Navigating the political talk during the holidays Wednesday, Nov 25 2020 

By Zachary Baker–

From a global pandemic to a divisive election, the past year has been one of major conflict.

As students return home to their families for the holidays, it will be almost impossible to avoid discussing these topics with family. When sitting at the dinner table with your family this holiday season, how should you handle political conversations and conflicts that are likely to occur? 

One of the most important ways to handle any type of political conversation with anyone is to be respectful and understanding. If you have no desire to lose a family member over a political discussion, then it is important to respect that there is a difference in opinion. 

The way to do this is to change how you talk about politics. 

In a Huffington Post article, author Brittany Wong refers to Sean Davis, a family therapist. 

Wong said, “he usually prefers to be clear and direct about what he believes and why when talking politics. To that end, he uses nonconfrontational “I” statements.” 

This is a perfect opportunity to allow for a discussion and to try to change someone’s mind. 

Many of us will understand that it may not be that easy when we’re living in a time of misinformation– a time where facts aren’t completely agreed upon. It may be difficult for us to stand for misinformation being spread and will jump up to correct it, but that will inevitably cause problems and the other person may not be willing to listen. 

The best way to handle this is to avoid talking about the situation entirely. If a family member has no interest in changing their mind, then arguing about the topic with them won’t make that happen. 

So, it is almost universally better to avoid the topic or find some type of common ground to work from. While it seems defeatist to just give up if the other person isn’t willing to listen to reason, it’s about attempting to find a better way to approach the topic if it is that important to you.

Discussing politics with your family is not easy. Respecting that conversations are often about opinions and framing your stance as such will keep things civil. If a family member is spreading false information and using incorrect facts during the conversation, then it is better to stop having the conversation. This will be a difficult time for everyone, but through civility and a willingness to walk away, many of us could survive without conflict this upcoming holiday season.

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Campus leaders comment on Pope’s message of same-sex civil unions Wednesday, Nov 25 2020 

By Catherine Brown–

On Oct. 22, a translation from the 2020 documentary Francesco was released that made the Pope appear to support civil unions between same-sex couples being recognized.

We need to have this conversation because it’s relevant for so many students. While students will have differing opinions on the topic, one point remains clear: LGBTQ+ youth, especially those of faith, should have a place where they feel like they belong. And the Pope certainly expresses this sentiment.

The Catholic Church is known for being conservative about social justice topics like same-sex relationships. The Church views same-sex relationships and homosexuality as sinful. The Church generally only accepts the notion of a marriage to be between one man and one woman.

Lisa Gunterman, director of the LGBT Center at U of L, grew up Catholic and said that some of the earliest emotional wounds LGBTQ+ people experience is from their faith communities, telling them they are unwelcomed or unloved by God.

The emotional impact of these messages can be devastating, especially to young people,” Gunterman said. “We know from data, for example, that LGBTQ youth experience higher rates of suicidality, bullying and houselessness, as compared to their peers. The sole reason we see so many LGBTQ+ young people experiencing housing insecurity is because their families disowned them, often times because parents/guardians could not reconcile their religious beliefs with their child’s LGBTQ+ identity.”

And after the initial news spread of the Pope’s supposed endorsement, there were also articles stating that the original footage was mistranslated, including some from U of L. 

The Rev. John Paul Kern, chaplain of the Catholic Campus Ministry at U of L, said he has spoken with native Spanish speakers that can translate the Pope’s words. Kern concluded that the speech was translated in a way that might make it easy to misconstrue.

“The Pope does not endorse adopting children, but does encourage families who have children with same-sex attraction not to reject or exclude these children from their family in any way,” Kern said. “The Pope was explaining his thoughts on civil unions, which could include two people of the same sex, and not simply ‘homosexual civil unions,’ and it also seems he was explaining one practical option to the situation in Argentina in 2010 and not advocating for a general approach to be followed in all times and places.” 

Despite this, Gunterman said that for anyone identifying with Catholic and LGBTQ+ identities, it’s still possible to find a sense of belonging in both communities. 

