Louisville topples No. 19 Wake Forest 62-59 Sunday, Oct 13 2019 

Gabriel Wiest —

After Louisville’s (4-2, 2-1) first ACC win against Boston College, the Cardinals upset undefeated Wake Forest 62-59. This mid-season win marks head coach Scott Satterfield’s first victory against a ranked team with the Cardinals.

The win against No. 19 Wake Forest (5-1, 0-1) came as a challenge on the road, with Louisville claiming their second ACC win for the season. Notably, this was Wake Forest’s first ACC game in this years schedule. Starting with a loss in conference play puts the Deacons at a deficit, needing to prove their ACC strength.

The second highest scoring game in ACC play started off with an energetic Cardinal offense that scored 21 points within the first quarter. Freshman Javian Hawkins started off scoring for Louisville and ran the ball eight yards for a touchdown.

Quickly after, sophomore Seth Dawkins scored a touchdown off of a pass, advancing 55 yards. The first quarter ended with a touchdown by sophomore Hassan Hall who returned the ball 100 yards. Wake Forest only scored a touchdown, leaving the score with Louisville on top 21-7.

During the second quarter Wake Forest caught some traction with two touchdowns. Louisville also had a touchdown by sophomore Tutu Attwell off of a nine-yard run. The Cardinals scored a field goal, with the score 31-21 at the half.

The third quarter came with moderate gains by the Cardinals scoring 14-10 over Wake Forest. This left the Cardinals four more points better off than at the second quarter with 44-31 at the end of the third.

Wake Forest rallied during the fourth quarter, nearly toppling the Cardinals. The Wake Forest offense exploited a weak Cardinal defense and amassed 28 points.

Even with a revitalized Wake Forest offense in the fourth quarter, Louisville maintained the lead scoring 17. The final score left Louisville with the three-point win margin over Wake Forest.

Receiving for Louisville was led by redshirt junior Dez Fitzpatrick with 125 yards who earned two touchdowns. Overall the Cardinals gained 295 yards off of passing.

Rushing for the Cardinals ended with an impressive 225 yards. Freshman Evan Conley led the pack with 79 yards and one touchdown. Not far behind, Hawkins had 60 yards and also earned a touchdown during the game.

Wake Forest respectively had over 100 yards over Louisville in the receiving game with 423 yards where they focused on quick passing.

This gives the Cardinals a two-win streak as their schedule reaches the most challenging point. Louisville will face off against undefeated Clemson (6-0, 4-0) home at Cardinal Stadium on Sat. Oct. 19 at noon.

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Louisville tops the Hilltoppers Saturday, Sep 14 2019 

By Gabriel Wiest–

Louisville took the second win of the season, defeating Western Kentucky University 38-21.

After a huge win 42-0 over Eastern Kentucky University, Louisville (2-1) has brought their competition level up significantly since last season.

Against WKU (1-2) Louisville continued to expand their offensive capabilities passing just as much as rushing. The Cardinals had 415 total yards against the Hilltoppers, 205 yards coming from passing and 210 from rushing.

This versatility will come in handy when playing in the first conference game of the season on the road against Florida State next week.

Sophomore Tutu Atwell started off scoring for the Cardinals with a touchdown off of a nine yard pass from sophomore Malik Cunningham. The Hilltoppers did not answer, Louisville had the lead at the end of the first with a score of 7-0.

Scoring opened up for Louisville in the second quarter with 24 points. Attwell scored another touchdown in the beginning of the second off of a long 46 yard pass from Cunningham.

Western then answered with their first touchdown with a huge 72 yard play ripping through Louisville’s defense.

Louisville wrapped up the quarter with two more touchdowns, one from senior Seth Hawkins and the other from junior Rodjay Jones. The Cards also scored a field goal by senior Blanton Creque putting the score 31-7 at the end of the first half.

WKU tried to rally against the Cardinals with a touchdown at the start of the third quarter. Louisville maintained their strength as Atwell then scored his third touchdown of the game leaving the score 38-14.

Western scored another touchdown at the beginning of the fourth quarter. Louisville did not answer, leaving the final score 38-21.

Last year the Cardinal’s nearly lost against the Hilltoppers taking a narrow 20-17 win. Satterfield’s revitalized team is gaining ground lost from last year, already putting up just as many wins from last season within three games.

Looking ahead Louisville’s schedule will be starting to pick up with five straight ACC games. While Louisville has proven their competition with in-state competition, they still have to prove conference strength.

Louisville will play Florida State on Saturday Sept. 21 at 3:30 p.m. in Tallahassee, Florida.

