Local BBC Brewmaster and COO, Joel Halbleib Visits Asheville and Brings Home the Barley Friday, Oct 31 2014 


Coming soon…BBC will debut Louisville Lager made from 100% Kentucky grown malt.

BBC is proud to be the first “as far as they know” modern brewery to offer a local brewed beer, Louisville Lager with 100% of the malt grown in Kentucky. The first batches with all Kentucky grown malt should be released in late November, further info to come closer to date… Stay tuned to LouisvilleBeer.com to know the exact date.

Halbleib has been working with Riverbend Malt House (RMH) in Asheville NC to locate a Kentucky farmer that grows the right kind of barley. Brent Manning of RMH found a farmer growing the right kind of barley. A barley, that once malted, would match BBC’s flavor profile. That farm is Walnut Grove Farms in Adairville, Kentucky! The barley variety is called Thoroughbred.

“BBC is proud to support Kentucky farmers and our friends in North Carolina” says Joel Halbleib. Joel will be in Asheville Friday (today!) to inspect the finished malt. This barley which is grown in Kentucky has to undergo a process called malting, where starches are changed to sugars. The sugars are then rinsed from the grains and boiled in what is called wort.  There is roughly 1500 lbs of malt in each batch of Louisville Lager.

Phillip Dearner, BBC President stated, “We feel this is a landmark occasion for us to really get to the roots of “support local”.  We are continually searching for ways to incorporate regional ingredients into our beer and or source equipment and services for our plant from local businesses.  This is just another step in that direction.”

Editor’s Note: Thanks to our pals at BBC for giving LouisvilleBeer.com the scoop!

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UK Football Preview – Missouri Blogger Bill Connelly (RockMNation.com) Thursday, Oct 30 2014 

straitpinkiepod640 copy 300x140 UK Football Preview   Missouri Blogger Bill Connelly (RockMNation.com)

Bill Connelly of RockMNation.com helps us preview the Missouri Tigers leading up to Saturday’s match-up with the Wildcats.

Three tiers for Anheuser-Busch! Tuesday, Oct 28 2014 


The Kentucky ABC laws can be described as finicky to those inside and outside of the beer industry.  They can possibly be classified as archaic since the first beer was cracked post-Prohibition, but they serve a purpose whether we imbibe by them or not.  From a three-tier system requiring breweries to sell their beer to a distributor to not being allowed to give away free samples of beer outside of your taproom, the laws can create some questions amongst beer geeks.  Let me explain the latter first.

Breweries in Kentucky cannot give away free beer.  For our Kentucky Guild of Brewers (KGB) Enthusiast membership, we dabbled with having a punch card, but chose to stray away from the idea due to potential legal complications.  Now if you own a micro brewers license, you are permitted limited sampling but only on your licensed brewery premises.  With this, the Liquor Barns and Old Towns of the beer world cannot give away free beer legally.  They can give out samples of wine and liquor, but beer is a no-no.  They must charge.

Let’s go back to that three tier system.  For a good explanation of it, read this.

Level 1: Producers (in our case,in-state or out-of-state breweries or microbreweries).

Level 2: Wholesale Distributors (River City, Dauntless, Beer House, Heidelberg, etc.)

Level 3: Retailers (Liquor Barn, Bearno’s, Holy Grale)

Simply, producers cannot sell directly to retailers.  They must sell their beer to a wholesale distributor who then sells their beers to retailers.

Most recently, Anheuser-Busch does not want to follow this system in Owensboro and myself, the Kentucky Guild of Brewers, and many other important entities are trying to prevent this.  You can read the detailed story here and here.

“It’s Budweiser, I don’t drink that stuff.  Why should I care about them directly selling their beer all the way in Owensboro?

You should.  Let me explain.

Our local breweries are reliant on the network of independent beer distributors in the state to get you their beer.  Also, those same distributors that get  out-of-state beers you hoard in your basements or fill up your recycling bins with.  If the worlds largest beer manufacturer is allowed to control its own distribution, our smaller breweries will be shut out of the market in areas they may not be able to provide the same incentives as Anheuser-Busch can.  For our growing industry, this loss of market access would not be good for Kentucky breweries and would also not get you the local beer you need.  Also, some out-of-state breweries may pull out of Kentucky because they cannot compete with the Goliath that is Anheuser Busch.  For example, Yuengling wrote a letter of protest to prevent AB from getting their own distributorship because they place to come to Kentucky.