“There are currently Catholic communities across the country that welcome and affirm LGBTQ+ families, you just have to look for the,” Gunterman said. “Pope Francis’s words have not only given support to these families, but to the priests, lay ministers and congregations who have been welcoming, all along. His words will hopefully challenge those who have been unwelcoming in the past to interrogate their personal biases, while committing to ensuring all of their members feel included, affirmed and celebrated.”

At U of L, the university offers resources for students who identify as LGBTQ+ and Catholic.

“What has been inspiring, to me is the cultural shift that has been taking place, where it is now possible to identify affirming Catholic communities and schools,” Gunterman said. “U of L even has a scholarship now for LGBTQ+ Catholic students and allies—the Bourke DeLeon Endowed LGBT Catholic Scholarship—which is the first of its kind in the nation. Scholarships such as these send a message to students that they don’t have to lose their faith tradition, simply because of their LGBTQ+ identity.”

Whether the circulating translation of the Pope’s words was correct or not, it’s important for Catholic LGBTQ+ youth to feel like they have a place. No matter your personal belief on LGBTQ+ identity, the Pope makes it clear that students should not feel out of place in their community, and should always be treated with love and respect.

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University students have mixed feelings about athletics’ new dorm Tuesday, Nov 24 2020 

By Grace Welsh-

On Oct. 28, the University of Louisville’s athletics department announced a plan for a new residence hall project, partially catering to U of L student-athletes. 

The housing project will cost approximately $23.5 million, with $3.5 million donated from the U of L Athletics program. Because of this, Cardinal Athletics reserves naming rights for the residence hall, and in accordance with NCAA guidelines, it will reserve no more than 63 of 128 beds for student athletes, their managers and assistants.  

The athletic hall, located across from Floyd Street, will be connected to the Planet Fitness Kueber Center via a skywalk. The dorm is being developed by Buffalo Construction and Larry Gough, developer of Cardinal Towne, and will house men’s and women’s basketball players, women’s lacrosse players and university students who are not athletes. 

The hall will have a distinctive, first-class look. “It will be a trophy facility that exudes progress on campus as much as in athletics,” Vince Tyra, director of athletics, said.  

Its goal is to add aesthetic value to the surrounding area and attract “top-level students and student-athletes alike.”

U of L students have differing opinions on the announcement of the new project. Although some are positive, others are critical of the university’s decision. 

Maranda Crittendon, a junior majoring in equine business, feels strongly about the subject saying the money could have been used elsewhere.

“It’s obscene that they’re building that instead of doing actual improvements on mold-infested Threlkeld and Miller, not to mention the horrible situation that is parking,” Crittendon said.

Freshman business major Connor Ford, echoed a similar sentiment. Ford said the total occupancy number doesn’t make the multi-million dollar price tag worth it.

“I don’t know why they’re spending that much money on a dorm that’s only gonna house maybe 100+ kids,” he said. “It just doesn’t add up. Some of the older dorms are not in the best condition and they should have some priority, too.”

On the other hand, some students see the project in a more positive light. 

Saidey Fahey, a sophomore criminal justice major, said that the athletes deserve the new housing opportunity because of the money that they bring into the school.

Fahey argues that athletes “don’t get to do a lot of what a normal college student does,” with the pressure of maintaining good grades, good public image, practicing and working out for the sake of their department. 

“At the end of day, they just want to sleep in a comfy bed, somewhere they feel safe and comfortable,” Fahey said.

Senior computer information systems Phillip Wellmann said “it’s a good decision as it gives athletes a space to live with one another on a set schedule.”

He noted the convenience of the practice facilities being so close, saying it will give students an opportunity to hold one another accountable academically and training wise.

“On top of this,” Wellmann said. “It gives SPAD majors a place of work and hands on applications in their field of study.”

The residence hall, yet to be named, is predicted to be completed by the fall semester of 2022.

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Biden elected 46th U.S. President, U of L students react Tuesday, Nov 10 2020 

By Catherine Brown-

After several days of counting votes, Joe Biden will become the 46th President of the United States. As expected, student voters at U of L have mixed reactions about the results.

For four days, voters anticipated election results from swing states like Pennsylvania, Michigan and Nevada that managed to put Biden in the lead.

