Day Trip to Bardstown Monday, Apr 5 2021 

Bardstown is less than an hour south of Louisville, and there is so much to do there for a day or weekend trip! We recently went down to Bardstown on a beautiful, sunny day, and decided to mix some fun with some education and exercise. What is there to do on a day trip to Bardstown? On your day trip [...]

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Visit Boone County Day Trip Sunday, Mar 28 2021 

As the temperature increases, we are headed out on more adventures. Recently, we spent the day in Boone County Here are some things you can do for a day trip to Visit Boone County Kentucky We decided to explore our state and Visit Boone County Kentucky! Our first stop was Boone County Arboretum, aka Central Park.Since Boone County Arboretum is [...]

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18 Free/Cheap Fun Ideas for Spring Break Monday, Mar 22 2021 

Needs some free or cheap spring break ideas? Here’s a list of fun, inexpensive places to visit during Spring Break in and around Louisville. If you are staying around Louisville or visiting for spring break, there are plenty of opportunities for fun that are either free or cheap! Here are 18 for you to choose from. PLEASE VISIT OUR SPRING [...]

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Best Playgrounds around Louisville Wednesday, Mar 10 2021 

What are the best playgrounds in Louisville? We asked out writers about which playground in Louisville they like best and why! The Best Playgrounds in Louisville There are so many great playgrounds in Louisville. You can spend all year visiting different ones. Here are some ideas for the best playground near you! For 2021, we can say that most of [...]

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Stay home: Traveling over spring break is a risk you shouldn’t take Tuesday, Feb 23 2021 

By Zachary Baker–

It seems insane to imagine that we are nearing the one-year anniversary of when this pandemic began, for many of us it feels as if time just stopped. 

So many of us feel as though the only way that we know time is passing is because deadlines for assignments get closer and closer. It may feel like we all need a vacation, a trip to the beach, or to Las Vegas for a night on the town. It may be tempting with classes online and spring break coming up soon. 

But don’t fall to temptation. Rather, stay strong, stay home and stay safe over the next couple of months.

According to data reported by The New York Times, the 7-day average for new cases of COVID-19 within Jefferson County have been declining since early January.

In February, the rate of new cases dipped below 1,000 on 3 separate days. For a brief period, Jefferson County was considered an “orange county” as the incidence rate dropped to less than 25 cases per 100,000 individuals.

At the time of this article’s publication Jefferson County is back to being a red county.

With vaccinations coming, and many people that we know already receiving them, it may seem as if this is almost all over and we can return to normal. However, being near the end doesn’t mean that the threat of the pandemic is over yet. 

“The benefits of travel simply aren’t worth the risks, yet,” said Scott LaJoie, an associate professor of Health Promotion and Behavioral Sciences at U of L. “By spring break, too few people will be fully vaccinated, there are new strains of SARS-COV-2 trying to get established, and we could end up giving the pandemic new life if we stop doing what we know works.” 

The threat that a new strain could go around before we are ready to stop our current one is very real, and it is a situation that we see happening in other parts of the world. 

At the same time, you want to go out and do something fun to get away from the same old routine you find yourself caught in. But you do not have to travel in order to get away from our routines. You can find fun at home under current protections. 

One option is to travel to one of the nature trails or parks within the county and get a breath of fresh air and exercise. Another is to have small get-togethers with friends on Zoom for some much-needed social time. 

“With mass vaccinations underway, the end of the pandemic is finally coming into view. We have the tools to keep ourselves and others safe. It is up to us not to stumble at the finish line,” said Ryan Combs, an assistant U of L professor of Health Promotion and Behavioral Sciences.

We are close to winning against this disease, and while it may be awhile before things feel normal again, we shouldn’t risk our lives and the lives of others for an attempt to get away from it all. 

Stay home, stay in Louisville, stay safe and let’s beat this thing.

Graphic by Andrew Campbell // The Louisville Cardinal 

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University of Louisville announces shortened spring break Friday, Oct 16 2020 

By Madelin Shelton — 

U of L has announced that the spring 2021 semester will include an extended Christmas break and shorter spring break. The announcement came as part of the university’s Pivot to Spring plan.

Spring break, which typically includes an entire week off school, has shortened to include only March 4 and 5.

The start of classes is also being pushed back. Spring 2021 courses won’t begin until Jan. 11.

The change comes amidst universities across the country either shortening or eliminating college spring breaks for fears of students traveling, breaking COVID-19 guidelines and returning to their campus with the coronavirus.

Paige Workman, a junior at U of L, was upset at first that spring break had been shortened, but had less apprehension about it once she saw that the university had extended Christmas break. She also understood where the university was coming from.

“If the university feels that it’s important to lower spring break to two days in order to keep us safe, I’m okay with that,” she said. “Especially because they were generous enough to give us an extra week off at Christmas.”

“With that said, it is still disappointing. A traditional spring break is something that everybody plans for and gets excited about,” Workman added.

Alli Wade, also a junior at U of L, criticized the university’s decision. “I think that the university was a little premature in deciding to shorten spring break.”

When asked if she thought that decision would discourage students from traveling, and possibly bringing back COVID-19 to U of L, Wade said she thinks students will travel regardless.

“It’s just a matter of if they’re going to take a long trip to the beach versus a weekend getaway with their friends,” she said. “I think if the goal is to prevent gatherings, I’m not necessarily sure that shortening spring break is going to be an effective tactic.”

File Graphic // The Louisville Cardinal

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Things to do with kids in Nashville Indiana Wednesday, Oct 7 2020 

Nashville, Indiana is the county seat of Brown County in Indiana. It’s an amazing town about 1.5 hours north of Louisville.  Have a ton of small business shops, restaurants, an amazing wildlife sanctuary, a great state park, and lots of family fun.  Recently, we headed up to explore things to do with kids in Nashville Indiana. We have heard people [...]

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Brown County State Park Wednesday, Oct 7 2020 

Brown County State Park in Indiana is an hour and a half north of Louisville. This gem of a park is perfect for a day or weekend trip.  Brown County State Park has several different family fun activities. When we think of a fall outing, Brown County State Park comes to mind. Obviously, outdoor options are great for fall. One [...]

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A Day Trip to Georgetown, Kentucky Monday, Aug 24 2020 

A day of family fun is just an hour away in Georgetown, Kentucky. We recently spent a day burning off energy at Evans Orchard and Cider Mill and then enjoyed a delicious treat at Sweet Matriarch Bakery. If you’re searching for a day trip with plenty of outdoor activities then Georgetown, Kentucky is the place for you.  A day trip [...]

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Buttermilk Falls – Day Trip to Brandenburg Kentucky Tuesday, Aug 11 2020 

Day Trip to Brandenburg, KY and Buttermilk Falls Brandenburg is in Meade County and is about an hour, maximum, from Louisville families. It offers parks and water fun for families to explore for a day trip. For us, day trips are all about learning and exercise. Buttermilk Falls Kentucky and Brandenburg provide that in one compact spot! All of this [...]

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