Metro Council President addresses the costly consequences of illegal dumping Wednesday, Oct 9 2019 

This is 11th illegal dumping in the Louisville area that has been caught on camera this year.


Kentucky Education Association calls for investigation into teacher emails for electioneering on Gov. Bevin’s behalf Wednesday, Oct 9 2019 

KEA says an unknown entity is sending public-school teacher's emails supporting Bevin' reelection campaign.


‘We’re not alone’ – ‘Sesame Street’ tackles addiction crisis Wednesday, Oct 9 2019 

Amid the nation's opioid crisis, the children's program is exploring the story of Elmo's friend, who has a parent battling addiction.


Indiana woman files federal lawsuit over Riverlink bills Wednesday, Oct 9 2019 

Melissa Barker claims company that manages toll system routinely does not send drivers their first bill notices.


Local fire departments deal with volunteer shortage Wednesday, Oct 9 2019 

There's a shortage of volunteer firefighters in our area, but it's also a problem most communities across America are managing.

JB Smoove comes to the Ville to bring some comedy relief Wednesday, Oct 9 2019 

It's a countdown to comedy at the Kentucky Center


Stink bugs invading Kentuckiana homes can be harmful to crops Wednesday, Oct 9 2019 

"They're not carrying diseases, they don't bite people, but people don't want them falling in their cereal in the morning," said Carol Wilder, a horticulture technician in the Jefferson County Extension Office.

More fetal remains discovered in Illinois Wednesday, Oct 9 2019 

According to Attorney General Curtis Hill, the latest remains were found Oct. 10 by authorities who were searching the late Dr. Ulrich Klopfer's business property...


CNN: Trump is calling McConnell three times a day amid impeachment controversy Wednesday, Oct 9 2019 

Trump has told McConnell he will "amplify attacks on those Republicans who criticize him" and is "lashing out at GOP senators he sees as disloyal."


Theatair X files dismissal request against town of Clarksville Wednesday, Oct 9 2019 

New town regulations approved over the summer are not stopping Theatair X from continuing business like usual, and now a judge will have her say.

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