What You Need to Know Before Investing in Real Estate Friday, Oct 30 2020 

Despite the many difficulties that COVID-19 has brought in 2020, the real estate market remains a source of opportunity for savvy investors. Not only is it attracting seasoned buyers to make the most of the market at present, but the chance to profit is also attracting those less familiar with the real estate world to try their hand at it.

If you are considering stepping into real estate, you should first make sure that you’re fully prepared. Read on below to find out more about some of the useful things to consider.
Make sure you do your research

If you are looking to invest in a particular area or region, then it is essential to do your research thoroughly and find out as much as you can about the real estate market. Make sure you do some local research. A source like Uganda Property Centre is invaluable, for instance, when looking to invest in that particular country. Wherever you might be planning to invest your money, taking time to carry out your due diligence will pay off, by helping you to avoid making costly mistakes, and directing you towards the most profitable options.

Understand the different niches of real estate

Real estate investment isn’t just about buying as much property as possible. In fact, there are numerous different types of niches that you can consider when looking to invest. In real estate terms, niches are different branches of the industry, each offering a different pathway to investment, with varying levels of involvement. Some niches may be focused on either the buyer or the seller, while others are centered on the usage type of the property, from business premises to rental homes.

Learn about mortgages

Mortgages can be a real money-making opportunity in real estate investment, but they can also pose a serious pitfall. To make the most of your investment, you should be clear on the different types of mortgages available, the differences between various interest rates, and the terms and conditions that may be enforced. There is no one single type of mortgage that will suit every investor – it varies between every purchase, depending on your financial status, experience level and overall objectives.
Be clear on your financial risks

Any kind of investment involves some form of risk, and real estate is no exception. There are all kinds of risk factors to keep in mind. If you are planning to rent out your property, then there will always be the potential risk of a place remaining vacant for a period of time. Economic factors, market downturns and unpredicted events, such as the current global epidemic, can all have a major impact, and potentially affect your investment. In order to succeed, you will need to have a balanced outlook and approach to real estate investing, and an appreciation of the potential risks you may have to weather, as well an understanding of how to make the most of any opportunities that arise.

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EXP Realty Agent-Join Sunday, Oct 25 2020 

EXP Realty Agent-Join a Winning Team

exp realty agentAspiring real estate agents with EXP Realty have the chance to work with an award-winning team. An experienced EXP real estate agent, Rick Robey, has earned the title of RE-MAX Hall of Fame member throughout his tenure. He was honored with the RE-MAX Lifetime Achievement Award. Mr. Robey’s sales team has proven to be a winning team in the Louisville area, outperforming the competition.

EXP Realty is a growing company that handles sales transactions for both buyers and sellers with expertise. Joining as an EXP estate agent means agents have the opportunity to receive 80-100% of the commissions. EXP offers agents the opportunity to act as investors without paying expensive fees.

The real estate industry is a profitable industry that provides the opportunity to grow. The Association of Realtors estimates that there are more than 2M licensed brokers in the country. However, the two players are not the same. Rick Robey’s EXP Realty team is winning and highly recommended in the Louisville area.

By being an EXP realty agent, team members can be enthusiastic when it comes to advancing their careers. The agents will soon realize there are many advantages and chances to succeed. Real estate agents joining EXP will undoubtedly be part of an award-winning team.

EXP Realty-What It Takes to Become an Agent

Join EXP Realty-Become an Agent

Becoming an estate agent requires a personal investment in time and money. The returns, however, will be worthwhile if the balanced approach is taken. Industry experts discovered that real estate is a thriving career also worth pursuing. Working with a team like EXP offers more opportunities and additional revenue.

EXP is a tempting career choice for many people because the profits are noteworthy. With more than 5.34 million homes marketed within the US, the industry simply kept expanding. Statistics suggest many of the homes being bought are new. In addition, about 63 percent of homes belong to younger homeowners. The strength of working with a team like EXP will be demonstrated in the market and in profitability.