Once all the ballots were counted, including those sent by mail, the remaining states, including Pennsylvania and Nevada, were finally called in Biden’s favor. As of Nov. 10, Biden holds 290 electoral votes, while Trump has 214. 

North Carolina, Georgia and Alaska have yet to be called, but it’s impossible for Trump to make up the missing electoral votes.

“I’m ecstatic that Biden has won the election. I can not wait to protest against him the second he’s inaugurated,” Lorenzo Rowan, a sophomore who voted for Biden said. “I plan to hold him to account on every policy he has proposed to help improve the lives of working people.”

Ian McCall, a sophomore, voted for Trump. 

“I’m not surprised by the outcome in the presidential race,” McCall said. “Trump won his first term because he appealed to people’s worries about the economy.”

McCall said that in the case of a divided Congress, “The government can get back to doing what it does best. Nothing.”

Christopher Borick, a professor of political science and director of the Muhlenberg College Institute of Public Opinion, found that supporters for Biden were less enthusiastic about his candidacy than supporters for Trump, with only 49% of Biden voters showing enthusiastic support compared to 82% for Trump.

“Joe Biden is not the darling of voters,” Borick said. “In the end, there was enough enthusiasm against Trump that even if people weren’t in love with Joe Biden, they certainly were able to vote for him.”

According to a telephone interview of 419 likely voters in Pennsylvania, Democratic candidates for Congress are preferred over their Republican opponents. 

The same interview, conducted by researchers at Muhlenberg College, found that top issues concerning voters in Pennsylvania were the economy, healthcare and the COVID-19 pandemic.

Hilary Beaumont, a writer for Aljazeera, attributes Biden’s win to a combination of factors including Biden’s appeal to the white working-class voters who were disappointed by Trump. Beaumont claims that Biden managed to appeal to suburban voters in Pennsylvania districts previously upset by Hillary Clinton in 2016.  

Additionally, Biden has roots in Scranton, Pennsylvania, which helped him lead in Lackawanna County.

The Trump administration announced that it would file lawsuits in states with a slim Democratic lead, such as Pennsylvania and Michigan. The lawsuits were sent to state and federal courts in these states to either stop counting mail-in ballots or recount the ballots.

Law officials say a recount is unlikely to change the results of the states involved.

Let’s see what the next four years have to offer.

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Top 5 Reasons Why People Sell a House As Is Thursday, Nov 5 2020 

When you want to sell a house as is, that doesn’t immediately mean the house is necessarily in poor condition. ‘As is’ means you’re not making any repairs or providing any warranties. The buyer gets the home in its current state. Here in Louisville, buyers can still walk away after their inspections.

Photo of a man with a model house

However, you must divulge any issues about the estate to the best of your knowledge. The form we use is called a Seller’s Disclosure. The best thing to do is to honestly complete this form, which protects you against future liability.

The disclosure form covers everything, from fixtures to roofing leaks and more. If you know about problems with any of the items on the record, it’s a bad idea to hide them from the buyer.

Many real estate owners choose to sell their homes this way for several benefits. Here are the top reasons why some people sell a house as is.

1. They can’t afford any repairs.

Home sellers often prefer to list their homes for sale as is because they aren’t in a position to refurbish before putting it on the market. Renovations take time, effort, planning, and money.

Adding costly repairs are taken out of a seller’s funds and treated as additional investments for the property. However, not everyone can afford it.

Selling the house in its current state is the best way to save money that they would have to spend out-of-pocket to make expensive repairs. If the property has issues and you have no way to renovate them, you may have no other choice but to sell as-is.

Other homeowners can’t afford the time and effort that goes into the lengthy repair process.  Most of the time, these homeowners have failing health, want to migrate, or can’t handle the everyday responsibility. They find that selling a home as-is is more comfortable than finding the time, energy, or funds to renovate it.

Without performing the restorations will mean the value of your property will be less, but you can still profit from the deal. You’ll have to be honest about the extent of the damages and find the right buyer that’s willing to scale the home up.

2. It’s a better market.

Believe it or not, the recent real estate market trends support a fixer-upper market. The real estate market has numerous high-priced properties that people cannot afford. Thus, the competitive market makes buying a fixer-upper a more attractive option for many buyers.

