What to expect at 2020 Welcome Week Tuesday, Apr 21 2020 

By Matthew Keck — 

Whether you’re a freshman or transfer student, stepping onto a new campus can be a bit overwhelming. The potential of not knowing many familiar faces, where everything is and the new life ahead can seem daunting. But rest assure, the University of Louisville’s 2020 Welcome Week will wipe all of those fears away.

Aug. 13-16 new U of L students, and those returning, can expect a week filled with events to get themfamiliar with campus and make new friends. From the Cardinal Kickoff to Student Outreach Uniting Louisville, there is a plethora of events for new students.

No event is mandatory, but there are a number of events that freshmen specifically are expected to attend. These are called “signature events.”

The first signature event offered for students is the Cardinal Kickoff on Aug. 13. This is the first event of the week, and here you get a free meal, gifts and the chance to start building new relationships.

The next day of Welcome Week, you’ll get a chance to spend time with your Cardinal Crew for another day full of events. Time spent with your Cardinal Crew is valuable because that’s when you can ask your burning questions. It’s also a great time to just be able to talk with new friends you’ve made in your group.

To round out the signature events is Student Outreach Uniting Louisville. For this event you’ll learn about all of the service and leadership opportunities U of L has to offer.

Between all of these signature events are a multitude of other events. But with the uncertainty of when things will be back to normal because of COVID-19, the 2020 event list hasn’t been released.

Events that students can possibly expect during welcome week include:

Late Night Pancakes, Field Day, Latinx Student Welcome/Open house, Night at the Museum: Speed Museum After Hours, Welcome Week Yoga.

All of these events were offered last year during Welcome Week and are likely to return if things get back on track.

With Welcome Week always comes the skeptics: Why should I go to any of these events you may ask And that’s a valid question but here’s why you should This will potentially be the only time you ever get to do any of these events; you get free food quite a bit, and free gear; and this is the perfect chance to meet new friends.

Welcome Week isn’t just U of L’s way of introducing you to campus, rather it’s our way of showing why it should be your home for the next four or so. Start your college career off on the right foot and make the most of Welcome Week 2020.

File photo // The Louisville Cardinal

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Louisville’s most underrated eateries that students should give a try Tuesday, Mar 3 2020 

By Matthew Keck —

Louisville is full of many flavors. From hot browns to hot chicken, this city has it all. But forget about the mainstays such as Jack Fry’s and Jeff Ruby’s; we’re looking at some of the most underrated places to eat in Louisville.

Ollie’s Trolley

Starting things off on the corner of Kentucky and Third Street in downtown Louisville is Ollie’s Trolley. What may be deemed the best french fries in the city by many sits a lonely, faded trolley; the first and last of its kind.

There are no seats, no condiment stands and surely no credit card scanners. This one-of-a-kind place has a limited menu, with several types of burgers, a chicken and fish sandwich and hot dogs. The classic order: an ollie burger with cheese and fries with extra seasoning. Just don’t forget to bring cash.

Louie’s Hot Chicken

Going from old to brand new, we find ourselves on Poplar Level Road at Louie’s Hot Chicken. Obviously, as the name states, their schtick is Nashville hot chicken, but they’re more than that. They also offer pulled pork sandwiches, brisket and smoked wings.

If you fancy yourself a BBQ lover then look no further. Their brisket is some of the best in town, and judging from the pulled pork they mix with their green beans, that’s pretty darn good too. They also have a healthy amount of sides, from baked beans to coleslaw.

Recommended order: If you’re a chicken lover, go for the tenders, spice level hot if you want some bite, with mac ‘n cheese and green beans as the sides. For the BBQ fans, opt for their pulled pork with baked beans and coleslaw on the side.

Frank’s Meat and Produce

Looking for another quick lunch but don’t want to get caught downtown? Head over to Preston Highway and step into Frank’s Meat and Produce. This deli-style butcher shop/produce market also doubles as a lunch haven.

With daily lunch specials like grilled chicken breast and pulled pork sandwiches, they’re bound to satiate your lunch hunger. It wouldn’t be a full meal either without classic deli sides like potato and pasta salad.

And while you’re waiting in line to order, go ahead and grab a container of banana pudding, you won’t regret it.

