Kent Oyler: Why school selection matters Saturday, Dec 20 2014 

JCPSTo paraphrase a famous Robert Frost poem I’m pretty sure dates to my fourth grade experience: “Two paths diverged in a wood and I selected the one less traveled, and that has made all the difference.” Sad thing is that every … Continue reading

Dave Howard s Louisville Folk School Friday, Dec 12 2014 

J. L. Puckett has a story on Dave Howard’s Louisville Folk School over at the C-J. Warning: survey respones required to read the whole story.

Weather (event) advisory: ‘Meet the Meteorologists’ this Thursday, Dec. 4, at Collegiate Tuesday, Dec 2 2014 

Winter is coming. Are you in the know? Photo by Julian Barker.Are you a weather nerd? Are you the one who hunkers down in front of the TV at the first snowflake sighting to watch chilled correspondents inexplicably standing along darkened highways narrating traffic? Do you follow Kevin Harned’s every move on … Continue reading

Community Foundation of Louisville accepting applications for college scholarships totaling $1 million Monday, Dec 1 2014 

ScholarshipsThe Community Foundation of Louisville is now accepting applications for its scholarship programs. Area students will earn around $1 million in scholarships from 80 of the CFL’s funds. Awards typically range from $500 to $10,000. According to the news release, “CFL’s online system … Continue reading

KERS pension plan still worst-funded in the country, as KTRS asks for bonds to avoid becoming worst-funded teacher plan Thursday, Nov 20 2014 

Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 11.29.22 AMKentucky Retirement Systems revealed this week that funding for its largest pension plan — the Kentucky Employees Retirement System for non-hazardous workers — has fallen to 21 percent this year, from its already worst-in-the-nation 23 percent last year. At the same … Continue reading

Falls of the Ohio Interpretive Center to close Nov. 24, get complete redesign by Solid Light Thursday, Nov 20 2014 

A rendering of the Devonian Sea, which will be part of the redesign of the Falls of the Ohio Interpretive Center. Photos courtesy of Solid Light.The lifespan for a typical museum exhibit, according to Dani Cummins of the Falls of the Ohio State Park, generally falls between five and 10 years; the exhibits within the walls of the park’s Interpretive Center in Clarksville are now … Continue reading

U of L med school brings LGBT training to its curriculum Wednesday, Nov 19 2014 

Oval-Commons-University-of-LouisvilleThe University of Louisville School of Medicine is launching a new first-of-its-kind pilot program designed to focus on the specific needs of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered (LGBT), or gender nonconforming communities. This program also will seek to treat those … Continue reading

Lilly’s, U of L to mark legacy of Edwin Hubble, raise funds for local school on Nov. 20 Tuesday, Nov 18 2014 

The Gheens Science Hall and Rauch Planetarium.Edwin Hubble, legendary astronomer and former Louisville resident, will be remembered on Thursday, Nov. 20, on what would be his 125th birthday with a fitting event to raise money for a local elementary school science program. “Hubble Rumble in the Hood” … Continue reading

U of L hires new general counsel from the center of UNC’s storm of controversy Monday, Nov 17 2014 

Oval-Commons-University-of-LouisvilleThe University of Louisville has approved the hiring of Leslie Strohm as the university’s new general counsel and vice president for strategy beginning in February. Strohm has held a similar position at the University of North Carolina since 2003, where … Continue reading

Tribes at Actors is a Focus on Family Dynamic Sunday, Nov 16 2014 

John Judd, Ryan Spahn, Alex Olson, Meg Thalken, Monique Barbee_Tribes_Photo by Bill Brymer

John Judd, Ryan Spahn, Alex Olson, Meg Thalken and Monique Barbee in Tribes
Photo by Bill Brymer

Tribes, now playing at Actors Theatre, is about a really loud family in which Mom, Dad, Brother and Sister don’t hold back in expressing themselves, while a younger brother who’s deaf must find  his place at the table.

The play, by English writer Nina Raine, opens at a family dinner with a spirited discussion among four family members, while Billy tries vainly to keep up with what everyone’s talking about. Later, Billy, who’s been deaf since birth, meets a girl, and brings her home to meet his family.

For anyone who’s experienced being around the deaf community, the play will be hit close to home. But for others, it’s an examination of how we communicate, or fail to, especially within the surroundings of our family, our tribe.

The play’s entertainment value comes in the form of memorable characters who express their views in a strong and often hilarious way. They insult each other, they scream, they curse and they laugh. Billy gets little slack from his family members, who don’t consider his deafness a handicap.

The play is performed in the round at the Bingham Theatre, and at some points includes subtitles projected above.

Tribes is at Actors Theatre through Dec. 8. For more information, click here.

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