Some people prefer to refurbish homes for the fun of it. There has been a saturated market for DIY savvy buyers that looks forward to remodeling a poorly-looking house into a dream home.

There are also investment companies that pay in cash and purchase homes as-is. These property flipping companies are looking to purchase homes for pennies on the dollar. They do not want to pay anywhere close to the market value.

If you want to sell fast and aren’t concerned about what value you get for the property, selling as is make make the most sense. Selling as-is also won’t make as significant an impact when affordable dwellings are hard to come by.

3. They want to avoid stress.

Selling a home can be stressful. But, if you sell a house as is then it takes a lot of responsibility off you. Sometimes sellers find themselves in situations where they have to sell their home, but they are genuinely unable to deal with the stress of the selling process.

Some responsibilities and preparatory stages when selling a property that you have to take include pre-sale inspections, staging, and open houses. Thus, going on the as-is route can make the process easier and makes the most sense.

4. They are in financial distress.

Sometimes, owners are in severe financial distress that selling their home as is is more reasonable. The immediate sale of the house can help them secure the funds that they need.

Not everyone wants to be in a challenging financial situation, but getting rid of some properties that can help with any financial burden is what most people prefer. Some of these sellers choose to downgrade their lifestyle and move out to a more affordable home.

5. They want to weed out less serious buyers.

Selling an as is house lets buyers know that sellers don’t want to deal with any negotiations. While this can scare away some buyers, it also works to simplify the process for those who are genuinely interested in your property. You won’t have to deal with less enthusiastic shoppers that would only waste your time and effort.


Before selling any home, you should seek the expert advice of a local Realtor. They know the market, and once they’ve seen your home and heard your story, they can better direct you towards the path that makes the most sense.

Once you have this valuable information, you can choose to sell a house as is or the standard method. There are pros to both courses of action and you are ultimately in the driver’s seat.

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Students are staying safe through virtual commencement Tuesday, Nov 3 2020 

By Catherine Brown-

This semester, the University of Louisville is moving its December commencement ceremony online. It’s devastating to lose that chance to walk across the stage to your family and friends cheering you on, but it’s necessary during this global pandemic.

If the university decided to hold in-person commencement, it could be problematic. Holding an in-person commencement ceremony would risk the health of everyone in attendance. Many students, staff, faculty members, and friends/family that would attend a normal, in-person commencement are in “high-risk” groups. 

Not only that, but COVID-19 is more contagious than the flu, the CDC reports. You could be placed next to a student who is asymptomatic but coughs once and ends up spreading the virus.

Therefore, holding a commencement in the KFC Yum! Center could only spell a disaster.

And it would be hard to enforce any mandatory mask policy in a stadium that can hold over 20,000 people. It would require more manpower than before and might end up costing the university more to attend to. It would be more trouble than it’s worth to try to implement safety measures when it can be just as effective to let students stay in quarantine at home.

Alexis Logan is a senior who will be graduating in December. She said that while the move is a smart choice, she won’t be participating.

“I do agree with virtual commencement because of Corona, it would be hard to have all of us in one space safely, but I’m pretty sure I won’t be participating because it isn’t the same,” Logan said. “I never saw any of this coming—I expected a normal last semester. I think the whole experience would be different. The best part about graduation/commencement is walking across the stage with all the other graduates and in front of family and friends. It’s supposed to be a celebration of hard work for us and it’s not gonna be the same coming from our laptop screens.” 

Back in the spring, many colleges around the U.S decided to hold virtual graduation ceremonies. Doing this prevented students from gathering in close spaces where they couldn’t socially distance themselves from others or where students that can’t wear masks don’t have to worry about their safety.

U of L reassured students that once commencement is able to be held in person, graduates are welcome to attend the ceremony.

Virtual commencement will be held on  Dec. 12 at 4:00 p.m.

Although commencement is virtual, graduates can still purchase a cap and gown, as well as honor cords. Students can also book an appointment for a free graduation portrait provided by the university.