The EXP sales share program allows agents to generate a portion of the return on closed transactions. The merits of the system cover several levels. Due to the format, agents are the driving force behind wealth.

Rick Robey of EXP Realty is a licensed Realtor since 1989 after an eight-year career in the NBA. As the market leader, Robey’s real estate sales team is a leading source of real estate in Louisville, KY. In addition, its success has led to its Tennessee and Kentucky sales team being the number one. By increasing his own achievements from the business, Rick gained entry to the 100% Club, the ‘Hall of Fame,’ the Chairman’s Circle and the Platinum Club. In addition, Rick’s group has been rated as one of the greatest sales teams for several years in a row. Sellers and buyers rely on estate agents to convey market knowledge. An EXP realty agent fulfills this requirement.

Learn more about joining Rick Robey’s successful real estate team.


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Understanding and Making the Best of a Post-COVID Boom in Real Estate Wednesday, Oct 21 2020 

As reported on LouisvilleKY and predicted by the Kentucky Realtors Organization, the post-COVID-19 real estate market in and around the state began to shore back up in July. The boom in real estate has, in fact, not been confined to only Kentucky. The United States as a whole is experiencing massive surges across various areas within the internal real estate industry. Sellers should be looking to take advantage of this surge, but in order to do that, they must begin with a basic understanding of why the market is behaving in this way.

Rising Sales Numbers and the Skyrocketing Price of Housing Real Estate

Although the overall national and global economic impact of the ongoing pandemic situation has been the worst since World War II, it did not manage to put as much of a dent in the real estate industry as everyone thought it would. Even during the recession of 2010, housing prices fell by 10% and took a long time to recover, costing the industry trillions worldwide, but this time around, the loss was mitigated in the US at least. This was possible because of three primary reasons, which are:

  1. Clever economic policies; changes in taxation schemes and financial failsafe measures by the government managed to prevent a catastrophic downfall
  2. An initial rush to move out of infected major cities like NYC skyrocketed the price of real estate in places that were not as badly infected
  3. Now that the rate of new infections and the number of deaths has slowed down, the price of real estate in major cities has also surged

Sellers Should Reassess the Property

As should be evident, the surge is, in many ways, being either powered by the pandemic, or due to situations that came into play because of the pandemic. Due to that fact, a reassessment post-COVID is necessary, so that the property rightly reflects a more updated price tag that is relevant and even appealing under the present circumstances.

Making It Look Good

The place must be kept clean, sanitized and aesthetically appealing to prospective buyers if it is to have a good chance of being sold at a good price. Both owners and realtors can use a Kohls coupon or two to get huge discounts while adding throw pillows, artwork, bath accessories, aesthetic furniture and anything else that can be considered as an improvement. It’s not a bad idea to invest a little bit into the old house before selling it off, especially since such improvements drive up the price. Clean, furnished and well decorated homes will always sell better, irrespective of the situation.

This has always been true, but right now, it holds more importance. Buyers are often looking for a fresh start in a new place, so well furnished, aesthetic apartments and houses make people feel less pessimistic about everything that is going on around them. When a housing property manages to make prospective buyers feel positive and energetic, it is likely that they may want to hold onto a place which made them feel so.

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EXP Realty Agent Opportunities Sunday, Sep 20 2020 

EXP Realty Agent Opportunities on a Winning Team

exp realty agentProspective real estate agents with EXP Realty have the chance to work with an award-winning team. As a seasoned EXP realty agent leader Rick Robey throughout his tenure has gained the title of RE-MAX Hall of Fame Member. Furthermore, his received RE-MAX Lifetime Achievement Award. Mr. Robey’s sales team has performed as a winning team in the Louisville area, outranking the competition.

EXP Realty is a growing firm that handles sales transactions for buyers and sellers with expertise. Joining as an EXP realty agent means that agents have the opportunity to receive 80-100% of commissions. EXP provides an opportunity for agents to function as investors without having to invest in costly fees.

