Amateur 17-year-old Louisville boxer with 64 wins too young for Olympics plans to turn pro Thursday, Nov 28 2019 

Demontaze Duncan is already one of the top fighters in the country in his 152-pound weight class.

Thanksgiving shoppers pack stores for early Black Friday deals Thursday, Nov 28 2019 

Once the doors opened, it was every shopper for themselves.

After being kidnapped 16 years ago, an Austin man has reunited with his mother Thursday, Nov 28 2019 

Izzy El-Ubaydy found his mom after searching her name on YouTube. Then, after many roadblocks, he finally met her in person.


1 dead, several hospitalized after early morning crash in southern Indiana Thursday, Nov 28 2019 

Police responded to a wreck involving two cars on around 12:49 a.m. Thursday near the Washington County and Scott County line in southern Indiana.

Artwork outside of Toast on Market removed after vandalism Thursday, Nov 28 2019 

Owners had to remove the artwork after the graffiti couldn't be removed.


Roads closed for Light Up Louisville 2019 Thursday, Nov 28 2019 

Several downtown Louisville roads will be closed all day Friday, Nov. 29.


Black Friday advice: Strategy is key when going into battle Thursday, Nov 28 2019 

By Zoe Watkins — 

Thanksgiving will soon be here, and it’s time to gather with family and enjoy the annual festivities. Whether it’s making a hefty dinner, watching TV with the family, or tuning in for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, everything is joyful and peaceful. That is until the clock strikes twelve.

It’s time for the bloodiest battle to begin–Black Friday.

The whole day is utter chaos as crowds of customers squeeze through tiny automatic doors for the last set of cookware. So many people get hurt over everyday items, and in the worst cases, people have been killed getting trampled by crowds. However, if you think the price is right to go against the horde, here are some quick tips to survive Black Friday.

Planning and Precision is Key

Going into the store with no clue whatsoever is like going into battle without any strategy. Before it’s time for the deals to start, make a list of what you want to buy and look where the items are located in the stores. This will save you time that would have been spent searching around the store for what you need. If possible, arrive early to avoid parking wars and maybe get in some early Black Friday sales. Also, if you’re going to shop at more than one store, plan your travel by whose sales start the earliest and find the fastest ways to get there.

Look High, Stake Low

Another key detail is location. A lot of people will be heading to major superstores to get their items which leaves a lot of other places a bit less packed. So while everyone is off at Walmart, find an obscure shopping mall or a small plaza. Besides, maybe your favorite local store is having a better sale than other retailers and might have more items in stock with the smaller crowd.

Travel in Packs

What’s a war without an army? Bring friends with you so snagging deals can be even easier, but also for protection. If you have an item in your cart that someone desperately wants, they will not hesitate to snatch it from you and are willing to fight for it.

Have Some Tricks Up Your Sleeve

No one plays fair when valuable items are being sold at a very cheap cost, so use some of those tactics against them.  Put unappealing things over the items you don’t want someone to see. Some stores will even work with you to get your items safely.

Just Don’t Go at All

At this point, there really is no reason to go to Black Friday and have to deal with all of that chaos unless you really enjoy it. Just wait a couple days for Cyber Monday which sometimes has better deals and some things you couldn’t buy at the store. Also, you get to just sit your pajamas and shop around while eating the leftovers from Thanksgiving dinner.

Graphic by Alexis Simon // The Louisville Cardinal

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E.T. and Elliott are back together after 37 years Thursday, Nov 28 2019 

Sadly, it's just a commercial.


Kentucky State Police’s ‘Trooper Teddy Project’ back for holiday season Thursday, Nov 28 2019 

All proceeds from the $15 teddy bears benefit the project which provides teddy bears to children in traumatic situations.


Mitch McConnell named Person of the Year by WholeFoods Magazine Thursday, Nov 28 2019 

WholeFoods Magazine has named Sen. Mitch McConnell its Person of the Year, and, as you might expect, Twitter has some thoughts.


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