No, the new decade will not start at midnight Tuesday, Dec 31 2019 

Unpopular opinion: You're planning your "End of the Decade" party a year too early.


How do evergreen trees stay green? Wednesday, Dec 18 2019 

Evergreen trees are green year-round. Is this a Christmas miracle? Not quite - science has the upper hand on Santa for this one.


Why is gas cheaper during the winter? Friday, Nov 22 2019 

The seasonal changes in gas prices aren't just due to supply and demand. The gas you're getting out of that pump changes, too.


Pizza Price Calculator: Are you getting the best deal? Friday, Nov 15 2019 

There are so many options when it comes to ordering pizza, how do you know if you're getting the best deal? Don't worry, we've done the math for you.


Why does it get colder after the sun comes up? Tuesday, Nov 12 2019 

Everything gets warmer when the sun starts to rise, right? Well, that's not always the case.


Should middle and high schools start later in the morning? Wednesday, Oct 16 2019 

California is set to become the first state to require later school start times for older students. Some local schools do it, but should more follow suit?


Countries will make climate pledges before the UN today. Will they mean anything? Monday, Sep 23 2019 

The United Nations aims to have global greenhouse gas emissions cut by 45% within the next decade, and hit net zero by 2050.


Should people under 21 be eligible for the death penalty? Thursday, Sep 19 2019 

The Kentucky Supreme Court will hear arguments over whether the death penalty should be an option for those ages 18-21.


Yes, merging at the last second actually does save everyone time. Tuesday, Sep 17 2019 

Many people say they'd rather be courteous than efficient, but states are encouraging people to zipper merge.


Why is Friday the 13th considered unlucky? Friday, Sep 13 2019 

One in four Americans said they are superstitious. But why do we care about Friday the 13th?


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