There’s plenty of ways to get involved in campus life Wednesday, Apr 22 2020 

By Zoe Watkins — 

Even after Orientation and Welcome Week, the campus stays vibrant as ever almost every single day. There is no rest to campus life as there are many different things that a student can do to get involved with campus life and take part in the fun.

There’s plenty of social organizations for everyone’s interest

U of L offers many ways for students to be more social from Greek life to Recognized Student Organizations (RSO).

Even though she didn’t like the idea of joining a sorority at first, Junior Akanksha Gupta joined Kappa Delta (KD)after some her older friends pushed her to go through recruitment.

“Looking back, it was definitely the best decision I’ve made in college. I met so many of my best friends and have made connections that I never could’ve made before,” Gupta said.

She said a freshman should join a sorority or fraternity as it helps make them become a better person. KD shaped her into the person she is today as well as helped her grow. Gupta also said she gained life-long friends that have helped her make it through college.

If someone wishes to join a sorority or fraternity, Gupta said registration opens up on May 1.

Besides Greek life, the variety of RSOs offers students a chance to find new interests. Besides new interests, it is also a way to find people who share the same likes which was the case for junior Nicole Anderson when she joined the Tabletop Gaming Club for D&D.

Anderson says joining an RSO is a healthy way to fill downtime.

“You get to relax, share passions, make friends, and you get to learn about new stuff related to your passion,” she said.

Have a voice in our campus government

Make some change to campus through the Student Government Association (SGA), or even bring voice to a specific college since each branch of SGA has their own student council as well freshman council.

Sophomore Alexa Meza joined the Arts & Science Student council her freshman year as she needed a place where she could be herself and do the things that she loved.

“Through SGA, I’ve found some of my best friends and discovered the thing I’m really passionate about improving on campus,” Meza said.

She says what she loves the most about U of L’s student government is how it empowers students to improve areas in campus services or academic polices, solve problems, voice concerns and make change happen.

“The purpose of student government here at U of L, to me, is about improving the quality of life for students that are already here and making sure we give them the opportunity, the resources, and the desire to come back each year until they graduate,” she said.

Give back to the cardinal family

If the two options above aren’t interesting, there is still lots of ways to get involved with campus life especially with volunteering. This part of campus is heavily integrated into the cardinal community as there are plenty of days of service and even the Engage Lead Serve Board (ELSB) which offers service opportunities.

According, some things that students can do to volunteer is do a day of service such as MLK Day of Service, be a classroom note taker to help students with disabilities, become a Resident Assistant (RA) for campus housing or apply to be a Campus Tour Guide.

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Get involved to politics and take control of the future Sunday, Feb 16 2020 

By Ben Goldberger —

With the Iowa caucus Feb. 3 and the New Hampshire primary election Feb. 11, the presidential race heats up even more. Candidates are increasing their social media presence, continuing their efforts to fundraise and speaking at rallies to gain a strong base before the democratic presidential candidate is selected on June 13.

The presidential election is less than nine months away now, and while that may seem super far away,  it is important that everyone is educated on the candidates as early as possible. 

Many people shy away from politics, not wanting to start a fight with whomever they are speaking to.

But being involved with politics is extremely important for any citizen, especially college age students who will soon go into the real world and deal with the policies put in place by government legislators. 

I think, for anyone, it is important to get informed and involved in any way with politics,” says freshman political science major Ivy Stites.

“Politics are what leads up to the policies that police one’s life. Students should pay attention and fight against any policy that may hinder their success as a student and continue that attentiveness and fight when they leave school,” Stites said.

Politics are the engine that fuels this country. All of the laws and regulations that affect every aspect of life are linked to some level of politics. From speed limits on roads to how much college costs, politicians are the ones making the calls. 

Anyone who has ever taken out a federal loan for anything, student loans for example, are directly affected by the decisions made by government officials. 

This may seem like everything is out of civilians’ control with all the power laying in the hands of government officials. But regular citizens are the ones who control who is able to make those decisions. 

By being involved in politics, people are taking their future into their own hands. Being involved can look different for every person, whether that is just discussing beliefs with others, canvassing for a favorite candidate or researching policies and candidates on the ballot before voting. 

