Election 2015: What Happened and What’s Ahead? Wednesday, Nov 11 2015 

Gubernatorial candidates Jack Conway and Matt Bevin gave conflicting accounts and statistics on Kentucky's job climate in last week's KET debateBy John Gregory | KET This story was reported by KET and is reposted here with permission. All the polling in the Kentucky governor’s race showed Democrat Jack Conway even with or ahead of Republican Matt Bevin. Conway outraised and … Continue reading

In Other News… Matt Bevin wins governor’s race, Chris Stapleton wins CMAs, Lawrence wins life Friday, Nov 6 2015 

Kentucky's next governor, Republican Matt BevinUpset: As some of you know, this past Tuesday was Election Day. Only about 30 percent of us voted, so maybe not everyone knew. But Election Day it was, with a few key government jobs up for grabs. Like, say, governor, for instance, with … Continue reading

State Auditor Adam Edelen shares thoughts on his election loss, the Democratic Party’s decline, and how to move forward Thursday, Nov 5 2015 

Kentucky State Capitol | Photo via Wikimedia CommonsPublic and private polling on the eve of Tuesday’s election in Kentucky showed not only Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jack Conway with a small lead, but Democratic state Auditor Adam Edelen with a commanding 8 to 11 percent lead in his … Continue reading

Red State Wedding Revisited: Takeaways from Republicans’ big victories and Democrats’ major defeats on Election Day Wednesday, Nov 4 2015 

Conway BevinTuesday’s election in Kentucky was a historic triumph for the Republican Party and an unmitigated disaster for the Democratic Party, as Matt Bevin breezed to a shockingly comfortable victory over Jack Conway in the race for governor and Republicans were … Continue reading

Bevin vs. Conway: What’s at stake in the 2015 election? Tuesday, Nov 3 2015 

VoteButtonsBy John Gregory | KET This story was reported by KET and is reposted here with permission. So it’s Election Day, and despite all the political ads, debates, and news reports, you’re still not sure which major party candidate for … Continue reading

Matt Bevin’s outsider campaign for governor rallies Republican base ahead of Tuesday’s election Monday, Nov 2 2015 

Matt BevinInside a crowded room of volunteers phone-banking at the Jefferson County Republican Party headquarters last week, Republican Matt Bevin made an urgent plea for his supporters to get him across the finish line in Tuesday’s election and make him the … Continue reading

Conflicting jobs numbers cited by Conway and Bevin reflect divergence of federal employment surveys in Kentucky Monday, Nov 2 2015 

Gubernatorial candidates Jack Conway and Matt Bevin gave conflicting accounts and statistics on Kentucky's job climate in last week's KET debateDuring last week’s gubernatorial debate on KET between Democrat Jack Conway and Republican Matt Bevin, both candidates cited federal employment surveys to make two very different claims: Conway said these numbers showed Kentucky is adding many thousands of new jobs, while … Continue reading

Profile: Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Jack Conway Friday, Oct 30 2015 

Jack Conway official portrait - largeBy John Gregory | KET In the summer of 1995, Jack Conway was at loose ends. He had just finished his law degree at George Washington University in the nation’s capital and was scheduled to start a federal clerkship the … Continue reading

LouisvilleKY’s The WEEK: Sombreros, Spooks, Skeletons Friday, Oct 30 2015 

LouisvilleKY.com is celebrating/lamenting the end of October and Daylight Savings Time by getting out on the town and, also, watching some good TV — Cards at Wake Forest Friday night, then the Breeders Cup all weekend (you can still get a Friday ticket for $22 on StubHub). On Sunday, you can see Rick Pitino’s Cardinals at the Yum! Center against Bellarmine.


What were they thinking?

Sad Sombrero: Let’s not feel sorry for U of L president James Ramsey, whose office had to defend this embarrassing photo of staff members making fun of Mexicans. The pic was from a story reported by the Courier-Journal at a party held at Amelia Place, the expensive president’s home that the University keeps and maintains even though Ramsey doesn’t want to live there. The mini-controversy made national news, as if we haven’t had enough of that already.

Speaking of Scandal: The week’s bombshell was the interview of Larry Wilder, Katina Powell‘s attorney, on local radio. Wilder said his client won’t be talking to the NCAA or anyone else without immunity from prosecution. You can tune in right now and hear stupid people applying bad logic to the situation on local radio, but . . . don’t.

Wanna Be a Maintenance Technician? : That Snelling Staffing’s Job of the Week.

The End is Near: Some of you will be voting on Tuesday for a new governor. Matt Bevin picks and chooses with reporters he wants to talk to, makes contradictory statements, kicks thousands of people off Medicaid and says he wants to drug-test anyone on any type of public assistance. Jack Conway, if you’ve seen any of the awful TV ads put up by Republican-backed interests, is just like Obama. I’m going with Jack.  On Wednesday, it’s back to awful car sales pitchmen on TV.

$28 Million, $16.9 Million: Separate announcements this week revealed that a $16.9 million grant has been awarded to make Dixie Highway safer and spur development — and $28 million is being requested to develop an arts and culture district at Paristown Pointe.


Tara Conner of Russell Springs, Ky.

Beauty Queen, Addict, Speaker: Her 15 minutes of fame came in 2006, and includes a famous interaction with Donald Trump, but former Miss USA and Miss Kentucky Tara Conner is telling her story of addiction recovery across the country, while pursuing a show business career in L.A.  Listen to my interview on Rusty Satellite.

Let’s Go Tops, and WDRB: Fox41 sent Ric Bozich and Mike Lacett on a two-day trip to Baton Rouge with WKU’s football team, and got some great behind-the-scenes footage. It’s worth five minutes to watch. My mid-season assessment of local football schools is here.

An $8 Million Makeover: Listen in as the Airport’s Skip Miller talks about the $8 million that will be spent to update the airport terminal — hint: bourbon-themed. Skip will be our guest speaker Nov. 10 at the Breakfast of Champions. Sign up here.

Rusty Alum Beauty Queen Update: Here’s a nice piece on U of L volleyball star and Miss Kentucky Katie George, who is doing a #GirlPower segment on WLKY-TV. It airs on Fridays.

Falling Back: I don’t like it either, but cut your Saturday night short an hour and get ready for darkness on the edge of our town by 6 p.m. next week.

It’s Halloween – I’ve still got this shirt!



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In Other News… Governor race, UPS, best KY high school, Lena Dunham on Jennifer Lawrence Friday, Oct 30 2015 

Conway BevinElection Day: It may be a little overshadowed by all the presidential debates, but we have ourselves an election for Governor coming up this Tuesday, pitting Democrat Jack Conway against Republican Matt Bevin against Independent Drew Curtis. It would seem … Continue reading

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