3 chefs receive surprise ingredients in 13th annual Big Green Egg Fest competition Friday, Aug 5 2022 

Festivities will begin Friday night where there will be a "chopped" style competition between three local professional chefs.


‘We can never forget that he is our own’: Metro Council passes resolution to put Muhammad Ali on stamp Wednesday, Aug 3 2022 

There have been over 800 people featured on a US postage stamp, but not once has that person been Muhammad Ali.


‘We love cars’: Visitors can check out historical vehicles at Street Rod Nationals Wednesday, Aug 3 2022 

Nationals will run from Thursday to Sunday at the Kentucky Exposition Center.


How to name the Kentucky Science Center’s dinosaur Monday, Aug 1 2022 

It will be secured on top of the parking lot elevator to the pedway over West Washington Street to protect it from potential flooding and vehicles.


‘That should all be recognized somehow’: Louisville artists design sculpture for late glass artist Stephen Powell Friday, Jul 29 2022 

The stainless-steel sculpture, when completed, will stand 25 feet tall and contain 48 handmade glass discs.


Erasing the stigma of mental health in the African American community Friday, Jul 29 2022 

Psychotherapist Gail Bibb, co-owner of Revive Counseling, works to get rid of the stigma of seeking help.


Louisville couple’s catalytic converter stolen from their car while at dinner Monday, Jul 25 2022 

Liz Waters says it looks as though the thief was able to take their catalytic converter with ease while they were eating.


Study Shows That Therapy and Medication Could Be Necessary To Treat ADHD Thursday, Jul 21 2022 

By Jacob Maslow – Branded Content

ADHD is one of the most common medical conditions children diagnose with. Even though many children simply need to be told to focus, there are some situations where a combined clinical approach is required. Recently, a published study showed that a combination of pharmacologic management and therapy could help treat ADHD. Therefore, it is essential to look at a few treatment options to help people focus in the classroom. What are the main components of the treatment of ADHD, and how might they benefit you or your child?

Therapy Is Critical

No matter how old someone is, therapy is critical to treating ADHD. There are numerous types of therapy available. For example, counseling can help children learn how to focus. Behavioral therapy can also address underlying issues that could cause children to lose focus in the classroom. It is also helpful for parents to talk about environmental changes that can make it easier for children to focus. Sometimes, it is as simple as removing screens when it is time to do homework. Therapy has to be the foundation of any treatment plan for ADHD. Therapeutic sessions can be customized to meet the needs of the individual patient.

Medication Can Be Helpful

There are other situations where medication can be helpful. Even though medication is not necessarily required for ADHD treatment, it can be beneficial in many situations. For example, stimulants are the mainstay of treatment for ADHD. They are effective in most cases, and plenty of them are available. Therefore, it is possible to take a look at the individual options to minimize the development of possible side effects. There are lots of children who have a difficult time maintaining an appetite when they take stimulants, but the side effect profile is different for different medications. That is why it is essential to work with a specialist who can point you in the right direction.

Supplements Can Be Beneficial

Finally, there are also situations where supplements can be beneficial for treating ADHD. There are plenty of supplements, and one of the most common options is nootropics. This is a relatively new class of medication. Still, many people like it because it has a minimal side effect profile but is also very effective in various situations. If you are having a difficult time focusing, you may want to take a look at nootropics. Before taking them for the first time, you should talk with your doctor to ensure they do not interact with anything else you take; however, this class of supplements has proven effective in numerous situations.

The Treatment of ADHD

If you take a well-rounded approach to treating ADHD, it is possible to limit the complications of this condition. For example, children who have unchecked ADHD are at risk of developing a wide variety of issues. This includes social complications, behavioral complications, and academic problems. On the other hand, with a focused approach to treating ADHD, it is possible to foster children’s healthy growth and development even if they have been diagnosed with ADHD. If you have questions about treating ADHD, contact your doctor for clarification. Then, do not forget that there are supplements that could help you augment the benefits of various treatment plans.

Photo Courtesy // Jacob Maslow // 

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