Day 15: Luke’s Moving Day and a Trip to Lexington Wednesday, Oct 29 2014 

Journal Day 15.


Today my mom left on a work trip til Sunday. What that means is since my parents are divorced means I stay at my Dad’s til Sunday instead of just this weekend. Another thing is Dad is renting his house to someone from airbnb so we get to stay at my Dad’s girlfriend’s house, which is new and interesting. Her house, by the way, is super cool and has some really comfy blankets and towels.


In Lexington, from the 28th floor

In Lexington, from the 28th floor

I went to Lexington today for work, and squeezed in a Rusty Satellite interview with Jonathan Miller, an attorney and former State Treasurer who has an office on the 28th floor of the city’s tallest building. I once lived here, and loved it, but visiting reminded me that I’m glad to live in Louisville. Miller was a great interview, and we talked about politics and his poker victories. In 2007, he was running for Lt. Governor while I was working on the campaign of Bruce Lunsford for Governor.

He had a photo of the Big Red Machine in his office. We talked about how nobody cares about the World Series, and he pointed to his favorite player of that time, Joe Morgan. Mine was Pete Rose, Charlie Hustle.

I ended up watching Game 7, and was glad to see the Giants win behind a great pitching performance from Madison Bumgarner, which I actually predicted on my podcast, which you can hear at

At the trade show I was working, I got to have a conversation with the Big O, Oscar Robertson, who has plenty of opinions about college sports.

Day 14: League of Legends and Watching the World Series Wednesday, Oct 29 2014 

Journal Day 14:


Today was just a blur to be honest. Every class was just a slog of a bunch of work or notes. Lots of rain so the walk home was quite crummy. My teachers were nice and didn’t hit me with a whole of homework. So when I got home I was able to play a lot of my favorite game League of Legends, a moba game. Basically it’s a 5v5 game where you fight to destroy the enemy base.


Game 7 is Wednesday

Game 7 is Wednesday

I was among the few Americans watching the World Series last night. Google “World Series TV Ratings” and you see a series of stories about how baseball can’t get its groove back, how the annual showcase of the game’s ratings are sliding, because Americans are more interested in football, or The Voice or have other things to do than watching teams from Kansas City and San Francisco blow each other out. There’s a Game 7 Wednesday after KC won 10-0 on Tuesday.

It wasn’t always like this. During my childhood the Series was a special event that everyone discussed. We knew about the Amazing Mets of ’69.  Those crazy Oakland A’s, the Big Red Machine, I remember them all, even the starting lineups. The Series was the only time all year that baseball games were on TV more than once a week.

We couldn’t get enough information about players like Pete Rose, Brooks Robinson, Catfish Hunter or even Cesar Geronimo. Can you name anyone on the Royals or Giants?

Game 7 is tonight, but I don’t imagine you are arranging your schedule around the game.

Journal: Bigness and Bowling Tuesday, Oct 28 2014 


Pretty quick one today. Basically all I want to talk about is something I saw on the askreddit subreddit on, basically the question is what can you just not wrap your head around? The answer that I agreed with the most is just how big space, the sun just everything out in the universe is. I went to this sort-of demonstration of how big space is. What it did was if the moon was a z pixel, how far away would everything be, then you would scroll to explore. To get to Uranus it took 27 minutes of straight scrolling. After Uranus it would take another 6,000 of those maps to get to something else. That’s just mind-boggling and to be honest our minds can’t really comprehend it. Link for demonstration: 


200GameWhen I was growing up in the South End, my Dad used to take me to Ken-Bowl on Southside Drive on Sundays to teach me how to bowl.

And if he could see me now, with my paltry 165 average, throwing a straight ball, I am certain he’d be disappointed. But, as the sign says out front on Ten Pin Lane, Fun is Bowling. I managed a 204 in one game tonight in my Monday night league. Mark keeps telling me I need to get a proper ball, drilled to fit me, and throw a hook, rather than throwing a pink alley ball straight at the head pin. He’s right, and perhaps I’ll get serious about it . . . next year. But then I’d probably really feel some pressure to score better, and I’m really only going to hang out with my buddies and drink beer.

The game is not as popular as it once was, and I’m old enough to remember some of the alleys where my Dad bowled that aren’t there anymore. Anybody remember Poplar Level Lanes, or Pee Wee Reese Lanes on Eastern Parkway, or even Parkmoor, over by U of L? I’ve seen the numbers in our league dwindle over the last decade, so much that we had to give up our 9:00 Monday league to join one that started at 6, because there weren’t enough teams to fill the late league.

I guess bowling isn’t that cool. I don’t think I know anyone, except my teammates, who bowls in a league anymore, but my parents were Friday night keglers for as long as I remember.  I spent many of my formative years in bowling alleys, bumming quarters for pinball and Cokes.