File Photo / The Louisville Cardinal

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Louisville fought No. 9 Irish at Cardinal Stadium Monday, Sep 2 2019 

By Gabriel Wiest–

In Louisville’s second history match up against No. 9 Notre Dame, the Cardinals took a 35-17 loss. Cardinal Stadium was packed with a record 58,000 attendance eager to see head coach Scott Satterfield’s revived Louisville football team.

Louisville quickly introduced Satterfield’s new style of offense in the first quarter, focusing on simple rushing plays and quarterback flexibility. Junior Jawon Pass put up a fight against the Irish, scoring two touch downs along with rushing 61 yards.

Freshman Javian Hawkins rushed 71 yards within the first quarter helping the Cards secure three third-down conversions.

Louisville’s defensive line scrambled in the first, leaving the Irish wide open to make plays. Notre Dame scored two touchdowns leaving the score 14-14 at the end of the quarter.

Momentum immediately went down in the beginning of the second quarter as both teams adjusted play styles. Louisville’s defense gained energy from the offense’s plays buckling down for most of second.

Louisville and Notre Dame had back-to-back fumbles towards the end of the first half, resulting in a Notre Dame possession.

There were three consecutive fumbles resulting in turnovers, with possession going from the Irish, back to Louisville, then back to Notre Dame.

Notre Dame had the final say in the second quarter, cashing in on Louisville’s turn over with a touchdown leaving the score 21-14.

Both teams relied on their rushing game, with Notre Dame running 183 yards and Louisville running 161 yards in the first half.

The Cardinals were halted at the beginning of the second half after a fumble turn-over with the Irish taking the ball.

The Irish scored another touchdown in the third, leaving Louisville at a 14 point deficit. Despite Notre Dame widening their lead, Louisville’s defense kept up their heads up.

Going into the fourth quarter Louisville scored a field goal to narrow the Irish’s lead. Depth became a sizable issue with Louisville as players tired out against Notre Dame’s seemingly bottomless roster.

Coming back, Notre Dame scored another touchdown putting the score 35-17.

The Cards showed they are willing to compete with a revitalized energy from new coaching. Major weaknesses over the game were found in fumbling and turn overs which gave Notre Dame more opportunities to score.

Louisville will play Eastern Kentucky University at Cardinal Stadium on Saturday Sept. 7 at 7:00 p.m.

Photo by Adrianna Lynch / The Louisville Cardinal

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Who’s ready for some football and pumpkin spice lattes Tuesday, Aug 27 2019 

By Maggie Vancampen — 

Bump and run to the nearest television with your pumpkin spice lattes and football shaped cookies.

The Cardinals are facing the Fighting Irish on Sept. 2. The Cards have only faced the Irish once before back in 2014. Even though the Irish players are formidable, the Cards are still going to put up a fight. With a new coach and coaching staff, the players are energized and ready to run.

Tackle your friends and family because this is going to be one game you don’t want to miss.

By the way, Sept. 2 is Labor Day and a day off from school. Luckily the university has made it more accessible for students to get their fill of all things sports with the new Flight 23 plan. As long as students pay their monthly subscription of 10 dollars, students can get into all home games and matches free.

And if you’re going to the football games, stopping by a tailgate is a must.

The last time anyone could tailgate at Cardinal Stadium was Nov. 24, 2018 when the Cards lost to the University of Kentucky 56-10. This rite of passage is a must for all University of Louisville students to do at least once. From grilling to screaming it is an experience to say the least.

With six home games on the roster the Cards are wanting to turn the season into their comeback year starting with the Irish. With head coach Scott Satterfield’s positive experiences at Appalachian State and the Cards’ willingness to put in the work, hopefully the season is a positive one. Just like when basketball coach Chris Mack was hired, I think the football team will make a strong comeback and be better than before when former head coach Bobby Petrino was in charge.

“We want to be a multiple offense. We want to get in a lot of different formations and have a lot of different personnel groupings,” said head coach Scott Satterfield.

Grab your foam fingers and wave them in the air like you just don’t care. And yes, all punts are highly intended.

Graphic by Alexis Simon // The Louisville Cardinal

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Satterfield’s ‘playmakers’ to look out for in 2019 Tuesday, Aug 27 2019 

By Gabriel Wiest–

While this is not going to be the year of a Louisville Heisman trophy winner, Louisville will have plenty of opportunities for plays.

On the receiving game, sophomore “Tutu” Chatarius Atwell will be looking to build off of his 406 yards and two scores from the 2018 season.

“Strength wise I think Tutu Atwell will be a great player for us. He’s very dynamic with the ball in his hands, he is extremely fast and can make a lot of things happen,” said head coach Scott Satterfield.

Junior wide receiver Dez Fitzpatrick will be coming back in 2019 after having 422 receiving yards and three touchdowns from the last year.

