Association of Community Ministries ask for volunteers during COVID-19 outbreak Sunday, Mar 15 2020 

In the wake of the virus spread, they are putting out a call for volunteers and donations for those in need.

Kroger and these Louisville businesses are changing their hours because of coronavirus Sunday, Mar 15 2020 

Kentucky has multiple COVID-19 cases now, and stores have been shopped clean. Here's a list of the stores that are limiting their hours.


Indiana Animal Protection Association works to get long-term resident cats adopted Sunday, Mar 15 2020 

The shelter held an event featuring cats that have been there for one year or longer.


Indiana University goes virtual for the remainder of the semester; spring break extended Sunday, Mar 15 2020 

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to evolve, officials at IU are taking steps to ensure the safety of their students and staff.


List | Where senior citizens, students can get meals Sunday, Mar 15 2020 

Here's a list of locations and times where senior citizens and students in Louisville and southern Indiana can get meals.


Louisville Service Connects Volunteers and People In Need Sunday, Mar 15 2020 

Louisville resident Erin Hinson created a website to connect healthy young adults with people who might need help getting medication and supplies in the city because of the coronavirus.

It’s called, and they’ve already signed up nearly 700 volunteers as of Sunday evening.

Hinson is 35, a mother of two and a former legislative assistant for the Louisville Metro Council. And even though she’s young, she too has health conditions that count her among those who are more vulnerable to COVID-19. Like nearly half a million Kentucky adults, She’s diabetic. She also has asthma.

And she wanted to help, but she can’t just go shopping for people because that would be putting herself at risk because of her underlying conditions.

“But what I can do is I can sit at home and I can organize and mobilize people. And that’s really kind of how this idea was born,” Hinson said.

Hinson said she already has a call planned with Louisville Metro Health and Wellness to discuss the program and best practices. In the meantime, she’s already set up her first match.

“There was a need for a lady who had a prescription that was running out tomorrow. And it’s a life or death kind of medicine for her,” she said.

Nason Bramer is a 29-year-old church staffer, who just happens to work across the street from his match, a woman in her late 70s.

“I called her and left a voicemail and I think my immediate role is to help get her prescription to her and also I think she’s in need of toilet paper, paper towels, resources like that,” Bramer said.

Louisville covid19 has hundreds of volunteers, but they’re still working on connecting with older people to help, especially those who don’t have social media.

They’ve only got about 30 people so far, but Hinson hopes more traditional media will help get the word out. To sign up, visit

Mayor Fischer, other city leaders on self-quarantine after coming in contact with positive coronavirus case Sunday, Mar 15 2020 

A handful of local leaders are on self-quarantine after coming in contact with a legendary Louisville philanthropist who later tested positive for coronavirus.


Indiana University to hold classes virtually for the rest of the spring semester Sunday, Mar 15 2020 

Virtual classes will resume on March 30.

Beshear threatens to shut down public gatherings as cases continue to rise in Kentucky Sunday, Mar 15 2020 

Beshear threatened to close down gatherings, including bars and restaurants, if Kentuckians do not stop congregating amid the coronavirus pandemic.


Girls run the world with annual International Women’s Day celebration Sunday, Mar 15 2020 

By Maria Dinh —

The Women’s Center, Women 4 Women Student Board and Student Activities Board hosted the 7th annual International Women’s Day celebration March 3 in Strickler Auditorium. 

The event had free food, including decorated heart-shaped cookies, in the lobby which also featured booths from the Americana Community Center and the Women’s Center.

Sidney Garner, president of the Women 4 Women Student Board, started the event by asking the audience which woman in their lives has greatly influenced them. She asked students in the audience, “What does International Women’s Day mean to you?” and “Who was the most influential woman in your life?”

A student answered his grandmother. “Growing up, she took care of me from when I was one to seven years old. I would go [to her house] after school. She immigrated over when my mom was seventeen years old. She’s a very strong woman. She has done all of this by herself without my grandpa.”

SAB Diversity Chairs Taleah Gipson and Sarika Polcum hosted the International Women’s Day performance portion. They started out by dedicating this event to every woman—mothers, sisters, aunts, trans women, women of color, disabled women, gender non-conforming women and all other women across the globe.

Students who attended also had a chance to win a free Women’s Center t-shirt during the intermission in a raffle.

Every performance that night featured women in the community. The first two performances were traditional Indian and Bollywood dances. The women in the Vietnamese Student Association performed a traditional hat dance. 

Gloria Fan, a member of VSA, said, “[The dance] is empowering representing not only women, but our culture.”

The Dazzling Cardettes performed a majorette dance with hip hop elements, and The Cardinal K-Pop Dance Team performed two dances to songs from Mamamoo and Chungha. 

To finish off the event, Flamenco Louisville gave a grand finale to this empowering event. 

As Women’s History Month continues, visit the Women’s Center at for more information.

Photo by Maria Dinh // The Louisville Cardinal

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