The Weekend: Games Played and Why I Pull Against UK Monday, Oct 27 2014 

The Weekend – 10/23-24, 2014


Journal Entry #12 So I’m gonna morph the weekend to 1 day here. This weekend a new game came out called Civilization Beyond Earth, a strategy game. So I played that with my friends most of the weekend. I also had work and a bunch of homework but that’s the normal. I love weekends but mine are usually not that interesting which makes this kinda hard. I am enjoying my game quite a bit I was super excited for it that I got it right at midnight when it was released.


I love weekends, too, and especially when they’re filled with golf, football and parties. I walked 18 with my friend Mark at Long Run Saturday morning, then watched UK’s game with Mississippi State at a party with Paula’s work friends at a spacious home in Glenmary. On Sunday, Paula and I spent the beautiful afternoon on a golf course in Shelbyville.

A beauty

A beauty

At the party, there was a discussion about the UK football program. I was having a hard time cheering for UK, not because of any UK-U of L thing. I finally figured it out. I like what Coach Mark Stoops is doing in turning around the program. I like their style of play and the young players he’s bringing along. I like the school. What I figured out was that I just can’t get with the fan-dom around UK. I don’t want hear their obnoxious fan base on the radio and in social media next week gloating about how great they are, so I end up pulling against them. Same thing with basketball. So that’s it.

If you listened to last week’s Rusty Satellite Show, you heard about the new app at Buckhead’s. I used it Sunday night to pay my bill. Our waitress seemed confused when I presented my phone, and at first started to walk off with it to the kitchen. Whoa, I said. Tish told me you should scan it at the table. She came back a few minutes later, and Paula found it amusing when I said “Your facial expressions are very entertaining,” as she completed the transaction.

Day 11: Political Chicken and Friday Night Fire Saturday, Oct 25 2014 


So I’m gonna use today to mainly talk about a discussion we had throughout the school day with my friends. So one of my friends got a job at Chick-Fil-a which sparked a discussion of whether or not it’s wrong to eat somewhere where you don’t agree with the beliefs of the owner/company. My friend Nico (who never goes to Chick-Fil-a because of the owner’s beliefs) argues that he doesn’t want to support the owner’s beliefs. However most of us, including me, said that their product is very good and what the owner thinks doesn’t matter to us. I specifically felt that when I spend my money there I’m helping the workers way more than the owner.


The fire pit at Paula's

The fire pit at Paula’s

With a full weekend of activities scheduled, Paula and I stayed in and sat around a fire pit. The predecessors at her place built a circular stone wall around a locust tree in her backyard. Against my recommendation, among Paula’s first acts as a homeowner here was to have the tree cut down.  It had grown to surpass the height of the two-story structure and provided needed shade at her bedroom window.  It left a 2-foot wide and 2-foot diameter stump inside the pit wall.

It was a good call. The pit that remained is perfect for fires. It goes down about 5 feet below ground level, and we figured out you could throw all kinds of debris in there and it would burn. The first time we did it, the fire we built didn’t go out for two days. Last night’s was a more modest version, yet ideal for the conditions on a cool clear evening. It was still smoldering in the morning.

Bingham Fellows promote three projects in west Louisville Friday, Oct 24 2014 

Packed house for the Bingham Fellows presentation.The Bingham Fellows graduating class presented their projects to a packed house at the Kentucky Center for African American Heritage on Thursday, competing for a grant offered by UPS. This year’s theme for the Bingham Fellows program, sponsored by the Leadership … Continue reading

Journal #8: Meet Luke’s Pals and a Fear of Dentistry Wednesday, Oct 22 2014 

Our Journal continues.


Since today was boring I’m going to use this day to describe my closer friends.
Chase- He is a bit naïve but has gotten better over the years. He is quite smart which fuels his rather large ego but we have had a lot of laughs, probably my first friend I made in high school. Less laid back as me.
Nico- Of Columbian descent, he is quite like me in that he enjoys computer games, procastinator, and is pretty laid back. Into rock music like Arctic Monkeys and Cage the Elephant, even has his own band (plays the guitar and sings). Our friendship went from being kinda being friends in freshman year to now being very good friends.
Jeff- Quite the “interesting character.” He is very smart but is certaintly different from his background at home. He is a math and computer whiz and also plays games (like most of my friends). He might be a bit different but certainly will grow on you and make you laugh a lot.
Dylan- The only one on this list who isn’t from school. He lives in a town outside Vancouver and I met him on my favorite game, League of Legends. Most days we will at least play for an hour. Very funny yet critical at times (not a bad thing most of the time). Weirdly we met when he randomly messaged me (his friend was on a League of Legends team that I was on) and asked me to play with him and some other guys. We connected quite well and have played together since then.
Those are my closer friends. I was just trying to give you a picture of the people I hang out with.


It’s never fun to go to the dentist. However, I do like mine, Dr. Shawn Moore. I’ve actually seen him out in public and had some nice conversations with him not related to my teeth. And one time he even advertised on one of my projects.

DrMooreSignIt was just a cleaning today.  No sweat, right? I got the usual lecture about flossing and cleaning and getting my wisdom teeth removed, but this time it came from someone new – the hygienist Alex was only a few weeks on the job. I’m fortunate to be going at all. For years, I was either too cheap, didn’t have insurance, or didn’t like the handful of dentists I tried. And there’s nothing easier to put off than going to the dentist.