The real estate industry is a profitable one that offers the opportunity to grow. In truth, the Association of Realtors estimates that there are over 2M licensed agents in the country. The fact of the matter, however, is that no two agents are alike. Rick Robey’s EXP Realty team is reputable and comes highly-recommended in the Louisville region.

Through the EXP realty agent position, Realtors can be enthusiastic about advancing through out their career. Agents will soon realize that there are many advantages and profit-earning opportunities. Agents who join EXP will undoubtedly be part of an award-winning team.

Become an EXP Realty Agent

Becoming a real estate agent takes a personal investment of time and money. The returns, however will be well worth the sacrifice with the right approach. Industry experts find that being a successful real estate agent is a prosperous career that is also rewarding. Joining with a team such as EXP will provide more opportunities and additional earnings.

EXP is an enticing career selection for many individuals of because the profits are rather substantial. With above 5.34 million residences marketed inside the U.S., the industry just continued to expand. Statistics imply the houses many of the homes being purchased are new. What’s more, roughly 63 percent homes belong to newer homeowners. The strength of working with a team like EXP will show itself in the market and profitability.

By way of the EXP sales share program, agents can generate some of yield on closed transactions. Earnings earned via the system cover several different tiers. As a result of the format, agents are the driving force behind prosperity.

Rick Robey of EXP Realty has been a licensed Realtor 1989 after an 8-year career with the NBA. As market leader, Mr Robey’s real estate sales team is a leading source for properties in Louisville, KY.  In addition, his success led his sales team to be Number 1 in Tennessee and Kentucky. Increasing his own achievements from the business, Rick gained entry into the 100 percent Club,” Hall of Fame,” Chairman’s Circle and Platinum Club. Furthermore, Rick’s group was rated one of the top sales team for several years in a row. Sellers and buyers rely upon real estate brokers to provide marketplace expertise. EXP delivers on exactly that demand.

Learn more about joining a winning real estate team with Rick Robey.

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EXP Realty-A Real Estate Market Expert Sunday, Sep 20 2020 

EXP Realty a Real Estate Market Expert in Louisville

exp realty expertsEXP Realty a real estate market expert in Louisville helps clients with buying and selling homes. The fact is that purchasing real estate is a bona-fide investment. EXP Realty is effective of  working together with sellers and buyers. The company helps clients to navigate all aspects of a real estate transaction. With EXP Realty, NBA veteran Rick Robey supplies award-winning real estate expertise across the Louisville location.

The fact remains that obtaining a house is emblematic of accomplishing the American dream for most people. Now, more individuals are contemplating investing in a residence for the first time. The truth is that many people just don’t know the best places to begin their search for the perfect property. Regardless, potential home-buyers should consider starting a house hunt with EXP Realty. EXP Realty, a real estate market expert is recognized by industry leaders for having outperformed other area agencies.

It’s not only first time buyers who are zoning in on buying up properties. Second and third time buyers are also looking to take advantage of lower interest rates by purchasing new homes. Buying and selling a home can be a stressful experience for some people. In fact, there are many fine details that buyers and sellers need to consider when going into a contract. Dealing with an experienced agent can take some of the frustration out of the process.

As professionals in selling and buying possessions, EXP Realty agents possess a profound understanding of the Louisville marketplace. Having been a part of the Louisville community, Rick Robey is well-respected in the region. As a result, we has closed on a myriad of properties for satisfied clients.

EXP Realty Background and Expertise

Reputable real estate agents have dedicated a great deal of time to studying the industry. Not only do they study many aspects of the market, but they also have time working in the field with clients. Furthermore, clients will learn that agents must spend at least 96 hours receiving classroom instruction in real estate before becoming licensed.

Mr. Robey, In fact has been a certified Realtor since 1989 and became a RE-MAX Hall of Fame Member. In Addition, he obtained the RE-MAX Lifetime Achievement Award. Furthermore, for example, he reached the 100 Percent Club and Platinum Club for his success in real estate. In addition to EXP being rated #1 in the area among all real estate agencies, Rick’s team received recognition in the Chairman’s Circle.