“Dez is going to be really big for us as well, he is a strong guy that can run and catch,” Satterfield said.

Junior quarterback Jawan Pass will be starting for Louisville again this season. Satterfield said that quick processing is the key when playing quarterback since things can happen fast. Pass had a 54 percent pass completion rate last season and is looking to run the ball more in 2019.

The running game is going to be emphasized under Satterfield. Sophomore Hasan Hall will be making plays as running back. Last season he contributed three touchdowns off of 303 rushing yards.

“We have a lot of depth in running back and we’re going to need that, they are going to get carries,” Satterfield said.

File Photo / The Louisville Cardinal

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Sports staff predicts Louisville’s 2019 football record Monday, Aug 26 2019 

Gabriel Wiest– (4-8)

The 2019 football season will not be a break-out year by any means. With a fresh coaching staff, players will still be adjusting to new offensive and defensive schemes. There are many questions to be answered on how the new coaches will fair their first season with the Cards, and I have reserved expectations. The last season left players feeling defeated, while I think coaches have been working to combat this, I do not think it will be enough for ACC play.

Guest predictions

Dalton Ray– (5-7)

The new style of play — attacking defense and lean on the run — will fend well for this group, but likely won’t hit six wins. U of L’s talented receiving core can help the uncertainty at quarterback and their athletic linebackers can shore up some holes from the questionable defensive line. Hassan Hall, Javian Hawkins and Dae Williams have a lot to prove at running back. Satterfield can use their advantage at wide out to open up running lanes and likely will dabble in football’s latest trend of run-pass-option plays. The team can fluctuate from two and five wins, I’ll take the latter to switch up predictions.

Matt Bradshaw — (3-9)

A great coaching change and positive outlook for the future may bring an air of hope to Louisville football, but it won’t necessarily bring wins. While the 2019 season will certainly not be as bad as the last one, the Cardinals still have a ton of room to improve and a lot to prove. Their ACC schedule will be tough, and they will be hard-pressed for every win other than in-state opponents early in the year. I see the Cards scrapping together three wins on the schedule, maybe one or two more if their opponents slip in any way.

Matthew Keck — (2-10)

With a new coach on board I think morale around the program will be up but it won’t be enough to turn the program around first year. There will be a lot of struggles getting used to a new coaching scheme and when the Cards are on the road is when this will really show. The cards will pull out a couple home victories and possibly one neutral site game but I don’t see them taking home any road games this season.

Mariam Prieto-Perez — (4-8)

Louisville’s greatest strength is with their receiving game. But when looking defensively, that has the most room for growth. The new head coach, Scott Satterfield will focus more on defense, with him bringing his defense coordinator from App. State. I’m interested to see how the players and coaches work together under the new leadership.

File photo / The Louisville Cardinal

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The beginning of the Satterfield era Sunday, Aug 25 2019 

By Gabriel Wiest —

With an abrupt end to the Petrino era, Louisville football is working to distance itself from another  2-10 season. Head coach Scott Satterfield is looking to take steps in the right direction with a fresh coaching staff.

The first major part of this vision was changing the culture of the program to be more constructive. Satterfield’s coaching style focuses on showing players praise for good work, rather than slamming them when things go south.

“We’re trying to talk to our guys in a positive way. For example, every day we take the offense and show them eight clips and tell them ‘This is what we’re looking for,’ ” said Satterfield.

This optimism does not stop with just the offense, but is a team-wide effort to build players morale.

“One thing we do defensively is called the hustle tape and if you are not on that hustle tape you’re not going to play,” said defensive coordinator Bryan Brown when explaining how he combats low energy.

Satterfield assembled the coaching staff based off of people he worked with in the past and grabbing coaches from Appalachian State.

With a rough 2018 season, Satterfield explained that their greatest weakness is in depth. “When you go from the stars down to the next group it is a pretty significant drop off,” he said.

Building a strong second string will be essential entering the 2019 season as injuries can pop up at any part of the season.

While remaining optimistic Satterfield said, “I am really excited with theses guys, they are great to work with everyday, the egos are left somewhere else.”

Satterfield’s coaching style is chill, staying level headed in a variety of situations.

“I am extremely competitive. I want to win at everything I do, it does not matter what it is,” Satterfield said.

“I am very even-keeled, I want our players to be able to look at me when things go wrong and say ‘We’re still in this.’ ”

Staying calm and collected will be important when facing off against heavy hitting programs like Notre Dame, on the first game of the year.

Photo by Gabriel Wiest / The Louisville Cardinal

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Football’s offensive outlook for 2019 Monday, Aug 12 2019 

By Gabriel Wiest —

After only winning two games last season, Louisville football has a lot to prove offensively for 2019.

