The fatal shooting of Breonna Taylor by police in Louisville and the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis Police have sparked protests around the world.

Those and other incidents have renewed calls for change in the culture of police departments and an end to systemic racism in other institutions.

The government and police response to the protests is also drawing criticism.

In Louisville, the family of David McAtee wants more answers after the popular barbecue stand owner was shot to death this week by law enforcement as they tried to clear a crowd from a parking lot to enforce a curfew.   Police say surveillance video appears to show McAtee firing a gun, but his family says the footage just raises more questions.

This week on In Conversation, we’ll talk about the events of the past week, the status of the investigations into the deaths of Breonna Taylor and David McAtee, and what steps are being taken to address the underlying issue of racism in the community.

Our guests will include Louisville Metro Councilwoman Paula McCraney, who’s co-chairing the effort to create a Civilian Review Board to examine police actions and procedures, and WFPL City Reporter Amina Elahi.

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