La Péche

Taking it a notch up in the to-go eating world is La Péche gourmet-to-go on Patterson Ave. and Bardstown Road. An extension of Lilly’s Bistro, this fast dining experience offers flavors from all around the world in minutes.

Their daily offerings rotate but expect dishes along the line of cajun chicken pasta or grilled salmon on rice with asparagus. But they also have a regular sandwich menu, one that boasts the famous Burger’s fried chicken sandwich.

It wouldn’t be a complete trip here either if you didn’t step over to the dessert glass and ogle at all of the options. Filled with lemon bars, brownies, puddings and cakes, there is bound to be something to satisfy your sweet tooth.


Rounding out the underrated eateries in town is one that is not so off the beaten path or hidden: Kashmir. Located at the heart of Bardstown Road, across from Mid City Mall, sits this wonderful Indian restaurant.

With Indian staples like chicken tikka masala and saag paneer filling the menu, they offer an authentic taste of India in Louisville. Plus, their menu is friendly to vegetarians and other limited diets.

While their dinner is nothing to scoff at, the best time to go is for lunch. This is when they offer their $12.99 lunch buffet and you can try a good amount of dishes, be it that you’ve never had Indian cuisine before. Just don’t pass by the gulab jamun (essentially a donut hole) and the kheer to cool off your spicy meal.

So, next time you choose to eat out, don’t go to the same spot you always do. Be adventurous and try something new, you just might eat it up.

Photo by Anthony Riley//The Louisville Cardinal

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Film festival exposes moviegoers to various French films Thursday, Feb 13 2020 

By Blake Wedding —

Diversity seems to be at the heart of this year’s French Film Festival, as the University of Louisville aims to showcase a varied compilation of uniquely distinguished films for students. 

This year the French Film Festival includes everything from romantic comedies, animated films to more serious dramas. Some of these films reflect on current events, while others offer more detailed character studies. 

Associate French professor Matthieu Dalle is one of the people behind the festival who has worked tirelessly to bring this carefully selected collection of films to students. 

Dalle hopes the festival will shed light on the importance of French cinema to students and act as an introduction to French cinema. He hopes this selection of films might convey how French cinema is unique to American cinema and highlight how it is unique and unparalleled to contemporary American cinema.

He believes the French Film Festival will cater to the needs of any type of casual movie-goer, film-buff and cinephile alike. Dalle believes that the films selected for this year’s festival reflect an urgency for inclusion of all types of movie-goers. 

“We want students to realize that there is something for everyone,” Dalle said. “French cinema does not always have to be experimental or ‘intellectual’ in nature.” 

Dalle also understands there is a common false assumption amongst American moviegoers that French cinema is oftentimes arduous, experimental, artsy or avant-garde in nature. 

Dalle and his collaborators working behind this year’s festival are hoping to dispel those notions and change audience beliefs little by little. “On one hand you have a French romantic comedy called ‘Return of the Hero,’” Dalle said. “And on the other, you have a film like ‘Young Ahmed’, which is directed by the Dardenne brothers, which couldn’t be more different.” 

According to Dalle, “Young Ahmed” is looking to be the best pick of the festival. “Young Ahmed” was first screened at last year’s Cannes Film Festival to almost universal critical acclaim and tells the story about a boy who becomes exposed to radical Islamic principles. Dalle believes this is just one film at the festival that is successful in telling a complex and harrowing story in a nuanced and thoughtful manner.

The French Film Festival is currently screening at U of L’s Floyd Theater on Thursdays and Saturdays now through March 7 with an additional screening of the animated film “Dilili in Paris” at the Speed Cinema Feb. 23. 

Graphic by Alexis Simon//The Louisville Cardinal

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Horror movies that scream love Wednesday, Feb 5 2020 

By Delaney Hildreth —

Watching romantic comedies has been a token activity for couples and single people on Valentine’s Day, but sticking to the same genre every year can be boring. 

Here are a couple recommendations that’ll get hearts racing, but stick to the theme of Valentine’s Day. 

Phantom of the Opera  (1925 & 2004)

This 1925 classic story of a terrifying man living in the depths of an opera house isn’t a typical black-and-white horror film, but it has the same elements that mix wonderfully with romance, making it an especially great pick for Valentine’s Day. For something more modern, there is another option.

