Day 14: League of Legends and Watching the World Series Wednesday, Oct 29 2014 

Journal Day 14:


Today was just a blur to be honest. Every class was just a slog of a bunch of work or notes. Lots of rain so the walk home was quite crummy. My teachers were nice and didn’t hit me with a whole of homework. So when I got home I was able to play a lot of my favorite game League of Legends, a moba game. Basically it’s a 5v5 game where you fight to destroy the enemy base.


Game 7 is Wednesday

Game 7 is Wednesday

I was among the few Americans watching the World Series last night. Google “World Series TV Ratings” and you see a series of stories about how baseball can’t get its groove back, how the annual showcase of the game’s ratings are sliding, because Americans are more interested in football, or The Voice or have other things to do than watching teams from Kansas City and San Francisco blow each other out. There’s a Game 7 Wednesday after KC won 10-0 on Tuesday.

It wasn’t always like this. During my childhood the Series was a special event that everyone discussed. We knew about the Amazing Mets of ’69.  Those crazy Oakland A’s, the Big Red Machine, I remember them all, even the starting lineups. The Series was the only time all year that baseball games were on TV more than once a week.

We couldn’t get enough information about players like Pete Rose, Brooks Robinson, Catfish Hunter or even Cesar Geronimo. Can you name anyone on the Royals or Giants?

Game 7 is tonight, but I don’t imagine you are arranging your schedule around the game.

Naps, Thai Food and Dogs: An Interview with Xerxes’ Joseph Goode Tuesday, Oct 28 2014 

collision blondeby Jake Curtis

Local Louisville hardcore outfit Xerxes has been a mainstay in the punk scene for about five years.

Since its beginning, starting out as a five-piece, the band has changed drastically from its loud, raw brand of hardcore to a catchier, darker and noisier blend of punk and 80’s Goth rock.  The band’s lineup has also switched up several times, and now has four members:  Will Allard on guitar, Joseph Goode on bass, Ben Sears on drums, and Calvin Philley as vocalist/lyricist.

Recently, Xerxes has started to tour in support of its new album, Collision Blonde, which was released Oct. 21.  The album has already garnered high marks and popularity from many magazines and blogs (such as Alternative Press), and I highly recommend you pick up a copy from the website.

I asked bassist Joseph Goode about the writing process of the new album, Collision Blonde, what music he’s been listening to recently, and some of his favorite local experiences.

 LouKY:  What bands were you guys listening to when you were working on the new record? What bands inspired you most while writing the music?

Joseph Goode:  I catch myself on long drives going through a sporadic and sometimes uneasy blend of music ranging from harsh noise to quiet crooning, though in writing the record I had a bunch of new wave/goth rock bands in mind, stuff like Christian death, the cure, tears for fears, and things around that era and style.

 LouKY:  Describe yourself.

JG:  Tall, dark, and decent looking.

 LouKY:  How do you see the new album, and what was the writing process like?

Joseph Goode

Joseph Goode

JG:  I think the main thing to understand about the record is that we’re at a certain point in our lives where doing something that isn’t inherently ‘us’ is just trite and inevitably pointless. Nothing really dictates what we write inwardly or outwardly, we just sit down and play our instruments until we have songs we like written. We didn’t worry about what people might think, and truthfully nobody in this band dictated any other member. As cliché as it sounds the songs we write are an expression of our tastes, creativity, and abilities in their purest forms.

 LouKY:  What is your stance on the Louisville punk scene (inner workings, relationships, shows/concerts, etc.)?

JG:  Louisville’s music scene is pretty cool from the outside looking in as far as being a secluded hardly-midwest-hardly-southern town. Secluded enough to breed weirdos and around enough to be noticed. One could say there’s a certain clique mentality that sort of binds people to their little groups, which maybe inhibits a community feel at times but certain things have the ability to bring everyone into the same room, ya know? At least I’d like to think so.

