Summer Movie Deals around Louisville, KY Friday, May 15 2020 

 Are you looking for summer movie deals? Throughout the summer, movie theaters and libraries offer deals for families.   For indoor fun during the summer on hot days, head to the movie theaters. Prices range from FREE to $1. It’s a great way to enjoy some downtime on a hot summer day, and the price can’t be beat! These deals [...]

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‘Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker’ lands on Disney Plus Monday, Apr 27 2020 

'May the 4th be with you.'


Shows and movies to watch on Netflix to help get through social distancing Wednesday, Apr 1 2020 

Features editor Zoe Watkins shares some Netflix recommendations to watch while at home due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

By Zoe Watkins–

There’s a lot of free time on everyone’s hands now since social-distancing practices have been extended until the end of April. However, do not fret, as there are still a lot of activities one can being doing around the house, such as watching an abundance of shows and movies. Since the masses voted earlier this year about what their favorite streaming services are, here are some picks of TV shows and movies from the popular Netflix platform to watch during these times.

Hairspray (2007)

It’s an oldie, but a goodie. This musical turned movie brings out that energetic feeling with its sing-along songs.

The movie follows Tracy Turnblad in Baltimore of 1962. When she and her friend get the chance to audition for their favorite dance show, Tracy was able make it onto Corny Collins though angering the current reigning dance queen in the process. Soon, Tracy learns that black kids are only able to dance on the show once a month which she decides isn’t fair. With the help of her friends, Tracy helps bring racial integration to the show and in the process hopefully become the new dancing queen of the Corny Collins Show.

This song-packed movie is a good way to sing away the blues during these troubling times.

Black Mirror (2011)

If feel-good movies aren’t the best to watch right now, there are still some dark shows that could catch someone’s interest. “Black Mirror” is just one of those series that likes to mess with the idea of technology being taken too far.

If something a bit more dark and mature sounds appealing, then this would be the best fit as freshman Heather Martin would describe this series.

“I would not start it if you don’t do good with character deaths but if you do, the story line with the main character and his internal struggle keeps you interested and on your toes,” Martin said.

Our Planet (2019)

If the inside is starting to grate on the nerves, this documentary series will provide some relief and help bring some nature into the home.

Even though there are only eight episodes, each one is about 50 minutes. The series documents a variety of differing ecosystems around the world. From the reefs of the vibrant seas to the windy grasslands of North America, the show views all sorts of aspects of mother nature.

The Good Place (2016)

This show offers its own comedic twist to what the afterlife is like especially when someone ends up going to the wrong place.

The show first comes off as just any regular comedic show, but soon offers its own random quirks that make it special such as how the main character must solve her own mistakes that have crept into the utopian world. It also offers a good story-line that usually isn’t shown in these types of shows and it can sometimes become emotional.

“The Good Place comes off as something that sound like a normal sitcome but the jokes and twists keep you going back to it,” Martin said.

Other recommendations: “The Witcher” (2019), “My Girl” (1991), “Monty Python and the Holy Grail” (1975), and “Gilmore Girls” (2000)

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‘The Color Purple’ returns to theaters for 35th anniversary Wednesday, Feb 19 2020 

Fathom Events and Turner Classic Movies will screen Steven Spielberg's 'The Color Purple' for one day only on Sunday, Feb. 23.


Horror movies that scream love Wednesday, Feb 5 2020 

By Delaney Hildreth —

Watching romantic comedies has been a token activity for couples and single people on Valentine’s Day, but sticking to the same genre every year can be boring. 

Here are a couple recommendations that’ll get hearts racing, but stick to the theme of Valentine’s Day. 

Phantom of the Opera  (1925 & 2004)

This 1925 classic story of a terrifying man living in the depths of an opera house isn’t a typical black-and-white horror film, but it has the same elements that mix wonderfully with romance, making it an especially great pick for Valentine’s Day. For something more modern, there is another option.

The 2004 version has a hauntingly beautiful score which mostly makes up for the weaker performances.

Either would be a good choice for those not up for extreme scares.

Picnic at Hanging Rock (1975)

In 1900 Australia, after a Valentine’s Day picnic, three students and a teacher from a girls’ academy go missing on a mountain, perplexing the school and the town. When searching for the four, confusion arises as to where they might have gone, and the secrets that the wilderness hides become more perplexing.