The 2004 version has a hauntingly beautiful score which mostly makes up for the weaker performances.

Either would be a good choice for those not up for extreme scares.

Picnic at Hanging Rock (1975)

In 1900 Australia, after a Valentine’s Day picnic, three students and a teacher from a girls’ academy go missing on a mountain, perplexing the school and the town. When searching for the four, confusion arises as to where they might have gone, and the secrets that the wilderness hides become more perplexing.

While not being traditionally scary, “Picnic at Hanging Rock” has a mysterious aura and eerie editing that heightens the suspense. Viewers must be able to handle slow pacing and an ambiguous ending, but “Picnic at Hanging Rock” is worth the watch.

It Follows (2014)

A supernatural entity that can shape-shift into anyone follows the protagonist, Jay, after a curse is passed on to her from her ex-boyfriend. The creature stalks her wherever she goes and is strong and unstoppable.

As creepy and unsettling as it is, “It Follows” shows strong and solid relationships through the characters who stand by Jay’s side and protect her from the creature. This movie is beautifully captured and told, but with that beauty comes the everlasting paranoia that the leading lady feels. 

Additional recommendations: “Dracula” (1992), “The Cabin in the Woods” (2012), “Jennifer’s Body” (2009) and “My Bloody Valentine” (1981).

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Revelry boutique holds their annual “Cuteopia” art show Tuesday, Feb 4 2020 

By Madelynn Bland–

Valentine’s Day, which often includes giving and receiving gifts from lovers and friends, has once again crept up and caught us by surprise. As usual, all there is to find at any chain store are teddy bears and generic chocolates.

While these are perfectly adequate gifts, some of us are in search of that amazingly unique gift meant to knock the socks off of our loved ones.

This year, there is some luck. 

On Feb. 8, Revelry Boutique Gallery and Mama Tried Tattoos will be presenting the 8th annual “Cuteopia” art show. Not only is this show a great way to support local artists, but it will feature some of the most unique Valentine’s gifts you’ll ever find. 

Native Louisville artists made all the featured art.

Some of the artists featured include University of Louisville graduates Anna Erwin, Monica Stewart, Irene Mudd and Jenna White. These former art students have now turned their passion into their work.

Erwin said, “I have actually been an employee with Revelry Gallery for four years now, even while still taking classes at U of L. This extra involvement in Louisville’s art scene elevated my education by learning from my artist co-workers and local artists on a face to face basis on how to make my art sellable in a commercial gallery.”

The show is proud to feature many different types of art that really stands out against the usual Valentine’s gifts. Some of the art already previewed includes a portrait of Leonardo Dicaprio by Susan Howe,  pressed flowers by Gritty Pearl and create your own conversation heart earrings.

An array of art mediums will be showcased, from earrings, paintings, ceramics and even underwear. The gifts purchased here are sure to be nothing short of unexpected.  

Owner of Revelry Boutique Gallery Mo Mcknight Howe, said, “Handmade gifts are more meaningful than something more mass produced. I think people love to receive a gift that was made by hand with love put into it.” 

The event is free and open to the public. It will be held at the Revelry Boutique Gallery on Feb. 8 at 6 p.m.

Photo by Anthony Riley // The Louisville Cardinal

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Series of Black Plays start off with Detroit ’67 Wednesday, Jan 29 2020 

By Kyla Thomas–

The University of Louisville’s African American Theater program started their third year of “Series of Black Plays” with Dominique Morisseau’s “Detroit ‘67″ Jan. 24.

The play depicts the trials of brother and sister duo, Lank, played by  MFA first year Jahi Bogard, and Chelle, played by MFA third year Mutiyat Ade-Salu.

The pair fight over what to do with their shared inheritance left by their parents. Chelle wants to continue hustling and use the money for her son’s college and Lank wants to go into business with his best friend, Sly, played by MFA first year Lamar Hardy. 

Unfortunately, their squabbling is cut short by the outbreak of the Detroit ‘67 riots, and when a mysterious woman falls into the laps of the siblings, they are tested not only as people but as family as well. 

Many audience members were unable to contain their gasps and coughs during the performance, especially sophomore Latrice Kilpatrick.