Investing at a real estate property ought to be a portion of the long term revenue plan. Real estate agents should handle all client’s transactions with care. Rick Robey’s team of industry professionals can guide potential buyers in locating the ideal property and sellers in preparing their properties for a successful sell. The truth is that investing in real estate is a time-sensitive process. Both buyers and sellers require a dedicated real estate agent with a deep knowledge about the industry.

Buy and Sell with experts at EXP Realty. Connect with EXP Realty to learn more.

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New Listing – Private Walkout in Stony Brook Wednesday, Sep 16 2020 

Check out this wonderful home in a small, secluded neighborhood right next to the busy Stony Brook shopping area.  Take Hurstbourne South, right on Biggin Hill, to end of cul-de-sac.


Fabulous walkout located in private setting at end of cul-de-sac in popular Stony Brook area. First floor features hardwood flooring throughout, with elegant fireplace in spacious living room, adjacent to modern kitchen with eat-in space, formal dining room & half bath. Two entrances to gorgeous deck that faces wooded area.Second floor features 3 Bedrooms, including spacious Master with jet tub and walk-in shower. Basement has a generous living space and a 4th bedroom/office with closet. Laundry conveniently located in basement, access to concrete slab patio under deck. 2-car garage. Exterior space in rear of home surrounded by woods, home is located at end of cul-de-sac in small, private neighborhood close to shopping and restaurants on Hurstbourne.


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EXP Realty Experts Monday, Aug 31 2020 

EXP Realty Experts in Buying and Selling Homes

exp realty expertsInvesting in a home should be part of a long-term income strategy. In reality, the decision to purchase real estate isn’t one which should be taken lightly. EXP Realty experts can guide buyers in finding the perfect property.  The reality is that purchasing a home is monetary commitment that involves careful planning and research. EXP Realty succeeds with both sellers and buyers during property transactions. 

As specialists in buying and selling properties, EXP Realty experts have a deep understanding about the Louisville market. Furthermore, working with an established Realtor will make real estate transactions far smoother than venturing into the unknown. 

The truth is, having a residence is symbolic of attaining the American dream. Nowadays, far more people are considering purchasing a home for the very first time. In fact, some people simply do not know where to start in their search. Regardless, choosing to start a home search with EXP Realty will offer a great experience.  It’s not just first-time homebuyers zoning in on the market. Actually, people who currently own home are also considering growing portfolios with even more properties. 

The simple fact is that investing in a house is a bonafide financial investment. EXP Realty is capable of working with buyers and sellers to navigate the finest details of a real estate translation. In fact, 8 year NBA veteran Rick Robey provides award winning real estate knowledge throughout the Louisville region. 

It is wise to connect with a seasoned Realtor when starting a search for real estate properties. New home buyers aren’t entirely sure about all of the distinct aspects of buying a home for the first time.  Experienced Realtors will help buyers keep the most important points in the forefront while on the hunt for a dream home or investment property. 

EXP Realty Experts-Insights for Potential Homebuyers

Buyers should consider budget, long-term goals and the current financial climate. Due to the fact that purchasing a home is a very complex process, both buyers and sellers should consult with a knowledgeable Realtor for advice. Individuals interested in embarking on the journey to property ownership should consider choosing Rick Robey for his expertise. The company has not only gained the respect of clients but continues to thrive in a highly-competitive landscape. 

Industry Achievements

Leading Realtor, Rick Robey has garnered many achievements while serving the Louisville area. Rick achieved the 100 Percent Club, Hall of Fame, Platinum Club and his company was ranked Number 1 in Tennessee and Kentucky. Furthermore, Rick’s Team secured a place in the Chairman’s Circle for outstanding performance. 

