U of L in the midst of a hiring freeze during COVID-19 crisis Friday, Mar 20 2020 

By Matthew Keck —

Amid all of the craziness surrounding the COVID-19 virus, the University of Louisville has placed a faculty hiring freeze in place.

U of L spokesman John Karman confirmed this. “All hiring is paused except for special circumstances,” he said.

This hiring freeze was set in place for two reasons: The economic impact felt from the COVID-19 crisis and U of L is expecting enrollment in the fall to go down. Arts & Sciences Dean David Owen said that they will be preparing and planning for the consequences of both possibilities.

Any prospect where letters of offer have been sent will not be affected by this freeze. The freeze applies to term lines, including new ones, along with on-going lines that are being vacated or filled.

In addition, all hiring of staff will be suspended immediately and is subject to the review of Dean Owen. “I know that we are already running below necessary staffing levels, but I will have to balance the desperate need for adequate staffing with the increasingly dire budget forecasts,” he said in an email.

There is no set timeline for how long this hiring freeze will be in place.

“How long this is in effect depends on how long the pandemic affects us and what the budgetary impact ends up being,” said Dean Owen.

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SGA holds special election for A & S senator Tuesday, Oct 15 2019 

By Byron Hoskinson — 

The College of Arts and Sciences held a special election to name a new SGA senator. Voting was conducted online through a personalized ballot sent to all College of Arts and Sciences students’ email accounts.  The week-long voting period ended midnight on Friday, Oct. 11.

Six candidates submitted applications and were deemed eligible to run for the special election, George Nalbandian, a member of the SGA Supreme Court which oversees elections, said via email.

The candidates were Elena Berkenbosch, Brandon Cooper, Lee Henry Head, Alex Hex, Jake Jones and Jordan McGinty.

The eventual winner will take their position as one of seven senators in Arts & Sciences who are tasked with seeking input from their student constituents according to the SGA Constitution.  Student senators also meet regularly and serve on other SGA boards and committees.

Each academic college is allotted one student senator per every 750 full-time students enrolled in the college, according to the Constitution.

Over 1,100 votes were cast in the general election last semester for Arts & Sciences senators, though numbers for the special election were not immediately available.

Nalbandian said that if no suits contesting the election process were brought before the court, the unofficial results could be available as early as next week.  Candidates are also able to challenge the results by filing petitions with the court.

“After all of the cases are heard (if there are any), the Supreme Court will vote to certify the unofficial results and the senator-elect will assume their position,” Nalbandian said.

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Dean steps down from position Thursday, Jul 18 2019 

By Maggie Vancampen —

Dean Kimberly Kempf-Leonard is stepping down from her position as Dean of Arts and Sciences at the end of the 2019-2020 school year.

Her email to the A&S faculty details how she is proud of her six years at the University of Louisville. Her final goals as dean are to implement a new budget model to highlight both entrepreneurial activity and other complex opportunities across all departments, and change staff reorganization based on the new university procedures.

“Ever leader has ‘a season;’ mine at U of L has been remarkable, even against the backdrop of this challenging moment for higher eduction,” Kempf-Leonard said in the email.

“I am proud of what we’ve accomplished together as our research, teaching, and service achievements have not diminished.”

She said that A&S has added new staff, made new programs and changed general education in her tenure. “We also have worked to bring greater recognition to achievements and opportunities through expanded awards, grants, and scholarships,” she said in her email.

“I know that you will hear from the Provost soon about steps in hiring my successor. I envy that person because you people and this institution are very special,” she said in her email.

Kempf-Leonard was unavailable for additional comments.

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