“The best types of plays are ones when you are not afraid to laugh, explain, and say amen once or twice when something is amen worthy. Typically theater feels kinda stuffy, but this one was different, I think that everyone should see at least one of these plays,” Kilpatrick said.   

Freshman Kaeleah Hampton said, “Sly made me laugh the entire night, even though the play had a serious undertone, they kept me laughing. And Bunny (Brandi Threatt) made you forget there was a riot going on, she still made everyone laugh. The both of them made the play fun still even in the sad moments.”

“Detroit ’67” will run until Feb. 2, so there is still time to catch the next showing.

The next play in the series will be “Six Degrees of Separation” by John Guare and will be held at the playhouse theater.

Graphic By Alexis Simons // The Louisville Cardinal

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Battle of the Streaming Services: Which deserves your money? Thursday, Jan 23 2020 

 By Madelynn Bland —

It’s official. Cable and satellite subscriptions are becoming outdated and newer ways to access TV are gaining numbers.

There has been a sharp spike in the popularity of video streaming subscriptions, especially for students. Rather than paying about $100 or more a month for TV subscriptions, everyone is jumping ship to streaming services like Netflix or Hulu.

However, there’s much debate surrounding which streaming service is most worth your money. While there are some people who can afford a subscription to all of them, most people have the tough decision of picking a favorite to use. 

“These services reflect our changing media landscape. Streaming services are perfect for students: they have the agency and access to the media they want, often without commercials, that they desire,” Siobham Smith-Jones, a communications professor at the University of Louisville, said.

The Louisville Cardinal recently ran a Twitter poll to see which streaming service was the current star among students. The favorite: Netflix, followed by Disney+ and Hulu.


Netflix made it to the top of the list with 66.1 percent of the votes. Despite being one of the first popular streaming services, Netflix has kept fresh content, nostalgic favorites and award-winning hits on its platform.

The popularity of many of the Netflix originals is enough alone to entice some people.

However, as more and more television brands are introducing their own streaming services, shows and movies are being removed. But never fear, Netflix has produced hits such as “Stranger Things” and “House of Cards.” A few even received Oscar nominations for this year’s Academy Awards. According to the New York Times, 24 of their original movies were on the 2020 ballot like “Marriage Story” and “The Irishman.” 


Since its launch in November, Disney+ has quickly become a fan favorite especially for students as much of the content is nostalgic.

Besides childhood favorites, fans of the old animation style get to see old classic movies that have been locked away in the infamous Disney vault.

Also on the platform is all of the TV shows like “Wizards of Waverly Place,” “Hannah Montana” and “That’s So Raven” which have been dearly missed by many college-aged kids. Disney+ is the only streaming service offering access to all of the Star Wars and Marvel movies, including spin-offs such as the popular “The Mandalorian,” which is a huge deal-maker for some people.  

Hulu & Prime Video

Hulu and Prime Video are other good options and may be the most cost-efficient for students. Arguably, Hulu has the best deal for college students.

On their website, the video subscription company is partnering with Spotify to allow students to combine Spotify Premium, Hulu and Showtime for just $4.99 a month. With Hulu, you also get access to award-winning Hulu Originals like “The Handmaid’s Tale” and “The Act.”

Prime Video is another good contender, and is included with all Amazon Prime subscriptions. Therefore, if you have access to a Prime subscription, this streaming service comes at no additional cost. Along with titles like Oscar nominated “Lady Bird,” it also offers award-winning originals like “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” and “Late Night.”

Both of these streaming services seem to be the best for budget-savvy students because they are combined with additional services. 

Really, the streaming service chosen is down to individual preferences. What may meet the needs of one person might lack in the eyes of another.

The best research would be to take advantage of the free-trials of these services to truly see what would be the best option. However, Smith-Jones advises to be careful with subscribing to too many. “Just a word of caution: those subscriptions services can all add up.”

File Graphic // The Louisville Cardinal

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Blake’s Take on the Billboard’s 5 hottest songs of 2019 Wednesday, Jan 22 2020 

By Blake Wedding–

A new decade has begun and with it the promise of new music. If you want a clue of the sounds the music industry will be heavily investing in over the next ten years then look no further than last year. 

Every year, Billboard compiles a list of the most popular songs of the year. Throughout much of 2019, trap rap largely reigned supreme as the prevailing cultural zeitgeist. It seems indefinite at this point that trap rap will carry on into the next decade (which is not necessarily a bad thing), though this past year did see some interesting new developments in the realms of electropop, pop rap, emo rap and R&B. 