Becoming a licensed Realtor in Kentucky takes plenty of grit and even more determination. Clients will appreciate the efforts of experts at EXP who have worked through at least 96-hours of coursework plus field experience to achieve the title of Realtor. Homebuyers and investors looking for a Realtor with time in the industry should trust Rick Robey. Mr. Robey has been a licensed full-time Realtor since1989. Furthermore, to add to his achievements he was awarded as a RE/MAX Hall of Fame Member. He also received the RE/MAX Lifetime Achievement Award. Potential clients will be pleased to know that in Louisville, EXP Realty is a premier source for residential real estate. 

Interested in finding the best real estate on the market? Contact EXP Realty.


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EXP Realty Buying and Selling Louisville Thursday, Aug 13 2020 

ExP Realty, Rick Robey and Associates: An Exceptional Opportunity for Real Estate Professionals

exp realty buying and selling

With a unique approach to marketing real estate, eXp Realty has taken the industry by storm, recruiting thousands of established agents throughout the country who are experiencing benefits never before available.

With national reach and a growing network of more than 30,000 agents, plus exceptional revenue opportunities, thousands of local agents have left established local agencies to join the largest single brokerage in America.

When EXP Realty presented its case to award-winning local realtor Rick Robey, the former UK and NBA basketball veteran said it was an opportunity he couldn’t pass up. In the two years since, Robey has not only grown his own business, but opened a local office and added to his team with agents not only from Louisville, but throughout the region.

What’s more, Robey has created an ongoing revenue stream that will continue into the future through eXp’s Revenue Share Plan. In addition, he’s earning shares of stock in eXp World Holdings, the national organization and parent of eXp Realty.

Robey, who began his real estate career in Louisville in 1989, after retiring from professional basketball, has built his business with old-fashioned values of honesty, integrity and common sense, along with a strong work ethic. He’s a member of the REMAX Hall of Fame and a Lifetime Achievement Award winner, and has sold more than 2,000 homes.

But Robey also knows a great business opportunity when he sees one. Recognizing the importance of technology and the opportunity to share his success with others, Robey opened an office on North English Station Road in 2020. He shares the space with his wife Bonnie, who has been a successful mortgage originator for 25 years. The space has room for growth as well, with plenty of room for additional agents.

The Robey and Associates Opportunity with eXp

Many real estate professionals choose to work on a broker’s team, in which they generate commissions which are then shared with the broker. Team members collaborate and benefit from sharing information within the team.

At eXp, that revenue split is an unprecedented 80/20, with a cap of $16,000, for every eXp agent. eXp agents also have access to real-time support, live training and classes, a virtual workplace shared with agents across the U.S., and cutting-edge technology that streamlines the process of earning commissions. And there’s no costly overhead for items such as rent, furnishings or staff.

Another earnings opportunity is the eXp Revenue Share Plan, which allows agents to “sponsor” new agents and receive revenue from the new agent’s sales. Those sponsored agents don’t have to be in the local market, either, since eXp is a single brokerage with operations across the country.

eXp World Holdings, eXp’s parent firm, is a publicly-traded company which awards stock to agents based on their performance. That builds another layer of financial security for successful agents.

The technology tools available to eXp agents are second to none. The company’s patented lead-generation technology allows agents to stay in constant touch with potential buyers and sellers, while also generating new leads.

Each agent gets a personalized web site which showcases all properties in the market, and generates reports to the agent about client activity on the site. Through its world-class training programs, agents can learn to generate and manage business in a way that saves time and generates activity.

To find out if the eXp opportunity is right for you, contact Rick Robey at 502-419-9001 today.











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In Kentucky, Real Estate Rebounded in June Monday, Aug 3 2020 

from KentuckyRealtors.com

Sales up 13% Over June 2019

Lexington, KY (8/3/2020) – COVID-19 had an adverse, albeit short, impact on the Kentucky housing market this spring. Higher pending contracts over the past two months indicated that sales would come roaring back. June would not disappoint. 5,426 closings took place in Kentucky, up a whopping 13% over June of last year. Year-to-date sales climbed to 24,159. This is 1% greater than sales through June of 2019 which peaked at 23,945.