It will understandably be hard for seniors who were anticipating a normal graduation. For now, though, graduates can look forward to receiving their diploma from the comfort of their own homes. While we can only hope that this doesn’t become a normal occurrence, we can still appreciate the measures taken to protect the health and wellbeing of our U of L community.

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Best and worst candies of the Halloween season Saturday, Oct 31 2020 

By Catherine Brown-

Halloween is quickly creeping up on us. 

Although we have to take special precautions with trick-or-treating this year, we can still stock up on candy for our candy bowls. This list includes some of the best and worst candies that you can include in your bowl as well as the candies to pick and avoid if you go trick-or-treating. After all, you’re never too old to enjoy the tricks or the treats!

Many U of L students already know which candies they’re going to look for on Halloween, but here’s our list of the best of the best. Keep an eye out for these candies this season: 

13. PayDay — While certain decorations might ward off evil spirits, these candies just ward off the kids with peanut allergies. Next.

12. Milk Duds — Yet another good way to waste time eating a substandard chocolate-caramel that will send you to the dentist faster than you can even get through a pack.

11. Butterfinger — Nothing says “Halloween” like a candy that sticks between your teeth and looks/tastes like sawdust.

10. Almond Joy — For years, Almond Joy has received lots of undue hate from people due to the combination of coconut and chocolate. It certainly beats a PayDay, though.

9. Tootsie Roll — Fun fact; did you know that U.S Marines used Tootsie Rolls during the Korean War to seal fuel pipes? Otherwise, they’re the sort of candy that you forget exists until Halloween.

8. Nerds — Fun until you spill some on the floor and can’t find it. Or you spill it on your shirt and don’t realize until you stand up.

7. M&M’s — The best thing about M&M’s is that they come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Want a bag of regular M&M’s? How about peanut or peanut butter? However you choose to enjoy them, you can definitely look forward to a fun size bag of M&M’s in your candy bowl.

6. KitKat — Apparently, there are over 200 flavors of KitKat around the world. Additionally, in Japan, the name KitKat sounds similar to the word for “surely win.” Therefore, you have no excuse to not include a KitKat in your Halloween candy bowl this year.

5. Starburst — When you get tired of chocolate bars and peanut butter, fruity Starburst are the best candies. But does anyone else get annoyed when people say they don’t like yellow Starburst? More for me, then!

4. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups — The only thing that sets these peanut butter cups back is the fact that you have another layer of unwrapping to do after you get past the first wrapper. Otherwise, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups are perfect in whichever size you choose.

3. Crunch — Crunch bars are near the top because they’re so satisfying to eat. How many other candy bars can sound so gratifying than one that seems to crackle in your mouth?

2. Twix — Twix combines all the flavors and textures that make chocolates great. Cookie + caramel + chocolate is a winning combination.

1. 100 Grand Bar — The quintessential Halloween candy is the 100 Grand Bar. The 100 Grand Bar is like the Crunch Bar mixed with the Twix–a delectable combination of crunchy and smooth caramel. It deserves to be rated 100,000/10.

Do you agree with our list? Is there a candy you wish was included?

If so, let me know on Twitter @respondstocath. You can never have too much candy, so be on the lookout for all of the amazing tricks and treats you can get this Saturday.

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Make your vote count in the presidential elections Wednesday, Oct 28 2020 

By Catherine Brown–

Presidential elections are less than one month away. Get out and vote like your future depends on it—because it does.

This election cycle has been called “the most important election of our lifetimes” by various politicians including former Vice President Joe Biden, Sen. Bernie Sanders and Pete Buttigieg.

The importance of this election comes from the political polarization in this country. Since President Donald Trump’s inauguration, voters seem to fall primarily along two party lines–either Democrat or Republican. Of course, many Americans still fall within a third party. But we’re taught to see our political party as right, and all others as wrong. 

That’s why it can be frustrating to not see a candidate whom you feel aligns with your views. In this election, we see the conservative Republican incumbent versus the liberal Democratic former vice president. Both have the political experience necessary to take on the role as president for the next four years. But many voters were dependent on the presidential debates to determine where they would cast their vote. 

And the first presidential debate certainly didn’t hit swing voters with as much impact as we would hope.