While not being traditionally scary, “Picnic at Hanging Rock” has a mysterious aura and eerie editing that heightens the suspense. Viewers must be able to handle slow pacing and an ambiguous ending, but “Picnic at Hanging Rock” is worth the watch.

It Follows (2014)

A supernatural entity that can shape-shift into anyone follows the protagonist, Jay, after a curse is passed on to her from her ex-boyfriend. The creature stalks her wherever she goes and is strong and unstoppable.

As creepy and unsettling as it is, “It Follows” shows strong and solid relationships through the characters who stand by Jay’s side and protect her from the creature. This movie is beautifully captured and told, but with that beauty comes the everlasting paranoia that the leading lady feels. 

Additional recommendations: “Dracula” (1992), “The Cabin in the Woods” (2012), “Jennifer’s Body” (2009) and “My Bloody Valentine” (1981).

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‘Cats’ Backlash: A movie so bad no one saw it, but everyone is making fun of it Tuesday, Dec 24 2019 

The internet, namely Twitter, is ablaze with raucous roasts of the new "Cats" movie, which so bad no one really saw it. It cost $100 million, but made just $6. Ouch.


Holiday movie guide to get in the festive spirit Friday, Nov 29 2019 

By Blake Wedding —

It’s that time of year again–nights by the fireplace while sipping eggnog and hot cocoa. The time of year where we think of others more than ever and give gifts. It’s time for holiday parties and cold nights with friends and loved ones. This also means it’s time to snuggle up in the living room and watch holiday movies that remind us why this time of year is so special. The Cardinal has prepared a list of five of the most festive films to make it easier for students to get in the holiday spirit.

1. Planes, Trains and Automobiles – John Hughes (1987)

John Hughes is a legendary filmmaker often regarded for many things, but his greatest gift was in casting the spotlight on the lives of small-town middle Americans in a sympathetic and forward-thinking manner. He is an auteur of the classic “coming-of-age” story in film history, but his 1987 holiday film “Planes, Trains and Automobiles” might be his finest comedic work. Featuring the likes of comedic geniuses Steve Martin and John Candy at the height of their careers, the movie is a wholesome story about two irreverent characters heading home for the holidays. Inevitably, the two characters butt heads due to their incredibly different lifestyles and personalities. But what “Planes, Trains and Automobiles” teaches is to appreciate people who are different than us and to embrace the holiday sense of giving and charity. It is a film that sheds sympathy for the downtrodden, the forgotten and the eccentric people in this world, and it reminds us that helping others is one of the greatest gifts we can give.

2. A Charlie Brown Christmas – Bill Meléndez (1965)

There are few names as well known as “Charlie Brown” when it comes to naming classic holiday films. The Charlie Brown series has its name attached to a number of different holidays over the years, but without a doubt, “A Charlie Brown Christmas” is the best of them all. This is a film that captures the spirit and essence of the holidays, as well as the nostalgia and child-like wonder that accompany the holidays. It’s a film about friendship, togetherness, selflessness and caring about people. It also happens to have one of the most recognized and well-regarded soundtracks to any holiday movie.

3. Elf – Jon Favreau (2003)

Just when it seemed like Hollywood was running out of ideas for holiday films, “Elf” came along in 2003 and cemented itself as a modern holiday classic. Sure, the film is filled with clichés and some of Will Ferrell’s goofiest comedy to date, but it’s also an undeniably charming, funny and wholesome holiday film. It’s a film that reiterates already well-known themes of the holidays and why they’re important, but it’s the way “Elf” executes its ideas that makes it an endearing film. Ferrell is hilarious as Buddy the Elf, and as a character, is someone who forces others to reevaluate their selfishness during the holidays.

4. A Christmas Story – Bob Clark (1983)

“A Christmas Story” is a holiday classic in every sense of the word and a film as synonymously American as apple pie. It’s a film that nearly everyone mentions as the quintessential holiday film and one that tells a familiar story of the holidays in small-town America. It’s a funny, endearing and amusing story that shows how an entire family handles the holiday season. From Ralphie’s insatiable desire to have the newest and greatest gifts under the Christmas tree, to his father being overworked and jaded about the holidays, and his mother being overworked and stressed during this time of year, what “A Christmas Story” does best is show us that the holidays can be both full of wonder and worry depending on who you are. Furthermore, “A Christmas Story” manages to tell these stories through a lens that is relatable and undoubtedly hilarious, making it one of the best feel-good movies of the season.