2019 was in many ways a turning point for the music industry. Artists that were once indie veterans began to see stunning levels of exposure. The best way to summarize much of what made 2019 such a peculiar year for music is by looking back at Billboard’s top 5 hottest songs of the year.

5. Post Malone – “Wow.”  

It’s nearly impossible to discuss the modern trap-rap landscape without mentioning Post Malone. Over the latter half of the 2010s, Post Malone became hip-hop’s most unlikely shining star.

As it turns out, “Wow.” is a track that attempts to reconcile for the highs and lows of abrupt and massive fame. It’s a pop-rap song filled with predictable albeit catchy production, ranging from trap-inspired hi-hats, to booming 808s.

The instrumentation here adds character to Post Malone’s lyrics, which seek to answer the skeptics and critics who have been asking the same question for years regarding his place in the spectrum of modern hip-hop: “Why him?”

4. Billie Eilish – “Bad Guy” 

No conversation surrounding music in 2019 would be complete without mentioning Billie Eilish. For a while, it seemed like you couldn’t go anywhere without hearing Eilish’s voice. Many have argued that Eilish’s place in the music business is unearned, but the creative spirit of her music speaks for itself.

She is an artist clearly indebted to her influences, however, she has also carved her own niche. Before her sudden rise to stardom, there was no one in the music world that sounded like Eilish.

Compare that to where we are at the beginning of this new decade, and it’s quite clear that Eilish’s unique form of hushed, moody vocals and downbeat production have already influenced countless new artists. 

3. Halsey – “Without Me”

Halsey’s single “Without Me” is a perfectly serviceable example of pop music at its catchiest, but does that catchiness translate to it being one of the standout songs of the year?

“Without Me” does have an interesting message with relatable lyrics. However, it’s the musicianship, production and vocals on “Without Me” that disappoint.

Halsey is an admirable artist in pop music, but that doesn’t change the fact that her approach and style comes across so painfully average and tedious. Her nasally vocals don’t quite fit the caliber of what you might call one of the most noteworthy songs of the year.

Furthermore, there are more interesting and forward-thinking female voices in pop music: Lana Del Rey, Grimes, Charli XCX, Angel Olsen, Carly Rae Jepsen, Ariana Grande and Billie Eilish are all female artists doing more interesting things and propelling the genre forward in a more thought-provoking manner.

4. Post Malone & Swae Lee – “Sunflower” 

The only artist with two contributions to this list, Post Malone, comes back firing on all cylinders with one of his best singles to date.

“Sunflower” is actually a song that released back in late 2018, coinciding with the Marvel animated film, “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.” The fact that “Sunflower” managed to stay as relevant as it did should stand as a testament for how great this song really is.

Switching gears after getting famous from rapping about beer bongs and Bentleys, Post Malone proves that not only can he rap proficiently and play a number of instruments, but he can also sing.

“Sunflower” is the type of gloriously upbeat, seemingly carefree sounding song that we needed in 2019.

5. Lil Nas X featuring Billy Ray Cyrus – Old Town Road

It seems like most people spent 2019 either listening to “Old Town Road” on repeat, or they spent it praising Lil Nas X for having the bravery to attempt to bridge the gap between rap and country music. It’s easy for many people to write off “Old Town Road” as a simple, derivative and all-too-ordinary trap-rap ‘banger,’ but it is a song that accomplishes so much more than that.

It was a song that was able to get airtime on several traditionalist country music radio stations. Not only that, it effortlessly questioned many of the ties that bind us to particular genres of music. All of this goes without mentioning the incredible hook on “Old Town Road,” which helped shape it into one of the catchiest and grooviest songs of the decade.

It even brought Billy Ray Cyrus back into the limelight.

Love it or hate it, “Old Town Road” was 2019 in many ways. I don’t think anyone could ever argue that. 

File Graphic // The Louisville Cardinal

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Far From Home–Movie Review Saturday, Nov 23 2019 

By Anthony Riley — 

The Floyd Theater commonly features free movies with your Cardinal Card and last week they showed “Spiderman: Far From Home.”

