What will happen when everyone can get the COVID-19 vaccine? Thursday, Jan 21 2021 

It will likely still be a while before most people have access to the vaccine. A medical official says some things may not change, but there's hope.


Black Louisville leaders receive vaccine as officials work to make vaccine distribution more equitable Wednesday, Jan 20 2021 

Louisville medical professionals are trying to increase the trust of the vaccine within the Black community.


As Phase 1B begins in some counties, vaccine supply does not meet demand Monday, Jan 18 2021 

In Jefferson and Oldham Counties, people 70+ can sign up to get vaccinated. But appointments for one week filled up in less than an hour for both counties.


What to expect for Spring 2021 Monday, Jan 18 2021 

By Aaliyah Bryant —

The University of Louisville is starting out the new year with classes resuming but still with COVID-19 limitations. However, these limitations haven’t stopped many events from happening last semester so, we can assume the same won’t happen this semester.

This year, students are still looking forward to raiseRED, rush week, and plenty of U of L events. Whether they are in-person, socially distanced with masks or virtual meetings, students are ready for the events coming their way. So without further ado, let’s introduce the events that are still going on this semester.

First things first, raiseRED. RaiseRED is an 18-hour dance marathon to raise awareness for the children, families, and doctors fighting pediatric cancer and blood disorders. The organization raises money for a fundraiser and donates 50% of those funds to the U of L School of Medicine’s Department of Pediatrics’ Division of Hematology and Oncology and the other 50% to the Norton Children’s Cancer Institute affiliated with the U of L School of Medicine. The annual event might happen a bit differently this year due to Covid-19. It is unclear how they would do this event without violating the Covid-19 limitations, but raiseRED is still fundraising the money just fine according to their donor wall.

Every semester there is a fraternity and sorority rush week. Pre-rush events for the pledging of 2021 have been happening since December 2020 and ended on January 17th. These events gave you an option to rush in-person or virtually. Recruitment will be on January 18-20. The chapters will be hosted virtually from Microsoft Teams from 6-9 pm. Students are welcome to attend as many or as
few of the chapters as they please. On January 21, there will be a bid card signing where students will choose their chapter and meet other students from their class.

Last year when COVID-19 was starting to spread, sports events were canceled. One of these events was the NCAA March Madness Tournament. Fans and students were really upset by this, especially since the Louisville Cardinals were having a great season last year. They had a record of 24-7 and were number 2 in the Atlantic Coast Conference. This year, they are number 3 in the ACC with a record of 9-2 so far. The NCAA Tournament has no plans of canceling; however, they are reducing the traveling. This means the entirety of the tournament will be held in Indianapolis.

Despite COVID, plenty of events will be held here at U of L with the right safety precautions, including virtual meetings or requiring masks/being socially distant. The following events going on are faculty administered: COVID-19 vaccination, Creative Writing Group, Martin Luther King Jr. Day Celebration, and many more.

Everyone is patiently waiting for things to return to normal; however, with the right precautions, students will be able to do the things they love and continue to go on through the pandemic.

File Graphic // The Louisville Cardinal

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‘We can’t let our guard down, not yet.’ | Doctor talks life, loss on the COVID-19 floor Monday, Jan 18 2021 

"People just don’t understand, that all those horror stories that are happening in other parts of the world are happening here in our hospitals."


Louisville healthcare groups open COVID-19 vaccine registration to adults 70+ Monday, Jan 18 2021 

Individual healthcare providers may be able to provide the COVID-19 vaccine at a different pace than the county or state, depending on availability.


‘The benefits outweigh those concerns’ | Louisvillians in phase 1B look forward to getting COVID-19 vaccine Saturday, Jan 16 2021 

This phase includes first responders, corrections officers, essential utility workers, anyone age 70 or older and K-12 school personnel.


Can you travel to another county to receive the vaccine in Kentuckiana? Friday, Jan 15 2021 

Vaccines are still limited in both Kentucky and Indiana.


Louisville teachers, residents 70+ can now make COVID-19 vaccine appointments Friday, Jan 15 2021 

With the move into Phase 1B, Jefferson Co. teachers, first responders and residents 70 and older can now make appointments online to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.


Volunteer opportunities available at Louisville COVID-19 mass vaccination site Friday, Jan 15 2021 

The Louisville Department of Public Health and Wellness said there are roles for everyone - not just medical personnel.


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