This is why distributors and retailer organizations like the Wine and Spirits Wholesales of Kentucky, Kentucky Association of Beverage Retailers, American Beverage Licensees, and National Beer Wholesalers Association have provided protest letters for Anheuser-Busch’s Owensboro distributorship.  These independent distributors and retailers help create an open market place for all beer brands under their management (see also why Kroger and other local establishments are getting more craft beer friendly).  If Anheuser-Busch starts to acquire self-distribution in Kentucky, expect to see those beers you love replaced with their “crafty” impostors (God, who am I Roger Baylor?)

To the Kentucky Guild of Brewers, it makes no sense why the largest brewery in the world would be able to self distribute and our smaller, in-state operations are not allowed to.

The good news, thankfully our protest letters are working.  For the time being.

Soon, we’ll need beer drinkers to provide one solid voice of protest towards this acquisition.  W will be calling on you to write, call, email those who may attempt to let this distributorship go through.  Because god knows, if a video of a monkey riding a dog can go viral, a few thousand beer geeks in Kentucky can make some noise in legislature.



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UK head coach John Calipari talks after Blue-White game Monday, Oct 27 2014 

At one point the Blue was leading the White, 65-44. Then you looked up and the White led, 2-0. UK head coach John Calipari addresses the greatest comeback of all-time. And there was actually some defense in this game.

Video courtesy of Scott Anderson

Mark Stoops talks prior to Missouri Monday, Oct 27 2014 

UK head coach Mark Stoops talked to the media prior to Saturday’s tilt at Missouri. He said that their special teams played really well on Sunday. They were nowhere near as bad as they were at LSU, but still many would disagree.

McConnell rats out Boehner for smoking in federal building, defends Iraq War Sunday, Oct 26 2014 

Image: BonerPlan.com
Speaking to a small audience in Boyle County, Kentucky in August, Senator Mitch McConnell ratted out House Majority Leader John Boehner for smoking in a federal building.

A video of the event was uploaded to the new Youtube channel proudly launched by the Boyle County Republican Party on August 27, 2014.
"My office is about 30 feet from Speaker Boehner. It's not hard to find if all you do is just follow the cigarette fumes," said McConnell. 
President Bill Clinton made smoking in federal buildings illegal with Executive Order 13058 in 1997. Here's the clip:

When asked to explain the deficit, McConnell wondered around a bit until he stumbled upon a defense of the Iraq war. Hear him say, "You could argue those conflicts needed to occur" at the (27:02).

Other highlights from the talk:
  2:52 mark: McConnell questions the intent of an audience member recording the event.
10:45 mark To better relate to rural voters, McConnell talks about fly-fishing in Scotland.
18:00 mark McConnell makes ludicrous claim "If I'm defeated, we (Republicans) won't be in the majority."
20:37 mark "They hashed all that out in Frankfort," McConnell said when taking credit for hemp legalization.
23:30 mark: A questioner refers to Grimes as "Obama girl." McConnell takes a swig of Pepsi One, suggests questioner ignore her ads.

McConnell will be the supporting act for Lee Greenwood at several concerts scheduled for Monday and Tuesday.

(Another h/t to Jim Pence with Hillbilly Report for finding this first.)

Update 10/26/14: 11:47 pm EST :

If you're curious why the Boyle County Republican Party would be so foolish to upload a video embarrassing McConnell, Boehner, and the Republican Party, check out their tweets:

Variations on President Obama's name:

And perhaps the most contextually-awkward typo ever (That's not former Secretary Elaine Chao's middle name):

Instead of paying supporters to show up, McConnell to open at Lee Greenwood concerts Sunday, Oct 26 2014 

Lee Greenwood, musician (wiki)
The Boyle County Republicans have been kind enough to share a couple of Mitch McConnell's campaign events for the upcoming week with the public. (H/t to Jim Pence for finding first!)