5. It’s a Wonderful Life – Frank Capra (1946)

“It’s a Wonderful Life” is a film that has been called the greatest holiday movie of all time year after year, and there is a reason for that. Not only is “It’s a Wonderful Life” the best holiday film ever, it’s also one of the greatest films of any genre ever made. Yes, this is an old movie, and yes, some younger viewers may be thrown off by the original film’s black and white cinematography, but it’s also a rare film that can resonate with people of all ages. It’s a film about learning not to take what you have for granted during the most important time of year. A film that exclaims that no matter how stressful or hard your life may be, you should take time to understand the importance of being thankful for what you do have. “It’s a Wonderful Life” is a film about compassion, acceptance, togetherness and, as the title implies, life.

Festive Mentions: “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” (1967); “Home Alone” (1990); “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation” (1989); “The Santa Claus” (1994); “Miracle on 34th Street” (1994); “The Nightmare Before Christmas” (1993); “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” (1964).

Graphic by Alexis Simon // The Louisville Cardinal 

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Shedding light on Hulu’s “Into the Dark” series Tuesday, Oct 22 2019 

By Jordan Geisler —

Are you looking for ways to amplify your spooky season? Check out Hulu’s popular collection of movies in their latest collection, the “Into the Dark” series.

The collection of B-level thriller and scary movies are united with Jason Blum of Blumhouse Productions, but having a genius on the team doesn’t mean every movie is worth viewing, so here’s your guide to what to watch and movies to miss.

What to watch: “Down,” “I’m Just F*cking With You,” “New Year, New You,” “All That We Destroy,” “Pooka!” and “The Body.”

  • Both “Down” and “I’m Just F*cking With You” are heavy with suspense and keep you intrigued. Even though the twists are somewhat guessable, they’re still entertaining and have you waiting for everyone to get what they deserve.
  • “New Year, New You” boasts bloody catfights and a dialogue full of millennialism that you wouldn’t want to miss. “All That We Destroy” carries a great ending and warns about the potential future of misogyny and toxic masculinity.
  • “Pooka!” and “The Body,” while both a little out in left-field, were some of the first movies made in the series and got away with a lot of violence and craziness before Hulu changed the rest of the series to be more political and have actual lessons.

Movies to miss: “Treehouse,” “School Spirit,” and “Flesh & Blood” are all worth skipping in their own right.

  • “Treehouse” is absurdly complex. It’s storyline consists of a bachelorette party of witches getting revenge on a celebrity chef, which is as crazy as it sounds.
  • “School Spirit” centers on five high-schoolers in Saturday detention while a “ghost” kills the bad students. It tries to be a murderous “Breakfast Club” but fails. The killer is obvious within the first 30 minutes, and the plot is such a slow-burn that it never produces any real fire.
  • “Flesh & Blood” tells the story of a father and daughter relationship that goes bad after the daughter discovers her dad’s murderous tendencies. Its dialogue is ridiculously laughable, but it does have a few shining moments of suspense.

There is a group of in-between movies that can go either way: “Uncanny Annie,” “Culture Shock,” “They Come Knocking” and “Pure” carry mild intrigue but ultimately drag and don’t pack a heavy punch.

Next time you want to get your scare on, try going into the dark!

Graphic by Alexis Simon // The Louisville Cardinal

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‘The Shawshank Redemption’ returns to theaters for 25th anniversary Wednesday, Sep 18 2019 

Fathom Events and the TCM Big Screen Classics Series will bring IMDb’s No. 1-rated film to theaters nationwide.


One Night Only Showing of “Woodstock The Director’s Cut” Thursday! Wednesday, Aug 14 2019 

You know what they say– if you remember Woodstock you probably weren’t there! But whether you really were or not, we all have the chance to enjoy the 50th anniversary Director’s Cut of Woodstock for ONE NIGHT ONLY, Thursday, August 15th on the big screen. You have three theater options: AMC Stonybrook 20 on So. Hurstbourne Parkway, Tinseltown Louisville on Town Centre Drive, and for those in Southern Indiana, Regal New Albany Stadium 16 at 300 Professional Court. All screenings start at 7:00 PM EST!

Ready for more great music? Listen now at

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