U of L trustee is alleged source in stripper scandal Monday, Aug 12 2019 

By Matthew Keck and Gabriel Wiest

During a deposition on July 26, David Grissom testified that former University of Louisville President James Ramsey told him that a board of trustees member was the source of funds for the strippers in the Katina Powell scandal.

The allegations could not have come out at a worse time, as U of L is awaiting a NCAA ruling on title I violations that could affect the basketball program.

Ramsey’s attorney, Steve Pence, denied these claims and said that Ramsey has no reason to believe anyone on the board was behind that funding.

U of L spokesman John Karman said the university cannot comment since this is part of an ongoing litigation.

In a video deposition Grissom said, “He (Ramsey) told me that one of his board members was the cash source for paying off the strippers in the stripper incident.” He then went on to say, “He never disclosed that to the full board.”

This comes as U of L has filed a lawsuit against Ramsey claiming financial fraud. Grissom refused to identify the board member’s name but also stated that Ramsey never shared the name of said person either.

In a video taken by WDRB, Grissom was asked why he didn’t report Ramsey’s comments immediately and his response was, “Well, I didn’t. I’m not perfect.”

When pressed on his responsibility to share such information Grissom said he didn’t feel that hearsay would be admissible in court.

NCAA official Stan Wilcox stated that six major programs will be hit with title I violations by the end of the summer. Such an allegation adds to Louisville’s anxiety with a possible sanction looming in the distance.

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Louisville basketball holds breath amidst possible allegations Saturday, Jun 15 2019 

By Gabriel Wiest–

According to NCAA official Stan Wilcox, Level I violations will be placed on six men’s basketball programs by the end of summer. Louisville could be clipped by the violations as the program was involved in the 2017 pay-to-play scandal investigated by the FBI.

Wilcox said the notice of allegations will be sent to the programs in the coming weeks. Notice of allegations are sent after the NCAA has finish their investigation.

Under NCAA bylaw 10.1 misconduct is defined by, “receipt of benefits by an institutional staff member for facilitating or arranging a meeting between a student athlete and an agent, financial advisor or representative of an agent or advisor.”

Level I violations are the most serious in the NCAA and the sanctions can include scholarship loss, returning earned money from the time period of the violations, probation and more. Louisville is all too familiar with Level I sanctions after their scandal with self-proclaimed escort Katina Powell which led to the removal of the 2013 national title.

The FBI led to the major turnover in the athletic department in which Louisville parted ways with long-time head coach Rick Pitino and athletic director Tom Jurich.

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