Tim Stark, 23 animals still missing after Wildlife in Need removal process completed Monday, Sep 28 2020 

Tim Stark is wanted in connection to the missing animals after an Indianapolis judge found him in contempt of court.


Louisville police reforms aim to build relationships between officers, community Thursday, Sep 24 2020 

“Part of those reforms is building relationships between police officers and their communities,” Mayor Fischer said Thursday.


Payroll tax deferral: Federal employees make more now, less later Tuesday, Sep 22 2020 

The extra cash comes with the option of deferring the payroll tax for social security which is 6.2% paid each by the employee as well as the employer.


Man pleads guilty to online dating scam that cost one Kentucky woman $200,000 Monday, Sep 21 2020 

Not only are more people falling victim to online scams during the coronavirus pandemic, but these people are losing more money, too.


Tracking hospitalizations rates in Kentucky and Indiana | Data Deep Dive Thursday, Sep 17 2020 

Hospitalizations are down from high points in Indiana. In Kentucky, hospitalizations hit highs after the mask mandate but overall look to be trending down.


Wildlife in Need’s Tim Stark remains at large day after judge issued warrant for his arrest Wednesday, Sep 16 2020 

Stark was accused of hiding animals before they were removed from the property by the Indianapolis Zoo.


Tim Stark accused of taking animals from Wildlife in Need before officials arrived Monday, Sep 14 2020 

Some of the animals were later found in a box truck parked outside the property.


Data Deep Dive: Cases in Indiana, Kentucky ramp up after brief downturn in early September Monday, Sep 14 2020 

Kentucky and Indiana COVID-19 case counts are following similar trends. FOCUS has been tracking it from the start and we've got some graphs to give you an overview.


Indiana judge signs off on removal of Wildlife in Need animals Tuesday, Sep 8 2020 

The Indianapolis Zoological Society was granted access for several days to remove the more than 200 animals from the Wildlife In Need property.


Kentucky, Indiana report highest weekly COVID-19 cases | Data Deep Dive Friday, Sep 4 2020 

It's been 26 weeks since the first Coronavirus case in Kentuckiana and this past week was a record-breaker. FOCUS has created some graphs to give you a closer look.


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