Iowa Hillary Clinton’s Waterloo? Tuesday, Feb 2 2016 

The National Democratic Party was ready to crown Hillary Clinton as the Democratic Party heir apparent to Barack Obama just one year ago (January 31, 2015), in Iowa, with Hillary Clinton leading Bernie Sanders 56% to 5% there. What a … Continue reading →

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Jeff Taylor: Beware the red herrings Monday, Jan 18 2016 

By BERRY CRAIG Jeff Taylor says “right to work” and prevailing wage repeal are red herrings. Proponents of both anti-union measures “want to throw you off the track,” he added. “What they really want to do is decrease wages.” Taylor, … Continue reading →

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Ward and Conway were solid public servants if maybe not so hot on the stump Wednesday, Dec 30 2015 

By BERRY CRAIG In his annual tongue-in-cheek Christmas “Gifts for Kentucky politicians” column, the Louisville Courier-Journal’s Al Cross suggested a special present for Attorney Gen. Jack Conway: “a portrait of Henry Ward, Conway’s predecessor as the worst Democratic candidate for Kentucky governor in … Continue reading →

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Kentucky leaders slam Obama’s new EPA rule to combat climate change Monday, Aug 3 2015 

Smokestacks_3958President Barack Obama released the EPA’s long-awaited Clean Power Plan Monday afternoon, setting a goal of reducing carbon emissions from American power plants by 32 percent by 2030 in an effort to aggressively confront climate change. While environmentalists celebrated the move, … Continue reading

The President, Pulling Out, Fire, Rain Highlight Louisville KY’s Week Friday, Apr 3 2015 

Some of the highlights of a week of living in Louisville KY:

JCPS Canceled Classes for Rain: On the last school day before Spring Break, JCPS canceled classes because it was raining too much. Remember when the only weather that could get you out of school was a foot of snow? I fully expect JCPS officials to cite oppressive sunshine, which could damage young eyeballs, for calling off school one of these days.

Obama Leaves Town with a Weapon, Bourbon: Despite a few hours’ delay, the President’s visit to tech firm Indatus went smoothly, and highlighted the city’s focus on tech jobs. Mayor Fischer gave Barack a Slugger and a bunch of bourbon. (

Indiana May Want You, But Few Are Going Back There: No, Gov. Mike Pence didn’t think the Religious Freedom Act would prompt national outrage and put him in the bulls-eye of a nation that no longer tolerates discrimination against gays. The list of businesses, celebrities and events critical of the law includes NASCAR and the NCAA. Some basketball coaches aren’t attending the NCAA Tournament in Indy. (Mother Jones)

finalfourIt’s All Blue There: Big Blue Nation is not boycotting Indiana, and if you are, UK fans will pay scalper prices for your tickets to the cavernous Lucas Oil Stadium. And if Duke and Kentucky win on Saturday? (Indy Star)

Cards Begin Off-Season: Rick Pitino announced that some players (Anton Gill, Terry Rozier) won’t be back, and another (Shaqquan Aaron) will.

Beshear “especially absurd”: We’re not gonna let Indiana get all the national ridicule over discrimination toward gays. In defending Kentucky’s gay marriage ban, Steve Beshear’s attorneys argued that since no one can marry someone who is a different gender, it’s not discriminatory. Next thing you know he’ll say gay marriage will affect birth rates here. Wait a minute. (Courier)

Big Blaze at GE: Friday morning’s fire at the GE plant is causing major damage. (USAToday)

KY Goes Gardening: Welcome to Jackie Hollenkamp Bentley, who will be sharing her gardening experience with us. (

Hear Joe Gerth and Dr. Louis Heuser on the Rusty Satellite Show:  The veteran reporter talks about covering presidents and reporting on politics; and you’ll be motivated to get healthier after hearing from Dr. Heuser. (Rusty Satellite Show)

Get Away to French Lick (it’s in Indiana): Read about my venture west in search of peace, love and golf. (

War on Coal: Mitch McConnell’s contributions from oil and gas industry almost double that from mining (coal) Friday, Aug 8 2014 

Contributions to McConnell by industry through 2012.
Sen. Mitch McConnell has a well-documented history of taking more money from the oil and gas industry than the mining industry. 

As the gas and coal industries are competing industries, this disparity in contributions may cause McConnell difficulty convincing Kentucky voters his opponent, Kentucky Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes, is waging a war on coal.
This is especially true following a story broken Friday by Chris Moody with Yahoo News that McConnell's wife, former Secretary of Labor Elaine Chao sits on a board working to kill the coal industry:
"McConnell’s wife, former Secretary of Labor Elaine Chao, sits on the board of directors of Bloomberg Philanthropies, which has plunged $50 million into the Sierra Club’s Beyond Coal initiative, an advocacy effort with the expressed goal of killing the coal industry." 

Through 2012, McConnell raked in $1,336,211 from oil and gas industry, almost double the $751,599 his campaign received from the mining industry in the same period. From a report released by the Public Campaign Action Fund:
"In fact, oil and gas interests have given $1.3 million to McConnell’s campaign committees and leadership PAC over his career, a top10 donor industry for him despite having almost no presence in Kentucky."
Numbers suggest McConnell is second only to President Barack Obama in political contributions from the oil and gas industry. 

While he has been in the senate since 1985, McConnell's taken in over $2 million from the oil, gas, and coal industry just since 1999. If the Kentucky Senate race is truly about a war on coal, McConnell's time grazing in the pastures of the gas industry suggests it is he, not Grimes, who may be the number enemy of Kentucky coal.
McConnell's lack of commitment to Appalachia's signature industry is no secret to Kentucky coal miners. Over the weekend, Grimes was endorsed by the United Mine Workers of America.

Do you really support our troops? Thursday, Sep 5 2013 

Opinion piece by Ed Springston Owner of Louisville Politics and MVM Radio. Louisville, KY- Once again we are on the cusp of committing our military soldiers to yet another war. Yet another skirmish based on lies from our own government. Always during times like these we often listen to the mantra from many who claim […] Louisville Politics - News and Current Events around Louisville,...

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