Instead of McConnell paying supporters to show up at his rallies, looks like he'll be the supporting act for a series of Lee Greenwood concerts:

"Want to show your support and get face time with some fantastic Republican candidates and their supporters? How about seeing Grammy Award-Winning Country Music Star, Lee Greenwood? Sound Good? Here are the details:
Somerset Event with Rep. Hal Rogers @ 3:00 PM ET
Worldwide Equipment
208 Industry Road
Somerset, Kentucky
Russell Springs Event with Rep. Ed Whitfield @ 4:30 PM ET (3:30 PM CT)
Stephens Pipe and Steel
1413 Steve Warnier Drive
Russell Springs, KY
Liberty Event with Rep. Ed Whitfield @ 6:00 PM ET
Casey County Ag Expo Center
678 Wallace Wilkinson Blvd.
Liberty, KY 
Campbellsville Event @ 8:45 AM ET
Campbellsville Apparel
1309 East Broadway
Campbellsville, KY
Glasgow Event @ 10:45 AM ET (9:45 AM CT)
George J’s Restaurant
144 East Public Square
Glasgow, KY"
Greenwood, who is on his fourth marriage, defended Chick-fil-A founder S. Truett Cathy for standing up against gay rights in his book Does God still Bless the USA?. Here's an interview a Tennessee Fox affiliate did with him:

McConnell website features Missouri showboat, not Belle of Louisville Sunday, Oct 26 2014 

Screenshot from McConnell Senate website, 10/26/14 3 am EST
As the oldest steamboat still in operation, the Belle of Louisville is a U.S. National Historic Landmark.

Nevertheless, Senator Mitch McConnell, also of Louisville, features what appears to be the Branson Belle front and center on his Senate website.

The Branson Belle is not even a steamboat, but a diesel-powered showboat with an electric paddlewheel that floats around on a landlocked lake, in Missouri.
Magnified from that screenshot

This particular affront to Kentucky is especially
peculiar because McConnell got his start in politics as an aide to Senator Marlow Cook. In his capacity as Jefferson County Judge Executive, Cook purchased the Belle for $34,000 at a 1962 auction. Fifteen years later McConnell would be elected to serve in that same position, and oversee the fiscal operation of the Belle of Louisville.

McConnell knows what the Belle looks like, he's been in charge of her.
Branson Belle (wiki)

Let's put this in context. McConnell's Facebook page used a Russian field as the cover photo, a Denmark hunter shooting a duck to promote the NRA, and one of his first campaign commercials had a Duke player making a slam dunk. At what point will it be fair to ask whether this man knows how to use the internet?

While the Branson Belle was built in 1994, the Belle of Louisville turned 100 this month. Happy Birthday, ole girl!
Belle of Louisville (Screenshot from wiki where uploaded by Sylfred1977)
10/26/14 2:23 pm EST Update:

The Branson Belle pic is on a rotation on the McConnell website. I've never seen this horse barn below, but to be fair it's probably in France.

Screenshot 10/26/14 2:23 pm EST
(Note: An earlier update suggested that McConnell had replaced the Branson Belle with the horse barn, and that was a mistake.)

10/26/14 7:42 pm EST Update:

Ensuing outrage from Twitter:

And from Facebook:

Commercial nails McConnell on certain ‘unfair advantage’ Friday, Oct 24 2014 

Screenshot: "Be considerate and think before sharing."
Two weeks ago, Alison Lundergan Grimes' campaign began airing a commercial that was not publicly searchable on its Youtube channel. Now the Senate Majority PAC is doing the same.

Unlike Grimes ad that annoyed her base because it was downright hateful to immigrants, the Senate Majority PAC's ad looks pretty good. Why is it not publicly searchable on Youtube?  Would a modest show of transparency hurt that much?

UK Football Preview: Mississippi State at Kentucky Friday, Oct 24 2014 

The last time the Kentucky Wildcats got absolutely creamed at LSU, they came back the next week and beat Mississippi State, on the road. Their next home game was against Georgia, a game they won and was really the first big win in the Rich Brooks era. It was also the last time they went .500 in conference play. This was 2006.

Now they look to get up off the mat and standing in their way is the No. 1 team in the land, Mississippi State.

The Bulldogs are coming off of a bye week and have now had two full weeks to allow the fact that they are No. 1 to sink in a bit. But, after speaking to Charlie Burris, editor of ForWhomTheCowbellTolls.com of SB Nation, I’m not sure that their No. 1 ranking has sunk in yet.

How did Mississippi State get to No. 1? After taking care of Southern Miss, UAB, and South Alabama, they then faced the beast of their schedule, a three-game stint that featured games at LSU, and Texas A&M and Auburn at home. Win two of three and you’re still on schedule for a special season. But, then they took care of LSU on the road, a place where they hadn’t won since 1991. Heck, they hadn’t even beat LSU since 1999. Those are both streaks normally reserved for UK and their SEC opponents.

The win at LSU gave this team tremendous confidence and they rode that to home wins over A&M and Auburn. Now, after a bye week, they face the Wildcats in Lexington, as the No. 1 team in the country.