Nationally, total existing-home sales, completed transactions that include single-family homes, townhomes, condominiums and co-ops, jumped 20.7% from May to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 4.72 million in June. Sales overall, however, dipped year-over-year, down 11.3% from a year ago (5.32 million in June 2019).

“The sales recovery is strong, as buyers were eager to purchase homes and properties that they had been eyeing during the shutdown,” said Lawrence Yun, NAR’s chief economist. “This revitalization looks to be sustainable for many months ahead as long as mortgage rates remain low and job gains continue.”

The median sale price of homes in Kentucky continues to climb. The June median price, up from $183,000 in June 2019, rose 5% to $192,00. The statewide average home price hit $224,195. Sales volume rebounded strongly, up 45% from last month ($837.9 million) to $1.05 billion. That figure also marks an increase of almost 17% from June of 2019. This surge raises the year-to-date sales volume 6.5% ahead of 2019’s figure at $5.1 billion.

The number of homes available on the market hit a record low for the state for the second month in a row. There is now less than 2 months of inventory in Kentucky for the first time since record-keeping began. The figure currently sits at 1.96 months.

“The housing market rebound in June shows that REALTORS® responded admirably to the health and safety recommendations made by experts and state leadership”, said Lester T. Sanders, President of Kentucky REALTORS®. “We stood ready to help Kentucky consumers successfully buy and sell property so the American dream of homeownership and wealth-building could continue. A housing market rebound means a better economic impact and outlook for all Kentuckians”, he said.

Distressed sales (foreclosures or short sales) were down 46% over June of 2019. It remains to be seen whether this figure will climb as forbearances and other programs expire as the year continues.


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Statewide Real Estate Sales Expected to Climb in July Wednesday, Jul 1 2020 

from the Kentucky Realtors organization

16% Increase in Pending Sales Signals Housing Market Rebound

Lexington, KY (6/30/2020) – Home sales numbers were down as expected in May. 3,894 closings took place, down 23% from the 5,051 homes sold in May of 2019. The best way to measure what the next month will look like, however, is to look at pending sales (homes under contract). Last year, that figure for May was 7,311. This May saw that indicator rise by over 16% to 8,511. This indicates that June could emerge much stronger.

The Pending Home Sales Index (PHSI), a forward-looking indicator of home sales based on contract signings, rose an astounding 44.3% to 99.6 in May, chronicling the highest month-over-month gain in the index since NAR started this series in January 2001. Year-over-year, contract signings fell 5.1%. An index of 100 is equal to the level of contract activity in 2001.

“This has been a spectacular recovery for contract signings and goes to show the resiliency of American consumers and their evergreen desire for homeownership,” said Lawrence Yun, NAR’s chief economist. “This bounce back also speaks to how the housing sector could lead the way for a broader economic recovery.

The average sale price of homes in Kentucky continues to rise. It climbed 4% to $215,187 (up from $207,000 in April 2019). Sales volume did take a hit, dipping 20%. to $837.9 million. However, the surging home prices due to the current lack of inventory is keeping the volume numbers impressively ahead of last year’s numbers. Even with the sale slowdown of the past 2 months, the year-to-date sales volume is 2.5% ahead of 2019 at $3.8 billion.

The number of homes available on the market hit an all-time record low for the state, plunging to 2.6 months of inventory. It was down over 16% from May of 2019 (3.1 months).

“KYR’s May Opinion Survey showed that 59% of Kentucky REALTORS® saw buyers returning to the market last month”, said Lester T. Sanders, President of Kentucky REALTORS®. “Currently, consumers don’t have enough options on the market. It’s a great time for homeowners who have considered selling to list their homes”, he said. “Multiple offer situations are becoming the rule rather than the exception.”

Strikingly, distressed sales (foreclosures or short sales) were down a remarkable 65% over May of 2019. This suggests that homeowner protection programs such as mortgage forbearances or loans are accomplishing what they were intended to do.

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