Even something as small as following government officials on social media will go a long way in keeping one up to date with new policies being passed. By following politicians on social media, citizens learn what policies and issues are important to them, therefore allowing the citizens to find a politician that cares about the same issues. 

Downloading an app for a news source is also an easy way to stay up to date with current events around the country and the world. Almost all of the major news sites have mobile apps for phones, such as CNN, Fox News and BBC News. 

Try to find the least biased news site to get the most reliable information. 

Other ways to get involved that include higher time commitments include contacting representatives about issues, volunteering with campaigns to call voters, going door-to-door representing candidates or volunteering at voting centers on election days. 

For those looking to get involved in politics on campus, Stites recommends joining party-affiliated Registered Student Organizations or Student Government Association.

Stites also explained that even simple things like watching the debates are a great way to become politically informed and get involved on a personal level.

Everyone should be involved in politics, no matter how they choose to do so. Government is where the country is molded into the form of America that citizens have to experience every day.

Whether by downloading an app, tuning into the debates or volunteering for campaigns, one is taking a huge step to taking their future, and the future of everyone around them, into their own hands. 

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Students help the community at the MLK Day of Service Tuesday, Jan 28 2020 

By Zoe Watkins–

This past Monday was Martin Luther King Jr. day, and while many people spent it as a three-day weekend, many others spent it celebrating the dream of the leader of the civil rights movement.

The Engage Lead Serve Board (ELSB) held their annual MLK Day of Service in Schneider Hall. Seniors Alex Elias and Alisha Deshmukh, directors of Training and Leadership, organized the event.

The event has been around since 1994 where students come together to give back to the community through the organizations that attended the event.

“Today is a service event for Martin Luther King Day. A lot of time, people just take it as a day off and just added to it, but we believe it should be a day on because his legacy speaks towards helping others and service. We want to encourage that in our students,” Deshmukh said.

Even though the MLK Day of Service has not been around for long, the event has drastically changed over the decades.

“I think over the years it has gotten bigger. We’ve just been adding more and more service sites and more opportunities. I’d say its kind of grown and its impact has spread. We’ve had members of the community coming out,” Deshmukh said.

There was also free food and t-shirts provided to volunteers along with guest speaker Adria Johnson, from the Metro United Way, who held a speech before students and community members boarded the buses to go to their respective sites.

Even with the day being cold and snowy, it didn’t stop students from volunteering that day.

SGA Services Vice President Lydia Burns has attended the event all throughout her college career and decided to help at the Cardinal Cupboard this year.

“I think that the MLK Day of Service is a great way to get out of your dorm, normally on a cold Monday, but just a way to celebrate the spirit of MLK. Thinking about how we get this day off, but it’s not necessarily for ourselves. It’s to celebrate MLK and all the awesome things he did, and I think there’s not better way to do that than to serve our community,” Burns said.

In the past, Burns, now a senior, has volunteered at La Cacina and the Garden Commons.

“I think that it is awesome that U of L has these opportunities for the community to come together and work for a common purpose and accomplish something that’s really good for the community not only for U of L,” Burns said. “Obviously it’s helpful to U of L to have this free labor, but it’s also for the community to see that U of L students care about their nonprofit organizations and they care about the work they do and they want to show their support.”

As for this year, there were many service sites including; Harbor House, U of L composting, the Food Literacy Project, and Americana Word Community Center where students who attended the event could sign up to help. With many students joining in and volunteering, there was an equal amount of service sites for them to choose from.

One such site was the Louisville Dream Factory whose site leader is graduate student Samantha Lamar. The organization helps dreams become reality for kids who are chronically or critically ill and help them out with dealing with their illness in anyway possible.

Even though this was their first year at the MLK Day of Service, Lamar and the Louisville Dream Factory attended SOUL which was another volunteering event held by the ELSB last year in early August.

“Everyone’s been really excited to be here and it’s snowing outside, but people are still showing up to do service which I think is really awesome. I haven’t done MLK Day here, but I did do SOUL and U of L students are awesome and really like to do service, so I think it’s going really well,” Lamar said.

There are still many opportunities for students to serve around the community which can be found under the “Get Involved” webpage on the U of L website, or another event coming up like MLK Day of Service will be SOUL that will be happening next fall semester during welcoming week.


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