Head coach Scott Satterfield is known for a Run-oriented offense, but adjusts to the talent he has. While he sets the standard with running the ball, Satterfield has shown that he is willing to adapt to the growing trends in the game.

Satterfield led the Mountaineers from Football Championship Subdivision to Football Bowl Subdivision in 2013. Appalachian State tallied 47 wins in the past five years under Satterfield with the help of talented running backs.

Marcus Cox (2014-16) rushed for 3,858 yards on 656 carries to become the Appalachian State’s all-time leading rusher. Following Cox’s departure, Satterfield produced another pair of 1,000 yard backs in consecutive seasons.

Sophomore running back Hassan Hall showed explosiveness last season, finishing with 300 yards and three touchdowns last season with 270 yards happening in the last eight games of 2018.

Expect sophomore quarterback Malik Cunningham to be utilized in the run game as he is the teams returning lead rusher with 497 yards and five touchdowns.

Efficiency is stressed under Satterfield’s quarterbacks, as App. State starters have thrown only 12 interceptions for the last two years. Juan Pass of App. State threw 12 interceptions last year alone. In 2017 and 2018 Mountaineers’ Taylor Lamb and Zac Thomas led the sun belt with a quarterback’s rating of 152.

Louisville’s receiving game is arguably the teams greatest offensive asset. The Cardinals will expect explosive plays out of their slot receivers Sophomore’s Tutu Attwell and Keon Wakefield.

Tight-ends could be a sore spot for the Cardinals as red shirt senior Jordan Davis is the only scholarship receiver tight-end of the team.

The offensive line has the potential for exponential growth under Offensive coordinator and Offensive line coach Dwaine Ledford.

Junior Mekhi Becton has star potential as he has been added to the Outland Trophy watch list. The Outland Trophy is given to the best offensive lineman.

While Satterfield rips off the band-aid of old wounds, this year’s offense has the potential to develop and compete this season.

File Photo / The Louisville Cardinal

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Previewing the 2019 Louisville football defense Wednesday, Jul 17 2019 

By Gabriel Wiest —

Coming off of a harsh football season (2-10) and the end-season removal of former head coach Bobby Petrino, expectations for the 2019 season are unsteady.

While at Appalachian State, new head coach Scott Satterfield led the Mountaineers to a 47-16 career record over five seasons. The 2018 Sun Belt Coach of the Year is also 3-0 in bowl games.

With the introduction of Satterfield, there will be a heightened focus on defense. Satterfield brought along Bryan Brown, his defensive coordinator from App. State, to Louisville.

In 2018, the Mountaineers were at the top of the national defense standings, ranking fourth in scoring defense (15.5 points per game) and fifth in passing defense. Louisville on the other hand ranked No. 127 in scoring defense, allowing 44.1 points per game.

Brown brings an attacking 3-4 defensive scheme. While there are new rising names, expect familiar players such as junior linebackers Dorian Etheridge and CJ Avery. The duo will be vital to bringing the high flying defensive rhythm to life.

While Avery and Etheridge had a combined 111 tackles last season, senior safety Khane Pass brings another 54 tackles into the mix. South Carolina transfer Boosie Whitlow is expected to make plays in the outside linebacker position.

In addition to Pass playing in his final season, the secondary received a boost when junior Russ Yeast decided not to transfer the last season.

The defensive line has the most to prove in the 2019 season. Redshirt senior G.G. Robinson will be expected to anchor the line.

Similar to last season, the Cardinals will have a tough first game against Notre Dame. Last year, Louisville lost 51-14 to powerhouse Alabama.

Louisville’s season kicks off Monday, Sept. 2 at 8 p.m. in Cardinal Stadium.

File Photo / The Louisville Cardinal

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U of L football coach put on paid leave following his arrest Wednesday, Jul 3 2019 

By Matthew Keck–

Assistant University of Louisville football coach Cortney Braswell was put on paid leave July 2. This comes the week after Braswell was arrested on fugitive charges in Louisville.

U of L football spokesman Rocco Gasparro told the Courier Journal that Braswell would be put on paid leave pending further investigation.

The charges made against Braswell last week dealt with a former high school he coached at in Chattanooga, Tenn. It was reported that Braswell allegedly kept over $2,000 in payments he received from semi-professional football teams that paid to use Chattanooga Central’s field.

Braswell was transferred to the Hamilton County Jail in Chattanooga after his arrest in Louisville. At this time Braswell is no longer listed on the jail website.

Louisville football head coach Scott Satterfield said last week that he was aware of the situation regarding Braswell. He also said that they are continuing to gather more information about the situation at hand.

Braswell was hired this January as the quality control coach for the U of L football team.

Photo Courtesy of Louisville Metro Corrections

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