Louisville wins big NEA grant to pair artists and businesses Wednesday, Jul 16 2014 

Louisville-Skyline-1“This is a way to bring the two sides together, so that one-plus-one equals three,” says Bob Saunders, chairman of Louisville healthcare startup accelerator XlerateHealth. “The creativity element is important to commercial success.” What Saunders referred to above is the … Continue reading

Free or low-cost breast cancer screenings this Wednesday thanks to Thorntons Monday, Jul 14 2014 

KentuckyThorntonsThorntons Inc., the gas station/convenience stores that operate throughout the South and Midwest, is headquartered right here in Louisville. As part of the company’s “Thorntons Challenge,” a philanthropic commitment toward breast cancer awareness and partnership with Norton Cancer Institute, the company will be … Continue reading

U of L Department of Pediatrics announces agreements with Chinese researchers Tuesday, Jul 8 2014 

Yaghi-Researchers_34-prvLast week, we told you about an internal University of Louisville video in which Dr. Gerard Rabalais – fresh from a trip to China – teased a pending deal with Chinese researchers, among other things. In the video, Rabalais, chairman … Continue reading

Opinion: Hobby Lobby makes the case for single payer health care Monday, Jul 7 2014 

6289639278_7d79bc5d69_oLast week, the U.S. Supreme Court decided the case of Burwell v. Hobby Lobby, a challenge to the contraception mandate of the Affordable Care Act. Hobby Lobby, a closely held corporation religiously opposed to providing contraceptive health care to its … Continue reading

Addicted babies testing the limits of Louisville’s neonatology units Thursday, Jul 3 2014 

newborns-addicted-to-painkillersTo show you how quickly and profoundly the health care space can change, Kentucky is in the middle of a pediatric crisis, a scourge few saw coming even five years ago. In 2011 when Norton Healthcare announced a $120 million … Continue reading

Dr. Gerald Rabalais video gives rare insights into U of L pediatrics, including new Kosair partnership Tuesday, Jul 1 2014 

Picture 4Increasingly, the University of Louisville under President James Ramsey is an opaque institution despite the fact it is a state school. U of L media executives have told IL we will not be given access to top administrators. So when … Continue reading

Kosair Children’s Hospital: Is Norton v. U of L having an impact? Monday, Jun 30 2014 

Kosair Children’s HospitalEditor’s note: Terry Boyd wrote the majority of this opinion post, collaborating with health care insiders. U.S. News & World Report has released its latest Best Children’s Hospitals list for 2014-2015, and Kosair Children’s Hospital in Louisville is nowhere to … Continue reading

Monday Business Briefing: Deal brewing for CHI to offload KentuckyOne? Monday, Jun 30 2014 

TopSecret_780wWelcome to the June 30 Monday Business Briefing. This is your private business intelligence briefing with Insider Louisville staff and contributors vetting tips collected during the past few days, hours and minutes before we post. This is the “history may … Continue reading

Monday Business Briefing: Eurofins bringing 130 STEM jobs to Louisville Monday, Jun 16 2014 

TopSecret_780wEditor’s note: The first version of this post misstated Altria’s relationship with Kraft Foods. Welcome to the June 16 Monday Business Briefing. This is your private business intelligence briefing with Insider Louisville staff and contributors vetting tips collected during the … Continue reading

First-in-class cancer drug currently testing at U of L Friday, Jun 6 2014 

adaptive_1387226689_uploads_images_8b6bf2e8797339a9e17c5b1c3e368df1_jpg_610x325_85Louisville firm Advanced Cancer Therapeutics is conducting Phase 1 clinical trials of its first-in-class cancer drug PFK-158. The trials are being held at the James Graham Brown Cancer Center at the University of Louisville, and involves an initial sample size … Continue reading

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