Opening with “I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston, the first half of the movie takes the tone of a late 90s teen rom-com. “Spiderman: Far From Home” uses a warm and vivid color profile with strong earth and blue tones which evoke a warm fuzzy feeling – for the first half, that is.

Tom Holland plays the iconic Peter Parker who is going on an educational trip to Europe with his class during the summer. He plans to buy Zendaya’s character MJ a necklace and tell her how he feels atop the Eiffel Tower. As expected, there are all sorts of obstacles in Parker’s way like competing classmates and his best friend/wing-man being suddenly romantically preoccupied with another classmate.

However, a new threat arises. Supernatural creatures from another dimension are back to destroy Earth, and it’s up to Nick Fury, Spiderman and newcomer Quentin Beck “Mysterio” (Jake Gyllenhall) to save the planet. However, after all the creatures are ‘defeated’, Peter decides to gift Stark’s entire defense system to Beck because he trusts him. The system is controlled by sunglasses with the name Edith. This is a mistake, as Mysterio is quite the disgruntled, former Stark employee. Beck’s illusion technology was taken by Stark and marketed as a recreational toy, not the world-changing hologram tech Beck had originally intended.

There are two parallel stories here. Parker is trying to have fun with his friends on a school trip, and impending doom as Mysterio tries to take over the planet as the ultimate superhero. All the while, Parker is trying to get MJ to understand how he feels while trying to keep himself and his friends alive. It’s a refreshingly trivial take on a superhero movie because the heroes are real people too, and in this case, Spiderman is but an insecure high-schooler with small goals of having fun and protecting his family and friends.

Overall, it’s unexpected, and overly cheesy at a few points. However, you really do end up caring about the characters, and Gylenhall makes for an irresistible villain. Pretty good, 7.5/10.

Graphic by Alexis Simon // The Louisville Cardinal 

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CAMT’s production of “Next to Normal” captivates U of L Friday, Nov 22 2019 

By Blake Wedding —

If you happened to miss the Cardinals for the Appreciation of Musical Theatre’s (CAMT) production of “Next to Normal,” there’s only one thing I can say: I’m sorry for your loss.

CAMT brought to life a transfixing, mesmerizing experience that leaves the viewer feeling equally affected and connected by its brilliant writing, its nuanced, multi-faceted acting and its masterful direction.

“Next to Normal” is a story that has already achieved critical acclaim, but it’s the way in which CAMT reimagined this modern classic that makes it such a remarkable triumph.

This is a story about an abundance of heavy, complex themes like family dysfunction, mental illness, trauma and drug abuse.

These are themes explored with understanding and a steadfast conviction. Yet one of the key concepts many people seem to have missed is how meticulously “Next to Normal” dissects and analyzes the human condition, the essence of what makes so much of our lives so very absurd.

CAMT succeeded in bringing all of these themes to the light, and given the choice, it would be difficult for me to distinguish the CAMT’s version of “Next to Normal” from a Broadway production of the musical.

The performances of the central cast cannot be understated. The actors commanded the stage for three or more hours while acutely understanding their characters and what their stories have to say.

Jess Harris Stiller played the troubled and deeply depressed Diana. She elevated an already sympathetic character. Trent Everett Byers played her husband Dan. His performance provided a subtle and understated evaluation of the complex emotions of a conflicted man.

Clara Wilson and Geoffrey Barnes also delivered dense and complex performances as the couple’s children and helped further demonstrate the ramifications of deep family dysfunction and generational neuroses. Benjamin Horman provided necessary comic relief with the character of “Dr. Fine,” while Nicholas Long brought an endearing and charming touch to the age-old story of teenage romance.

It goes without saying that the music in CAMT’s “Next to Normal” was also excellent. Each of the actors in this production helped elevate the word “musical.” Sarah Thomas’ direction of this production cannot be understated. Her use of lighting strengthened and enriched the writing and performances. She helped orchestrate what can only be described as one of the greatest student productions to ever grace the University of Louisville.

Witnessing “Next to Normal” firsthand is one of those experiences that only comes around every so often, but once it does, it stays with you. Its an affecting, impactful story that has the potential to resonate with every person who sees it. If you get the chance to see it, you simply need to hear what this story has to say.

Graphic by Shayla Kerr // The Louisville Cardinal 

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