Shop Impromptu still providing service even with doors closed Friday, Mar 20 2020 

By Zoe Watkins–

Though many stores are closing until the coronavirus pandemic has settled, there are some who have found ways to keep open.

Shop Impromptu is owned and run by University of Louiville alumnus Jordan Mannel. The boutique store sells women’s clothing, shoes, accessories and home decorations.

Mannel said she began her business in 2016 by starting it as an online boutique in her living room. She mostly relied on online ads the first year, but her business quickly took off.

“As it grew, I expanded into a 550 square feet showroom in Butchertown to get it out of my home. We quickly got there and moved into the mall in October of 2018. We occupied 1100 square feet and I gained a staff of about 6 people. In July 2019, we moved into a 6000 square feet store in Oxmoor across from Apple & Sephora,” Mannel said.

In the beginning, Mannel’s inventory primarily consisted of derby fashion which she said is how she got started.

“Everyone wanted me to dress them for Derby. My mom makes all the hats and fascinators, and I sell more in Derby season than in Christmas season,” Mannel said.

Even though Shop Impromptu had to close for the time being, Mannel said it was the right decision.

“I feel I did the right thing by closing my door early Saturday to ensure we take precautions of not spreading COVID-19. People were not staying inside, and I did not want to be the one to give them a place to go,” she said.

Since Shop Impromptu sells more derby fashion than anything else, she said it will be a hard time.

“I currently have a staff of 12 and with all the current events, doing my best to make sure what I’ve created stays afloat,” she said.

But there’s still hope for stores to keep going and make money even with their storefront closed. Such as with Shop Impromptu, there is an online store and a Facebook page where customers can still order products which Mannel said can go a long way.

“Buy online if it something they are something, purchase gift cards, share their posts and comment on their posts. All of these simple things can help,” she said.

Even though everything may seem rough right now, and there is still a lot of uncertainty, there is still some advice that can be shared.

“It’s going to be okay, we are all in this together. And lucky for us, most of your derby dresses will still be in season for the beginning of September,” Mannel said.

Photo courtesy by Jordan Mannel

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eShakti FX Feature Review Saturday, Dec 15 2018 

eShakti FX Feature Review

Do you know eShakti? You should! eShakti is an online women's retailer that gives you multiple options for customization of their clothing, all at affordable prices. Do you like your skirts long, or short? Do you like your necklines revealing, or modest? With eShakti, you get to decide!

eShakti FX Feature Review
I own two eShakti dresses which I wear in heavy rotation and rave about constantly. In addition to the many styling choices, I love that their height and measurement options gave me perfectly fitted dresses.

Now, eShakti has rolled out a new feature, eShakti FX, that lets you see their dresses transform as you click on the many style options. Most dresses feature customizable necklines, sleeve length, and skirt length. (As a bonus, and because eShakti knows what women want, most of their dresses have pocket options!)

eShakti FX Feature Review
I played around with the fun (and addicting!) FX features for...probably longer than I should admit. You can see in this gorgeous emerald dress above that just by changing the neckline and sleeves gives this dress an entirely different look. Here are other dresses that I styled with the FX feature:

eShakti FX Feature Review
eShakti FX Feature Review
Want to play around and style some beautiful dresses, too? Head over to eShakti and look for the FX symbol for products with this feature. What do you think? It's like DIY'ing a dress without the cutting and sewing and frustrations. I bet you'll love it!

Happy shopping!


This post was written in conjunction with eShakti. All opinions expressed are my own, as always.

Local Designer Leads KMAC Fashion Camp Tuesday, Jan 19 2016 

By: Ramona Lindsey, director of education What’s the best way to spend a week out of school?   Is it sunbathing  on a white sandy beach?  What about watching hours of Neflix?  Maybe it’s hours of tormenting a brother or sister?  Well, KMAC thinks the best way to spend the week is creating wearable art with … Continue reading Local Designer Leads KMAC Fashion Camp

Guest: KMAC Couture and the Interoperability of Louisville Monday, Jul 6 2015 

By Dianne H. Timmering The interoperability of Louisville—a boast for best city for jobs and the Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft: We are a full-bodied movement—restaurants, life quality, home uniqueness, neighborhood simplicity, city art, brilliant theatre, healthcare metropolis, UPS hub to the world, and 16,000 job openings … good ones. Another reason why Kentucky … Continue reading Guest: KMAC Couture and the Interoperability of Louisville

Show Off Your Shoes with Ross Dress for Less Thursday, Apr 10 2014 

Ross Dress for Less Show Off Your Shoes Promotion
Confession time:  I’m a girl who loves shoes.  True story, my 1st and 2nd jobs when I was a teenager were in shoe departments in retail shops, and that wasn’t a coincidence.  So when Ross Dress for Less informed me that they were having a Show Off Your Shoes shoe selfie promotion and asked if I wanted to participate, I was all up for the challenge.

It works like this: Shop at Ross and find a fabulous pair of shoes, then take a shoe selfie with those beauties.  Upload your photo to Ross’s Facebook page saying why you love your shoes, and ask your friends to vote for you.  So fun, and you’ll have a chance to win a Ross gift card!  (Click here for more details.)

So what super cute shoes did I find at Ross this week?  Well, for starters, I was blown away by the selection.  So many cute and trendy summer shoes, in so many pretty colors and styles: Flats, wedges, heels, strappy sandals, flip flops, boat shoes, sneakers – you name it, Ross had it at affordable prices.

Ross Dress for Less Show Off Your Shoes Promotion

Because the selection was so great, I had a hard time selecting a favorite pair.  I am really in need of a new pair of heels to wear with summer dresses, but I fell in love these brown oxfords with the ribbon laces.  (Despite the fact that I already have two pairs of oxfords, but who’s counting.)

Ross Dress for Less Show Off Your Shoes Promotion

Ultimately, though, I found a pair of strappy wedges that may or may not have made me whimper a little when I saw them – I have been searching for a similar style since last summer and I felt like I hit the jackpot with these babies.  Behold (but look past the haphazard pedicure – it’s been a long winter, people):

Ross Dress for Less Show Off Your Shoes Promotion

This is my shoe selfie.  Show Ross yours!  Between now and April 18th, upload your favorite Ross shoes on the Ross Dress for Less Facebook promotion page for your chance to win.  If you enter, leave your link here – I’d love to come over and see your shoes!

If you'd like to vote for my shoes, you can do so here:   Thanks!


A gift card was provided by Ross to share my shopping experience.  All opinions are 100% mine.