I fear my neglect may end up costing my sons, though Luke is now on track, and even has braces. Nick and Josh are adults, so it’s up to them whether or not they take care of their teeth, but I don’t think I was a good role model on that score when they were growing up.

Back to Alex, who walked the tightrope between not wanting to upset me and berating me for not flossing enough. Since I have been going to dentists, I’ve been told to get my wisdom teeth removed. Alex, being new to me, started anew on that one, warning me that if I expected to have a nice long life, I’d better get them taken out, else I will have serious and expensive issues. She actually threw in a compliment, telling me that I was so young and needed to get it done.

With all that, I’m going to call the oral surgeon Alex recommended. I might actually go through with it.

Day 7: Monday Blahs and Rick Pitino’s Speech Tuesday, Oct 21 2014 

Journal, Day 7.
School was one of those Mondays that drag on quite a while but not much work. Though when I see it’s almost November I can’t really believe it. I’m not that normal in that I don’t really want to grow up but it’s a part of life and there is definitely some benefits to growing up like being able to do a lot more stuff and have fun doing more stuff. Other than homework and such nothing much happened .

I have plenty of opportunity to see public speakers. For two years, I witnessed how difficult it can be for people by teaching a public speaking class. So I know something about the topic.

It amazes me how bad some business people are at making simple speeches. They rely on notes and read their speech, they speak in monotones, and they rarely make eye contact with their audience. Rick Pitino, on the other hand, is among the best I’ve ever heard. At today’s Tipoff Luncheon at the Marriott, Pitino spent 15 minutes getting the crowd excited not only about his basketball team, but about being a part of the University of Louisville community.

Rick Pitino

Pitino gave a great speech

Pitino praised his counterpart, Jeff Walz, coach of the women’s team. He used humor to explain how it’s going to be facing his son Richard in the season’s first game, against Minnesota in Puerto Rico. He connected with every parent in the audience by talking about how hard it is to get his young players to listen. And he got everyone excited by talking about how well his players are doing on the court, how he’s looking forward to playing the toughest schedule in school history.  He even predicted the men’s football team will beat Florida State next Thursday, and that he was fired up for that.

I rarely Tweet anything, but when he made the Florida State comment, I put it up on Twitter. I did not expect the reaction. Kentucky Sports Radio re-tweeted it, and dozens of UK fans re-tweeted or commented on it, mostly with derisive words about Pitino. I learned a lot of folks carry hatred toward Rick around with them.

Moody’s downgrades University of Louisville’s long-term debt rating Monday, Oct 20 2014 

Oval-Commons-University-of-LouisvilleRatings agency Moody’s Investors Service downgraded the long-term debt rating of the University of Louisville last month, citing multiple years of weak operating performance, declines in state budget appropriations, and dwindling federal investment. The news comes on the heels of … Continue reading

Day 3: Teen Boredom, Mormons and Nick Friday, Oct 17 2014 

The Daily Journal of Luke and Rick, Day 3


School today was fairly boring, not much happened. The only thing of importance that was talked about today was… well actually nothing. The walk home from school oddly boring as well since nothing came into my head that was interesting to think about. However my brother and his fiancée came over for dinner, which is always great. We had some great cooking from my mom and talked about a variety of things ranging from school to family to Ebola stuff (my brother isn’t scared in the least bit). Though the symptoms of Ebola and what Ebola does to you made my mom very uncomfortable, which was funny. Well that concludes my day so I’m going to get back to my computer game.


I walked up the street to Loui Loui’s for dinner with Paula. On the way, two college-age women on Wal-mart bicycles stopped to talk with me. It was dusk, and they were dressed conservatively, in dresses with little hats like I’ve seen Amish women wear. With a huge smile, one asked me about my relationship with Jesus Christ.

MormonMy answer made it clear that I wasn’t going to be their convert to Mormonism for the day. But we did have a nice conversation. She asked what I knew about Mormons, to which I joked that I knew from South Park that it was the right religion. And that I knew about Big Love, the HBO series. I asked about their mission, recalling reading about BYU athletes giving up a year of athletic eligibility to go on faraway missions. I wonder how they drew Louisville as their destination.

They live in an apartment, and apparently were out looking for people to talk with about Mormonism. They even gave me a card, asking me to investigate the church. I actually have read a lot about Mormons, including the disturbing 2003 book by Jon Krakauer, “Under the Banner of Heaven.” I’m sure they wouldn’t recommend it.

In other news, I got a call from my son Nick, who’s 24 and lives in New Orleans. I’m really  proud of him. He’s working in a children’s museum, but his passion is focused on a play he’s producing. He’s also the creator of the name “Rusty Satellite” and it was great to tell him how the show (the weekly podcast I produce) is gaining in popularity. I’ve promised Nick a cut of all the proceeds of the show, and he’s going to use it for materials to get his play produced. A win-win.


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