 LouKY:  Why do you play music, and what do you hope to accomplish through playing and presenting it?

JG:  At this point I think music is the only thing I can do with enough proficiency to not put myself in a hole every day. I’ve been in and out of a bunch of different bands since I was 16, and touring pretty heavily since 18. I’m only 21 now and I’ve gotten to travel the states and Europe and meet hundreds of new people by being a weird punk. It’s great.

 LouKY:  Some favorite books of yours?

JG:  I could go on all day about my favorite books, but I’ll keep it short(ish) and sweet(ish). I’ll start out on a plain old good book: Milan Kundera’s The Unbearable Lightness of Being. A total page turner, following two different stories that collide frequently though indirectly, and has a wonderfully different take on the weight of life. The book I think has changed my life more than any other is Antoine Bloye by Paul Nizan, about a poor railroad worker who toils his life away just to barely make it to the middle class. I read it during the two weeks I took off work to record the record, and it helped me romanticize not working and instead giving my dreams a little push in the right direction towards realization. Lastly, Franz Kafka’s The Metamorphosis just blows my mind. The imagery in his books is always so simply given that the ideas presented create a whole abysmal universe in between the lines. I still go online and try to learn about things being said that aren’t really ‘said’ in its 100 or so pages, and get a whole new take on certain parts. It rules.

 LouKY:  Do you have any musical or creative aspirations outside of Xerxes?

JG:  Outside of Xerxes I have some ideas floating around within Louisville and beyond. Trying to keep as busy as possible.

 LouKY:  Is there a figure (activist, musician, etc.) that you look up to or are influenced by specifically?

JG:  Sounds weird to say but my muse is definitely Phil Elverum of The Microphones and Mount Eerie fame. Dude just has it right, experiential analog music that sounds like whatever he feels like writing, about nature, solitude, his town, literature, or even about how dumb cigarettes are.

 LouKY:  A favorite Louisville restaurant/ Louisville restaurant experience of yours?

JG:  My favorite restaurant by far is Simply Thai, if you’re trying to treat yourself right. Easily the best raw tuna I’ve had. They also have this great mango curry that just blows my taste buds into another world. A little pricy but I’d rather go there than anywhere else in the world I’ve ever eaten.

 LouKY:  Tell us one of your favorite moments/experiences/times in Louisville. It can be something as simple as walking down the street, watching a sunset, or eating a Popsicle.

JG:  What immediately comes to mind as my favorite Louisville day was sitting in the gazebo at Dog Hill the day after my van exploded, thinking about how I’m gonna make enough money to get a new car, how I need a new job, and how I’ll generally pan out as a human as the years come. But I had this moment where I told myself ‘who cares?’ and I pulled out the book I was reading (Kokoro by Natsume Soseki) and read it for nearly 5 hours. Then I napped, pet dogs and went home.

Xerxes will be playing a hometown/record release show on November 7th at Astro Black Records on Oak and Swan St.  The show will cost absolutely nothing, and starts at 7 PM sharp.  The band assures us they will have merch to sell, so make sure to stop by, listen to some music and have fun.  Below I have listed several websites where you can find more information on Xerxes, as well as a website where you can purchase their new record, Collision Blonde. Please remember to continue to support local music as well as Louisville punk and hardcore!

Order the new record at:


Find the band at: and


Episode 60: do502 Tuesday, Oct 28 2014 

10551603_1486450238281905_1606033188622550948_oIt only took a few beers, but the boys of are ready to do502!  Lizi Hagan from the new entertainment/social/what the heck is going on in Louisville website, do502, tells us about what “sluggers” are and why she started this new venture.  Scott gives us a short recap on his vacation in the Carolinas while Wurth and King give you the latest beer events going on in Louisville

Oh, have we mentioned that you can call (502) 252-1802 and get yourself on the podcast? We did? Oh well…now you’ve heard it again and it’s ingrained in your brain. Call us!

