Incoming Charlestown mayor says lame duck council is playing political ‘playground’ games Sunday, Dec 1 2019 

Mayor-elect Treva Hodges says council could pass a consequential sewer plan just weeks before she and others take office.

Victim of fatal chain reaction of wrecks on Main Street identified Sunday, Dec 1 2019 

On Friday, Nov. 29 around 10 p.m., police responded to a crash between two vehicles that led to a chain reaction of wrecks.

SUNDAY EDITION | Kentucky legal legends accused of misconduct involving secret recordings Sunday, Dec 1 2019 

The transcripts of the recordings in a wrongful death lawsuit threaten to tarnish not only Larry Franklin’s significant legacy, but that of the attorney who took over the civil case when he died, Ann Oldfather.

Monroe fire officials respond to large house fire between Sellersburg and Memphis Sunday, Dec 1 2019 

Monroe Township Fire Department responded to reports of a large house fire on Sunday afternoon.

“The Irishman”: Film Review & Podcast Sunday, Dec 1 2019 

Martin Scorcese’s heralded “The Irishman” finally made it to Netflix.

Which is where I watched it, because the film is thee hours and twenty minutes long. And I wasn’t about to even attempt sitting in a theater seat for that period of time.

What we have here is ground previously tilled by the main players.

Scorcese, the director. Joe Pesci as a mob boss. He’s delightfully understated. Robert DeNiro as the Irishman, Frank Sheeran. And Al Pacino, again chewing scenery as Teamsters Boss Jimmy Hoffa.

With Scorcese in the director’s chair, this is, of course, a master class in the art of filmmaking. Settings. Cinematography. Editing. Dialog. Acting, for the most part.

But, is the movie a masterpiece?

For the answer to that, listen to the podcast below, which like the film itself, is longer than usual.

Audio MP3

10 wounded in ‘cowardly and senseless’ shooting rampage at New Orleans French Quarter Sunday, Dec 1 2019 

Ten people were wounded in a shooting rampage early Sunday on the edge of the famed French Quarter of New Orleans in an area thick with tourists.


ULPD introduces new motorcycle program to increase safety Sunday, Dec 1 2019 

By Matthew Keck —

University of Louisville students can expect to see two University of Louisville Police Department (ULPD) motorcycles around campus from now on. ULPD is testing out a new motorcycle program to enhance campus safety.

“The University of Louisville Police Department has a consistent and proactive goal of innovation and enhancing safety across campus,” said ULPD chief Gary Lewis. “The addition of the Motorcycle Unit will enhance our ability to perform our mission. Motorcycles are cost and energy efficient, display effective mobility techniques, strengthen and builds [sic] upon public and community relations while improving campus coverage response times.”

Harley Davidson is leasing the motorcycles to ULPD for this program. The program’s cost will be $30,000 over the next three years said Lewis. Lewis also said this will be $10,000 cheaper than buying a new Ford SUV police cruiser.

Due to their smaller nature, these motorcycles will be used to monitor high traffic areas. “By their nature, high traffic areas can make it difficult to position a patrol car. Motorcycles, however, can be more effective at these locations due to the ease with which they can be positioned,” said Lewis. “Motorcycles can also assimilate into traffic for enforcement purposes easier than conventional patrol vehicles.”

ULPD also plans on using the motorcycles to cut down response times and provide more surveillance on campus. “The police motorcycle’s surveillance of the area can be overt to maximize the visible deterrent impact or covert to maximize tactical objectives,” said Lewis.

Lewis hopes this operation can be used in conjunction with educational campaigns and public information around campus. “Some agencies have even used these types of events to roll out new shipments of police motorcycles,” said Lewis. “Agencies can advertise the purchase of the motorcycles and associate them with a specific problem, whether it is red light running, speeding, aggressive driving, or some other traffic problem in that agency’s jurisdiction.”

Three ULPD officers trained for this program: Sgt. Oscar Chavez, Don Gosney and Doug Howard. The program has been in effect as of Nov. 11.

Photo Courtesy of ULPD

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Ravens outlast 49ers to win battle between 2 of NFL’s elite teams Sunday, Dec 1 2019 

In a highly anticipated matchup between two of the NFL's top teams, the Ravens found a way to squeeze out a win over the 49ers.


Snow expected Sunday night into Monday morning in Louisville Sunday, Dec 1 2019 

The Sunday night low in Louisville is 34 degrees and the chance of showers has risen to 60%. It'll be cloudy with winds between 14 and 28 mph.


Down On The Corner Sunday, Dec 1 2019 

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