“Focus groups and polling suggest that the first presidential debate did little to convince swing voters to vote for one candidate over the other,” said Jennifer Anderson, a political science professor at U of L specializing in campaigns and elections.

In fact, it seems like the first debate might’ve had the opposite effect.

“Some focus group evidence from the NY Times, NPR and others suggest the debate pushed some undecided voters more toward opting out of voting rather than voting for one candidate over the other,” Anderson said.

But sooner or later, voters need to make a choice.

Anderson analyzed the overall effectiveness of the two campaigns, as well as ways in which each candidate could improve.


Trump continues to do well with his base. His nomination of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court is sitting well with most Republicans, and the nomination serves as a reminder to Republicans that there are lasting implications for voting for a president of one’s own party, even for those who aren’t Trump fans,” Anderson said.

She said his handling of the COVID-19 outbreak is a low point in his campaign. It certainly doesn’t help Trump having such a massive global pandemic so close to Election Day. 

Anderson also said Trump is inconsistent with the messaging in his campaign.

Ian McCall, a sophomore, plans to vote for Trump.

“I’m voting for Trump because this election is more than just a battle of policy. Our country is more divided than it has ever been. This election has become a battle of culture, and I as many conservatives feel that all our institutions and our very way of life is under threat,” McCall said.

“Biden will take the country in a direction that seems decidedly un-American to me. My concern is doing what is best for the people in my life and that, to me, is voting for Trump,” he said. “I understand some feel that voting for Biden is what is best for the country and in truth I don’t believe there is an objectively right or wrong way to run the country.”



Anderson said that analysts predicted that Biden would make “costly gaffes in his campaign,” but that he has largely avoided mistakes. She said Biden could improve through changing the “finding a way to change the narrative around his older age and perceived frailty.”

Joe Biden has been criticized by Trump and his supporters for his slurred speech and forgetfulness, so much so, that Trump has given Biden the nickname “Sleepy Joe.” 

Lorenzo Rowan, a sophomore, will be voting for Biden.

“I believe that Biden is the easier candidate to bully into making substantive changes for POC and LGBTQ with nationwide intersectional protests against his administration,” Rowan said.

Another reason Rowan said he’s voting for Biden is because of Trump’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic and his climate change policies.

“Over 200k Americans are dead from COVID-19 because of Trump’s ineptitude, stupidity and narcissism. Trump’s lack of belief in the existence of human-caused climate changed had cost us precious time to address that existential crisis. Biden has proposed a $2 trillion dollar plan to help with climate change.”

This year, Election Day looks a little different for much of America. While in person polling places will still be around, our democracy is also relying on mail-in votes being cast.

Unfortunately, voting fraud is already happening.

Unauthorized ballot boxes were set up by the California Republican Party to count unofficial votes in the state. This is an act of voter suppression, intended to take away the voice and democratic power of those who might threaten the chances of certain candidates being elected. It is also against state law.

Other polling locations are facing long lines with several hours of waiting just to receive a ballot.

Don’t let this be a deterrent in exercising the right to vote. Despite concerns around fraudulent behavior in regards to mail-in voting, voter fraud is actually rare.

In this pandemic, millions of Americans are given the opportunity to avoid possibly catching or spreading COVID-19. By mail-in voting, you can show that you value both voting and being safe around others. Even if you decide to vote in person, you’ll have your vote counted and it will impact our country’s future.

Louisville voters can access one of many drop-box locations around the city. 

Everybody that is eligible to vote needs to get out and do their part for our democracy.

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How to Know If You Are Ready to Sell Your Louisville Home Friday, Oct 23 2020 

Your house may be your most prized possession, and if you’re thinking about putting it up for sale, you’ll need to answer a lot of important questions before you reach a final decision. Here are some signs that you are ready to sell your home.

Photo of a model house with money around it
Photo by bongkarn thanyakij

Ballooning Family Life

One of the main reasons people put their home on the market is due to increasing family size. They need a house that will accommodate more people and everything that comes with it. If your family is growing, that’s a sure sign you are ready to sell your home.


Families with children will almost always value a high-quality education. If your current schools are declining in value it may be time to move to a better school district.