When you look at Mississippi State, the first thing you notice is their Heisman candidate quarterback, junior Dak Prescott. Prescott is a run/pass threat, the type of quarterback that has seemingly always gave UK problems. He has thrown for 1,478 yards and 14 touchdowns. He has rushed for 576 yards and eight touchdowns. He is really, really good.

prescott640 500x234 UK Football Preview: Mississippi State at Kentucky

As a run/pass threat, Prescott has the ability to use his eyes to hold defenders, is a great decision maker, and he has complete control of the offense. And he fits right into Dan Mullen’s scheme, just as Tim Tebow did at Florida. But, what makes him really special may be his ability to lead. He is a player that his teammates want to play for. He gets the best out of everyone.

One of those players is junior running back Josh Robinson. Robinson is a guy that many didn’t expect to explode on the scene this year, but at the midway point he has 689 yards and eight touchdowns. He is averaging 7.0 yards every time he gets a carry. At 5-foot-9, Robinson is a shorter back, but he’s wide and his low center of gravity makes him tough to tackle. That’s why his teammates call him “The Bowling Ball”.

Sophomore De’Runnya Wilson and Senior Jameon Lewis are Prescott’s two best pass catchers. At 6-foot-5 with a monster wingspan, Wilson is a huge target. He has the ability to make plays when the pass isn’t even there. Lewis has missed the last two games with a leg injury, but after the bye week he is expected to be 100-percent on Saturday.

The biggest problem area for Mississippi State has been their secondary. They allowed 435 passing yards against UAB. 288 to South Alabama. 341 to LSU. 365 to Texas A&M. If there is an area where the Wildcats can make hay, this is it. But, they will have to throw over the top and that is not something we have seen a ton of from UK. A lot of the passing yards that the Bulldogs have allowed have been because teams have been able to go over the top for the big play.

As bad as their secondary has been, their front seven is as good as any in the country. And the best way to take pressure off of their corners is to get pressure on the quarterback. Something they have been really good at. Over and over again, they have found a way to force opposing quarterbacks into bad decisions.

Junior linebacker Benardrick McKinney is the leader of the defense. Three adjectives to define McKinney are dynamic, fast, and huge and he has an uncanny knack to get to the quarterback. Sophomore Chris Jones and Senior Preston Brown are the strengths of their defensive line. Both are deceptively quick and Smith was named SEC Defensive Player of the Week the first three weeks of the season.

Now in his sixth year at Mississippi State, Mullen has created the depth needed to sustain success in the SEC. They lost Lewis for a few weeks at wide receiver and their depth allowed them to not really skip a beat. And they are deep like that at multiple positions, especially the front seven on defense.

Can the Wildcats pull off the upset against Mississippi? Yeah. But, it’s going to be crazy tough. This Mississippi State team is deep and talented. And they see the potential greatness that this season beholds. A loss at UK would put a screeching halt to that. So while the possibility of them overlooking Kentucky is there, don’t expect it.

UK has to get off to a better start. Their starts have been an issue the last three games. They were able to overcome that against USC and Louisiana-Monroe at home, but last week never really got things going against LSU on the road. Well, the Bulldogs have been the exact opposite. They have gotten off to quick starts, which have helped propel them to wins over quality opponents. They jumped out to a 14-0 lead at LSU in the first quarter, a 28-10 lead against A&M at half, and a 21-0 lead over Auburn in the first quarter. If UK digs a whole like that, it’s lights out.

The main reason for UK’s poor start last week was their special teams. That has to be better against MSU. They have to get more from the ground game, which will be a real challenge. I look for maybe Mikel Horton to get more touches.

I know the Air Raid is all about getting skill guys the football in open spaces and not necessarily trying to beat them downfield. But, that didn’t work last week against LSU and I don’t think it will work against MSU either. Covering the deep ball is an area of concern for the Bulldogs. To win the game, the Cats will have to beat them for a couple big plays.

Defensively, they aren’t going to keep the Bulldogs in check completely, but they have to slow down the ground game. Make Prescott be a passer and don’t let Robinson get rolling downhill.

The Cats will look better than last week. I mean, they can’t look worse. They will look considerably better. They will score multiple touchdowns. But, they still won’t win. It could happen, but I think a lot of us jumped the gun on how good this UK team is. They are better. They are improving. They will compete. But, they aren’t a team that can beat the No. 1 team in the land. Not yet.

Mississippi State 34, Kentucky 23

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