Louisville Restaurants with Family Meals Monday, Apr 27 2020 

Louisville restaurants offering takeout options also offer family meals to go! We have been home for a while and I know many of us are running out of ideas for what to cook. Or, we are getting tired of cooking. Luckily, these Louisville restaurants are offering family meals to go! Getting hungry? Making lists for grocery pick-up and then you [...]

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Don’t forget to pack the essentials while traversing campus Saturday, Apr 25 2020 

By Grace Welsh–

Whether commuting or walking from a dorm, backpacks are a fundamental part of students’ daily lives. When spending a day on campus, it’s important to be prepared and keep your bag stocked full of essentials.

To some students, keeping a handy snack on deck is the key to a happy day. Freshman Jordan Reed says, “I always keep a pack of gushers in my backpack in case I get hungry during the day. Gushers are my favorite snack.”

Sophomore Madhav Gampala brings a Cliff bar in his backpack everywhere he goes. “Cliff bars are the perfect snack. They fill you up and give you energy. They don’t take up too much space either,” he says.

Keeping a reusable water bottle on you is an easy way to make sure you’re staying hydrated and saving the planet.

“There are water fountains nearly everywhere on campus and I take pride in being from a city like Louisville with such safe/drinkable water,” says junior Maggie Walters. “Plus you save money and help the environment out. It’s a win-win!”

Other students emphasize the importance of technology. Freshman Peter Hubbart always carries a charger. “I always keep my charger with me because I sometimes forget to charge my laptop the night before and I tend to stay on campus for a while at a time,” Hubbart says. 

Sophomore Alexis Bischoff and freshman Abby Savage can’t leave in the morning without grabbing their headphones. “The days I forget my headphones really stink,” Bischoff says.

“I feel like I can’t think straight when I can’t listen to music,” Savage agrees. “Walking around campus without my headphones feels weird.”

Freshman Victoria Hassel has a more practical view on what’s essential to her school day.

“I always need to make sure I have at least one pencil,” Hassel says. “The first day of classes I somehow forgot one. Think about how embarrassing it is to ask the person beside you to borrow a pencil on syllabus day.”

Similarly, freshman Ignatius Wirasakti makes sure to keep his binder, lined papers, and a campus map. “I keep the map just in case there’s a specific place I need to go to that I’m unfamiliar with,” he says. 

Freshman Marc Ramsignh also uses his backpack to hold practical items like his calendar book. “It helps me keep me organized so I don’t miss any important meetings or deadlines,” Ramsignh said. 

Graphic photo// The Louisville Cardinal

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These Two Farmer’s Markets are Winning during Quarantine Tuesday, Apr 21 2020 

It’s spring and Louisville loves farmer’s markets. Can you still shop a farmer’s market when social distancing restrictions are in place? Yes! There are farmer’s markets that are catering to everyone’s needs even during a global pandemic.  Are farmer’s markets still open now? If you are looking for great variety, these two great markets provide many options from local farmers [...]

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Encore on 4th offers curbside service for annual ‘Encore Chow Wagon’ event Saturday, Apr 18 2020 

Part of the proceeds of the Chow Wagon event will support frontline nurses by donating a portion of cotton candy sales to the Black Nurse Practitioners of Louisville


“Somebody Feed Phil”: Film Review Podcast Sunday, Apr 12 2020 

This is the kind of gig I’d love to have.

Getting sent to major cities around the globe, hanging with the cool crowd, eating at the best restaurants, while cracking jokes.

Phil Rosenthal is the Man.

“Somebody Feed Phil” is the Netflix series, where we get to watch him live the life.

One of the episodes is his visit to New Orleans, which you may noticed is my favorite place to dine. And where I would be next week for JazzFest and feasting, but for you know what.

Anyway, listen to the podcast below for more on the show, and how I reacted when Phil was eating my favorite dish, Chicken a la Grande, at my favorite restaurant, Mosca’s.

Audio MP3

Steel City Pops giving away frozen treats to frontline workers during coronavirus pandemic Monday, Apr 6 2020 

The shop, known for its gourmet popsicles, is giving away $5,000 worth of frozen treats to those working around the clock to keep us safe.


Where to get your Easter Meal Sunday, Apr 5 2020 

The question on many of our minds right now is how can we help our local community and get a wonderful meal for our family? We have gathered up the restaurants that are doing family-style hot Easter meals for curbside pickup and delivery.  Good food is important and being able to share that food with your family is what memories [...]

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Chibo offers online cooking lessons with local chefs, proceeds benefit local restaurants Sunday, Apr 5 2020 

The Chibo Restaurant project gives local chefs a platform to offer virtual cooking lessons and to make money with many of out work during the COVID-19 outbreak.


Four Local Candy Shops For Easter Candy Wednesday, Apr 1 2020 

*Please note due to the 2020 COVID-19 Pandemic we are promoting stay at home and social distancing. You can see all our updated Spring, Easter, and social distancing posts here.  Best places in Louisville for Easter candy Are you looking to fill Easter baskets with special goodies? These local shops offer unique candy and homemade chocolates that will make this [...]

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Where to get Cookie Kits Tuesday, Mar 31 2020 

Cookie kits have become a popular way for local bakeries to provide curbside options. And, it’s fun for the family while you are at home.  Are you looking for cookie kits? Here are some local Louisville (and beyond) bakeries that offer kits that have everything you need to have fun at home! We are here to help you find DIY [...]

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