Windstream buys Broadview Networks: What now? Monday, Apr 24 2017 

by Dan Keane, TDM, (502) 238-1085 or There are few rules to TDM Tech Talk Tuesday. Most weeks, I essentially wake up on Thursday morning, figure out what is currently stuck in my craw, and then jam together 900 words about it by noon. Some articles are easier to do this with than others, but […]

Insider Louisville offers a unique take on news Thursday, Apr 20 2017 

When you are browsing the internet and you click on an interesting headline in your newsfeed, the last thing you want is to be held hostage by an ad covering your story that likes to play “hide the X.” In a perfect world, you could open up any digital device you own and start reading […]

March of Dimes and others continue to help women reduce risk factors of premature births Tuesday, Apr 18 2017 

Every expectant mother has an ideal vision of the birthing process, one that results in her holding her newborn in her hospital room with family gathered around. But the reality is that premature births happen — and in Kentucky they happen at a rate 2 percent higher than the national average. When a baby is […]

Celebrating the best of the best at the annual BOOM Awards Tuesday, Apr 18 2017 

Selecting a handful of organizations as the best is no easy feat, especially when there is a pool of hundreds that qualify. The Chamber Jeffersontown is lucky to have a thriving business community, and it’s always a welcomed time of year when the spotlight is turned on member businesses to pay homage to those top-notch, […]

Rejoice! ‘Sister Act the Musical’ is another Derby winner Wednesday, Apr 12 2017 

Derby Dinner Playhouse continues to be one of the premier places to visit when visiting the Louisville and Southern Indiana area.  Derby Dinner has received numerous awards and recognition over the years. That designation was further validated this past year as the 43-year-old organization was named to the Top 200 Best of the Best of […]

How much are you paying on printers? Monday, Apr 10 2017 

It can be hard getting a handle on printing costs in an office environment. It’s estimated that between 1-3% of revenue for most corporations is spent on copying and printing. The bigger the company, the more printers and locations, the bigger the budgetary waste. Behind rent or payroll, printing is usually the highest office cost. […]

Another company is using my intellectual property. Do I have recourse? Monday, Apr 10 2017 

by: Julie Gregory Ray – A company’s intellectual property is one of its most important and valuable assets.  Generally speaking, there are three types of intellectual property:  trademarks, copyrights, and patents.  Imagine the frustration of learning that someone else is using your intellectual property, after you were the one that invested significant time and money […]

Wehr Constructors showcases its versatile capabilities with airport renovation Monday, Mar 27 2017 

For some around Louisville, Wehr Constructors is known as the construction firm that builds hospitals. And truth be told, many of the leading medical facilities in the city were indeed built by Wehr, from Frazier Rehabilitation and Neuroscience Center to Jewish Hospital Medical Center East to the newly constructed East Tower Expansion at Norton Women’s […]

Work life balance and flex time key to company success Wednesday, Mar 22 2017 

One local company has been recognized as a “Best Place to Work” for three years running, and last year collected a Louisville Business of the Year award. But winning awards is just one by-product of Delta Dental’s focus on treating its employees like family. Years of cultivating a nurturing, positive culture for employees has produced […]

Oral health has a huge effect on overall health Wednesday, Mar 22 2017 

While many adults are focused on staying healthy through exercise and eating right, one area that is closely connected to a person’s overall health and often overlooked is oral health. Inside the mouth aren’t just teeth, but clues to keeping disease away. The connection between oral health and overall health wasn’t always widely discussed, according […]

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