Sanders backs striking telecommunications workers Sunday, Aug 25 2019 

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has told striking telecommunications workers in Kentucky that they're an example for workers across the country by standing up to their company.

Remembering Aaliyah | R&B singer, actress died 18 years ago Sunday Sunday, Aug 25 2019 

Eighteen years after her death, Aaliyah's legacy lives on with many Hip-Hop and R&B artists naming Aaliyah as a major influence.


Cookouts helping struggling veterans connect with their families and each other Sunday, Aug 25 2019 

Veteran's Club hosts the family cookouts each months in different locations around the Louisville area. It gives those who served a safe space to connect with their families and each other.

Bernie Sanders rails against Mitch McConnell at Louisville rally Sunday, Aug 25 2019 

Sanders, an independent senator from Vermont, spoke to a crowd of about 2000 supporters in the Muhammad Ali Center courtyard. In spite of the rally for the presidential nomination, Sanders main target of the afternoon was Kentucky's Mitch McConnell.

The beginning of the Satterfield era Sunday, Aug 25 2019 

By Gabriel Wiest —

With an abrupt end to the Petrino era, Louisville football is working to distance itself from another  2-10 season. Head coach Scott Satterfield is looking to take steps in the right direction with a fresh coaching staff.

The first major part of this vision was changing the culture of the program to be more constructive. Satterfield’s coaching style focuses on showing players praise for good work, rather than slamming them when things go south.

“We’re trying to talk to our guys in a positive way. For example, every day we take the offense and show them eight clips and tell them ‘This is what we’re looking for,’ ” said Satterfield.

This optimism does not stop with just the offense, but is a team-wide effort to build players morale.

“One thing we do defensively is called the hustle tape and if you are not on that hustle tape you’re not going to play,” said defensive coordinator Bryan Brown when explaining how he combats low energy.

Satterfield assembled the coaching staff based off of people he worked with in the past and grabbing coaches from Appalachian State.

With a rough 2018 season, Satterfield explained that their greatest weakness is in depth. “When you go from the stars down to the next group it is a pretty significant drop off,” he said.

Building a strong second string will be essential entering the 2019 season as injuries can pop up at any part of the season.

While remaining optimistic Satterfield said, “I am really excited with theses guys, they are great to work with everyday, the egos are left somewhere else.”

Satterfield’s coaching style is chill, staying level headed in a variety of situations.

“I am extremely competitive. I want to win at everything I do, it does not matter what it is,” Satterfield said.

“I am very even-keeled, I want our players to be able to look at me when things go wrong and say ‘We’re still in this.’ ”

Staying calm and collected will be important when facing off against heavy hitting programs like Notre Dame, on the first game of the year.

Photo by Gabriel Wiest / The Louisville Cardinal

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Columbus joining other Indiana cities with e-cigarette bans Sunday, Aug 25 2019 

Columbus City Council members, however, are delaying the ban's effective date until mid-October so they can add an exemption for vape shops.


Bernie Sanders calls on Mitch McConnell to 'stop your cowardice' in Louisville rally Sunday, Aug 25 2019 

Sanders criticized Mitch McConnell for blocking legislation on gun violence, election security and raising the minimum wage at a rally in Louisville.


Bernie Sanders Criticizes Mitch McConnell At Louisville Rally Sunday, Aug 25 2019 

A large crowd attended a rally in Louisville Sunday for Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.

The rally was held near the entrance to the Muhammad Ali Center, and people lined the steps and filled nearby parking garages to attend. At the rally, Sanders talked about Kentucky’s economic woes, mine workers’ concerns, and the need for laws to address issues like minimum wage and gun access. The presidential candidate also talked about Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. Sanders said McConnell and President Donald Trump are trying to divide people, adding that McConnell does not listen to his constituents.

“I say to Senator McConnell, stop worrying about your billionaire friends. They’re doing just fine,” Sanders said. “Start worrying about the working families of your state and around this country who are struggling to keep their heads above water.”

Kyeland Jackson |

Sunday’s rally comes nearly a week after Trump visited Louisville and announced plans to forgive disabled veteran’s student loans. Trump’s visit also attracted protesters and supporters

One of Sunday’s rally attendees was Nancy Demartra, a Louisville resident who says she works to make her community better. Demartra said Kentucky needs reform for jobs, health care and education.

“I believe that we need to be supporting candidates who support people’s needs. And I think Bernie is working on people’s needs,” Demartra said.

Kyeland Jackson |

Sanders’ next rally will be at the National Convention of the United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers of America in Pennsylvania Monday. Another speech planned for West Virginia was postponed.

Amy McGrath ad calls out Mitch McConnell for his short visit with Kentucky coal miners Sunday, Aug 25 2019 

"We were coal miners with black lung disease going to see our senator, Mitch McConnell, to try and save our disability benefits" Moore says in the ad.


Doyel: Andrew Luck's sudden retirement will overshadow his greatness Sunday, Aug 25 2019 

Sudden retirement at age 29 means Andrew Luck won't be remembered for the great years he gave the Indianapolis Colts -- but for the years he didn't.


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