable their drink can be which makes up many of the items on the menu. And by the means of being customizable, according to starbuckssecretmenu.net, there are over 200 drink recipes that anyone can order.

The most knowledgeable about the menu itself comes from the people who makes the drinks themselves, the baristas.

Junior Amanda Schweinzger says that she likes to make the Red Velvet Frappe since it reminds her of her childhood.

“I like red velvet cake to begin with, so having that in a frappe just makes it easier,” she says. The Red Velvet Frappe is a Vanilla Bean Frappe with red velvet cake blended in along with raspberry syrup.

Even though these drinks aren’t official drinks, Schweizger says the more that people order these drinks, the more common they become.

“A lot of people get their recipes off Pinterest and there’s a lot of ‘how to order’,” She says.

There is still a lot more than the Red Velvet Frappe. While junior Max Valentines likes the Strawberry Cheesecake Frappuccino, senior Davie Adams enjoys the Mixed Berry Frappe. Adams explained that he enjoys customizing the drinks and how it makes the drink much better.

Some more popular and common secret drinks is the Purple drink, which is Passion Iced Tea mixed with soy milk, vanilla syrup with some blackberries on top. Another is Butterbeer Frappuccino that takes a Crème Frappuccino and three pumps of each caramel and toffee-nut syrup.

There are a lot of options to go about when trying to plan for that creative Frappuccino, but keep in mind that the one who will be making the drink might not know how to make it.

As said before, none of these drinks are official, so when someone asks for a Fall-in-a-Cup Latte, the barista will have no clue what that means. So, when ordering one these secret drinks, start with the base and add on for what the recipe calls for.

Photo by Zoe Watkins//The Louisville Cardinal

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