When life gives you lemons, feed the hungry Wednesday, Apr 1 2020 

When life gives you lemons, make … tarte au citron? Louisville Chef Matthew Alan Henry is doing something like that, but better, and with a heart that’s as big as the Derby City. Henry, whose friends call him Alan, boasts a culinary pedigree that extends from Culinary Institute of America through Butchertown Grocery, Naive, and … Continue reading When life gives you lemons, feed the hungry

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Strange Fruit: The Day My Mother Yelled ‘Don’t Shoot’ Wednesday, Apr 1 2020 

This week we talk with writer and poet Miguel Machado about his compelling and vulnerable essay, “The Day My Mother Yelled Don’t Shoot,” in which he recounts his startling interaction with police in front of his mother’s Long Island home one morning. Confronted by cops and held at gunpoint after being accidentally locked out of the house, Machado describes a bone-chilling experience he says is all too familiar for Black and brown men – and their mothers.

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Guess who’s driving your dinner Wednesday, Apr 1 2020 

Times are tough for us all as we live through the worst pandemic in living memory, and the restaurant business is being hit hard. Some of our favorite local eateries are closed, and their servers, kitchen staff, chefs and owners have been scrambling for alternative sources of income. Many more restaurants are staying open for … Continue reading Guess who’s driving your dinner

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Is takeout food safe? NC State Extension offers reassurance Wednesday, Mar 25 2020 

These are scary times, and a lot of us are worried about whether it’s safe to eat takeout or delivery food. This chart from NC State Extension at North Carolina State University offers a thoughtful – and generally reassuring – overview. COVID-19 and food safety FAQ Is coronavirus a concern with takeout? CDC, FDA, and … Continue reading Is takeout food safe? NC State Extension offers reassurance

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How can you help? How can you eat? Check these lists. Tuesday, Mar 24 2020 

Our friends in Louisville’s restaurant business are going through very tough times right now, and they need your help. Owners, managers, cooks, kitchen staff, waiters, sommeliers – everyone is facing huge challenges as Covid-19 shuts down dining-in operations for the foreseeable future. How can you help? We thought you’d never ask! Buy some takeout! Pick … Continue reading How can you help? How can you eat? Check these lists.

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Here’s how to donate to restaurant worker friends Tuesday, Mar 24 2020 

If you’re not strapped by the falling market and would like to dig down even deeper, why not donate to either of these two fine organizations that are gearing up to assist out-of-work restaurant employees? * APRON Inc. will award grants up to $500 each, paying by check directly to creditors of unpaid bills. Six … Continue reading Here’s how to donate to restaurant worker friends

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Strange Fruit: Playwright And Poet Idris Goodwin Tuesday, Mar 24 2020 

This week we talk with award-winning playwright and poet Idris Goodwin, who was recently named Director of the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center at Colorado College.

Goodwin, former Producing Artistic Director at StageOne Family Theatre in Louisville, tells us how he got his start as a BreakBeat poet – and explains what BreakBeat poetry is.

He is the author of a recently released poetry collection “Can I Kick It?” and will premiere his new play “Ali Summit” at Actors Theatre of Louisville in 2021.

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Strange Fruit For Strange Times Thursday, Mar 19 2020 

Things may be shutting down and folks my be staying in because of COVID-19, but this new episode of Strange Fruit will help pass the time as you (hopefully) practice social distancing.

As the coronavirus outbreak negatively affects communities throughout the country and across the globe, “social distancing” – limiting our in-person interactions with others as a way to stop or slow down the spread – is the recommended way to limit its impact and safeguard our own health and the health of our loved ones and neighbors.

But social distancing is not without collateral damage. This week we discuss the impact of social distancing on our most vulnerable populations and ways we can all cope amidst this global crisis.

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You can’t beat the pho at NamNam Café Wednesday, Mar 18 2020 

It’s easy to overlook NamNam Café. It’s tiny, you don’t hear a lot about it, and it’s off on a St. Matthews side street. But you really shouldn’t miss it. It’s one of my favorite Vietnamese restaurants, even among a dozen strong competitors. [During the Covid-19 closure of dine-in restaurants, NamNam is offering carryout and … Continue reading You can’t beat the pho at NamNam Café

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Here Are Some Non-Coronavirus Stories You May Have Missed Sunday, Mar 15 2020 

If you’re looking for some things to listen to or read today that aren’t pandemic-related, we’ve collected some nice listens, long reads and hard-hitting investigations from our newsroom in recent months.

You can listen to the stories in the players embedded below.

Curious Louisville: What’s That Door In A Hill On Lexington Road?

Let Ashlie Stevens take you through that door near Headliners Music Hall and tell you what she sees on the other side.

(Side note: the Curious Louisville podcast is home to dozens of delightful stories like this. FInd it on your favorite app: Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts | NPR | Spotify | Stitcher | RadioPublic)

A Rare Look Into The Condemned Third Floor Of Louisville’s Academy @ Shawnee

The third floor of the Academy @ Shawnee in Louisville’s West End has sat empty since 1981. At the time, the district said there weren’t enough students there to justify the cost of renovating it, and it was closed. Nearly 40 years later, the district has decided to fix it and reopen it to students once more. Jess Clark of WFPL News got a rare look inside, before the work began.

In Ohio Watershed, Higher Water Lines And More Hazardous Cargo

Over the past decade in the Ohio watershed, extreme weather has been cited more and more frequently as a contributing cause in serious marine accidents. At the same time, an analysis by Alexandra Kanik for the Kentucky Center for Investigative Reporting found that shipping of hazardous materials like crude oil and kerosene are rising.

Glidepath To Recovery: Flying Squirrels And Spruce Forests Share Common Fate

More than a century ago, the high-elevation ecosystem inside the Monongahela National Forest would have been dominated by the evergreen spruce. After being logged and suffering from fires in the 1880s through early 1900s, today an estimated 90 percent of this ice age-relic of an ecosystem has been removed from West Virginia.

And that has been a challenge for another iconic species: the West Virginia northern flying squirrel.

Ohio Valley ReSource’s Brittany Patterson learned more about the ties between the squirrel and spruce.

Kentuckiana Sounds

On each episode of Kentuckiana Sounds, curator Aaron Rosenblum brings us a field recording from the Kentuckiana Sound map and we hear from the contributor who made it.

Musician and student Chris Leidner lives in a noisy neighborhood. His Old Louisville apartment is above a narrow street where the sounds of cars and motorcycles ricochet and rattle his windows. Airplanes fly low on their approach to Muhammad Ali International Airport. And yet he makes space for the small sounds of home, like this radiator that offers a surprising variety of sounds for those willing to listen.


Prosecution Declined

KyCIR’s Eleanor Klibanoff spent the better part of a year looking into how rapes are investigated and prosecuted in Louisville. Listen to her investigation, the first season of our new podcast, Dig.


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