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Day 7: Monday Blahs and Rick Pitino’s Speech Tuesday, Oct 21 2014 

Journal, Day 7.
School was one of those Mondays that drag on quite a while but not much work. Though when I see it’s almost November I can’t really believe it. I’m not that normal in that I don’t really want to grow up but it’s a part of life and there is definitely some benefits to growing up like being able to do a lot more stuff and have fun doing more stuff. Other than homework and such nothing much happened .

I have plenty of opportunity to see public speakers. For two years, I witnessed how difficult it can be for people by teaching a public speaking class. So I know something about the topic.

It amazes me how bad some business people are at making simple speeches. They rely on notes and read their speech, they speak in monotones, and they rarely make eye contact with their audience. Rick Pitino, on the other hand, is among the best I’ve ever heard. At today’s Tipoff Luncheon at the Marriott, Pitino spent 15 minutes getting the crowd excited not only about his basketball team, but about being a part of the University of Louisville community.

Rick Pitino

Pitino gave a great speech

Pitino praised his counterpart, Jeff Walz, coach of the women’s team. He used humor to explain how it’s going to be facing his son Richard in the season’s first game, against Minnesota in Puerto Rico. He connected with every parent in the audience by talking about how hard it is to get his young players to listen. And he got everyone excited by talking about how well his players are doing on the court, how he’s looking forward to playing the toughest schedule in school history.  He even predicted the men’s football team will beat Florida State next Thursday, and that he was fired up for that.

I rarely Tweet anything, but when he made the Florida State comment, I put it up on Twitter. I did not expect the reaction. Kentucky Sports Radio re-tweeted it, and dozens of UK fans re-tweeted or commented on it, mostly with derisive words about Pitino. I learned a lot of folks carry hatred toward Rick around with them.

Day 5: Saturday in the Ballpark Sunday, Oct 19 2014 

Our seats at Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium are on the 50-yard line, way up in the UPS Flight Deck. If you like the nuances of the game, the Xs and Os,  seeing pass patterns as they develop, they’re great seats. There’s also a wonderful vista, with a view of the city from Iroquois Park to downtown’s office buildings. Churchill Downs’ twin spires and the still developing U of L academic campus are close.

Our group has a dozen or more seats together. My son Josh joined Paula and I yesterday as the Cardinals took care of business against N.C. State. In our section, the fans follow the game, and when things don’t go well for the home team, there’s grumbling. When this older fella didn’t like a play call yesterday, he got up and kind of lost it, bursting forth with a string of obscenities directed at either the officials or Bobby Petrino, I’m not sure.


Bobby Petrino was excited to meet fans during the Card March

This guy wasn’t drunk. He wore a baseball cap and a red shirt, and I really think he just got carried away. But his outburst inspired a young man, sitting about five seats away, to stand up (with his young son in tow) and scream back at him. “Calm down will you? They can’t hear you!”

It was a good line. Yelling anything from the upper deck, and thinking it might affect the judgement of an official, is insane. The guy in the cap was pretty quiet the rest of the way. The Cards made a few more mistakes, but never relinquished the lead, and everyone went home happy.

Paula doesn’t understand why we always have to stay until the end of the game.  I don’t have a good answer for her, because it’s something that Mark, my best pal, and I have been doing since watching some awful football games at Western.  As the 4th quarter winds down, she starts looking at me, making comments like, “Well, it looks like we’ve got this one.” I nod, as she takes note of all the people leaving. I’m not interested in getting a jump on traffic, and I like hearing the final horn sound.


It was a pretty fun day for me, unfortunately not much to write about. Basically I played some games until like 6 or so. I then headed over to a friend’s house where we have like six guys all going over there. My friend has a pretty big house so we get to do a lot of different stuff that ranges from playing on computers, Xbox, foosball, and hide-and-seek in pitch black. We usually stay up til like 4 or so. Well that’s it sorry for the boring day but you know that’s how it goes sometimes.

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