In Other News… Clinton visits, Grimes/McConnell debate, Paul likes his donuts, new ‘Hunger Games’ trailer Friday, Oct 17 2014 

Alison Lundergan Grimes and Hillary Clinton (photo from Grimes campaign)The Big Guns: Hillary Clinton, former secretary of state, came through Louisville on Wednesday to support Democratic Challenger Alison Lundergan Grimes, says USA Today, CBS News, Politico, The Hill and MSNBC. Bloomberg describes it as a rescue mission. The Wall … Continue reading

Rand Paul gave gays reluctant shrug of acceptance Thursday, Oct 9 2014 

Senator Rand Paul gave gays a reluctant shrug of acceptance in South Carolina recently:

Who might a ‘President Rand Paul’ pardon in bribery scandal? Sunday, Sep 21 2014 

Sen. Rand Paul. (Facebook)
Economic Policy Journal's Robert Wenzel has published an intriguing analysis of the 'prisoner dilemmas' now facing Senator Mitch McConnell's former campaign manager Jesse Benton, as well as former McConnell consultant Dimitri Kesari.

Wenzel's analysis triggers rational minds to formulate questions like: If the subjects were cooperating with the investigation, why would the FBI need to issue subpoenas? How are Benton, Kesari, and Paul going to get out of this? Why has Kesari chosen counsel from within the Paul circle of influence? Is it in the best interest of Kesari to play along?

Recap: Both Benton and Kesari appear to be subjects of a FBI bribery scandal investigation involving former Iowa State Senator Kent Sorenson's endorsement of former Congressman Ron Paul's 2012 bid for president. Since Sorenson has accepted a plea deal, we know at least one Paul campaign operative, if not a plethora, will face indictment in time. It takes at least two to tango.

Paul, Benton, and Kesari were already hoping on a victory for Senator Rand Paul 's 2016 bid for the U.S. presidency. But I postulate, the three are also counting on the victory to enable a "President Rand Paul" to conveniently relieve them of their potential convictions, as well as commute their potential sentences.

The President of the United States has the power to pardon or commute sentences. From Article II, Section 2 of the U.S. Constitution:
"...he shall have Power to grant Reprieves and Pardons for Offenses against the United States, except in Cases of Impeachment."
Would Rand Paul go through with it? It would be reasonable for him to pardon his father, and if he wants peace with his sister, he would surely pardon his niece's husband, Benton. But Kesari? Why bother?

Remember Susan McDougal? She was the only person prosecuted for the Arkansas Whitewater scandal that threatened the presidential aspirations of former President Bill Clinton. For her refusal to answer three questions about Bill Clinton's knowledge, she 'took one for the team' as they say.

McDougal was not related to Clinton, like Kesari is not related to the Rand Paul. Clinton waited to pardon McDougal until his last day as president, and by that time she had already served her full 18-month sentence (6 months of that sentence was spent in solitary confinement.)

Does Kesari actually believe that Rand Paul's election is a sure thing? If so, is he delusional enough to believe Rand Paul will show more compassion than Bill Clinton? Or is he both as loyal and disinterested in justice as McDougal?

9/21/14 Update:
How'd I miss this? Apparently Rand Paul has no problem with the pardons. From Christopher Weber in Politics Daily in 2010:
Rand wrote a newspaper opinion piece four [now eight] years ago, when then-Gov. Ernie Fletcher was under investigation for allegedly violating state hiring laws, The Associated Press reported. Paul, then a Bowling Green eye doctor, wrote in the now-defunct Kentucky Post that if he were Fletcher, he would simply pardon himself. 
"What would I do if I were governor? First, I'd have pardoned myself and everyone included nearly a year ago," Paul, a Republican, wrote in the Aug. 23, 2006 article. "Without a pardon the case goes on and on."

Another Mitch McConnell Tie to National Right to Work Scandal Friday, Sep 19 2014 

Doug Stafford, Source: Politico.
Sen. Mitch McConnell disbursed a total of $30,000 to the wife of National Right to Work Vice President Doug Stafford in 2013 for “fundraising consulting” according to his campaign's latest FEC report.  

In their report, the McConnell campaign listed a prestigious residential address in D.C. only blocks from the Capitol for Elizabeth Stafford. Incidentally, from Politico's profile of Doug Stafford:

"To minimize his commute and maximize his time at home when he took the Senate job, Stafford moved his family from western Fairfax to five blocks from the Capitol.

The Long Island native, who attended the University of Maryland, has four daughters — 21, 14, 5 and 17 months. He and his second wife, Elizabeth, adopted the youngest."
Doug Stafford has been implicated as spearheading an illegal off-the-books mass mail operation ran in coordination with legislative candidates through National Right to Work. The scheme was exposed by whistleblower Dennis Fusaro through the release of a secret recording to blogger Lee Stranahan and a letter from Fusaro to the NRTW board recommending they clean their own house.

Beth Stafford’s Linkedin profile
Elizabeth Stafford, if she is a fundraising consultant, keeps a low profile in that role on the internet. According to Linkedin"Beth Stafford" is a former Sen. Elizabeth Dole staffer who was employed as a Government Affairs Manager in D.C. for drug giant AmerisourceBergen while the McConnell campaign was paying "Elizabeth Stafford" as their fundraising consulting.

Dimitri Kesari, who was also paid as a McConnell consultant, and implicated as the 'bagman' in a separate Iowan bribery scandal, is at the heart of the RTW scandal as well. From report by Russ Choma with Open Secrets headlined McConnell Campaign Hired Key Figure In National Right To Work Complaint, Records Show:
"Kesari is a key figure in the new allegations: He was, at the time, NRTWC’s director of government affairs. An email exchange provided by Dennis Fusaro, the former NRTWC employee making the allegations, shows Kesari scolding Fusaro for pulling full-time staff paid by NRTWC from a candidate’s campaign without consulting the candidate; Kesari also criticized Fusaro for not keeping another candidate closely involved with the Iowans for Right To Work mass mail program."
Doug Stafford is now in charge of Sen. Rand Paul's 2016 presidential campaign, although he previously served as Paul’s top senate staffer. 

(Note: I first wrote here about the National Right to Work in March 2012:
Assessing threat level of 'right to work' in Kentucky

Update 9/20/2014 1:35AM: McConnell insider Bill Marshall didn't get the memo about disassociating the campaign from scandal. On Facebook yesterday:

Update 9/22/2014 Has been brought to my attention by Russ Choma with Open Secrets that he had already covered most of the information in this entry in December, but you'll understand I think in the context of Sorenson's indictment and Benton's resignation, it is a little more relevant now:

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