Maybe it’s the length of the commute? Finding a house closer to your school may be the impetus for a move. Expert agents will confirm that schools always play a role in home selection for families with school-age children.

Change of Lifestyle

There may be instances when recent changes in your life require you to make a move. It could be that you are feeling incomplete living in a big house when all of your children have started to move out. If it’s just you and your spouse, you may want to think about selling your home to downsize or get a place that’s closer to your children. 

If you are starting a home business that requires you to get a bigger home, which a home office, then you are ready to sell your home and upgrade.

For newly divorced couples, the decision to sell their marital home is often a sensitive but necessary topic that they have to discuss. In this case, it is best to sell the home to help you settle everything that connects you to your former spouse. For those who want to sell their homes fast, a Louisville home buyer can help lessen the worry so you can move on with your life. 

A Seller’s Market

Experts say that millennials are the largest new group of homebuyers. The increasing number of potential homeowners is causing inventory to reach an all-time low level.

There are about 1.6 million households that will be sold in a few more years. If you are looking to bank on your home’s price point, it might be a good idea to sell your home now when the demand is high. Before you do so, be sure to consult with a real estate agent for advice. 

Final Thoughts: Understanding Your Emotional Readiness

Selling your home will always be a life-changing decision. Letting go of the house where your children grew up could be difficult for the whole family.

One way to prepare your emotions is to start decluttering your home. Once you slowly unload these memories, it will be easier to let go of the past and look forward to the future in your new home.  

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KY Senate Race 2020: Kentucky needs a change. Tuesday, Oct 20 2020 

By Catherine Brown-

Senator Mitch McConnell does not deserve a place in office anymore. It’s up to us to vote for Democrat Amy McGrath for Senate.

On Sept. 30, McGrath spoke to University of Louisville students at the Red Barn on the Belknap Campus. In her speech, she discussed the corruption of individuals in the government such as Sen. McConnell and President Donald Trump.

McGrath spoke to students about matters like registering to vote, racial injustice and preserving democracy.

“Kentucky has never made it easier to vote than this year,” McGrath said. “Your vote matters just as much as Mitch McConnell’s or Donald Trump’s or anybody else’s. They only get one vote, too.” 

McConnell has been in the U.S. Senate for 36 years. If he wins on Election Day, it could become 42. 

Over his 36 years in office, McConnell has left over 250 bills sitting on his desk, unread. This includes bills on gun control reform, health care and shielding survivors of domestic abuse.

U of L Young Democrats Treasurer Julia Mattingly plans to vote for Amy McGrath on Election Day.

“It’s about time we get Mitch McConnell out of office,” Mattingly said. “Considering the cards she’s been dealt, McGrath and her team have done their best to campaign throughout the state and promote her platform.”

Mattingly further explained that McGrath’s safe and socially-distanced campaign events are effective in promoting her platform. McGrath’s campaign also offers volunteer sign-ups after her speeches, where students can volunteer to make calls or canvass on her behalf.

Certainly, the young voters that she looks to appeal to appreciate her choice to take COVID-19 safety seriously.

Furthermore, McGrath and McConnell took part in the first Senate debate on Oct. 12. The candidates were questioned on multiple topics including whether Breonna Taylor received justice, Supreme Court nominations and handling of COVID-19.

Neither candidate actually answered whether they believe Breonna Taylor received justice. This is problematic because two white politicians can easily avoid talking about this, as it doesn’t directly affect them. Avoiding the actual question doesn’t do much to show that they care about this particular topic, so each politician needs to do better with their answer.

Both candidates denied wanting to defund the police and condemned the acts of looting and violent protests.

“We have to follow the laws that were written,” McConnell said. McGrath responded saying that she believes “leaders have to take a step back and recognize that we need change in this country.”

Sen. McConnell doesn’t want to bring change to a system that he doesn’t lose against.

Election Day is Nov. 3 and all eligible students, faculty and staff are encouraged to register to vote. 

Absentee ballots must be mailed by Nov. 3 at 6:00 p.m. Early voting started Oct. 13.

Don’t miss out on Election Day. Do your part as a voter.

Graphic by Alexis Simon // The Louisville Cardinal

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