University of Louisville can now test 1,000 COVID-19 cases per day Wednesday, Apr 1 2020 

The university also said it is producing all coronavirus test results within 24 hours.


$1500 worth of Kentucky treasure stolen from Bristol Bar & Grille after break-in Wednesday, Apr 1 2020 

"I looked down and saw a rock, probably the size of a bowling ball that had gone through the window."


State lawmaker says it’s time for GE Appliances to temporarily close Wednesday, Apr 1 2020 

Rep. Kevin Bratcher made that request as workers voice support for a strike.

State legislator asks to close GE Appliance Park Wednesday, Apr 1 2020 

'Surely our lives are more important than dishwashers,' union President Dean Driskell said in the memo.


Louisville bar creates ‘Beer with Beshear’ T-shirts to benefit service industry workers during COVID-19 outbreak Wednesday, Apr 1 2020 

The bar said it will begin sending out orders sometime next week.

Kentucky unemployment claims spike, overload system, but state leaders say help is coming Wednesday, Apr 1 2020 

State officials said that on a typical day before the crisis, 12 employees would process about 1,250 calls per day. But in the last three days, 120 people have fielded 200,000 calls.

Peyton and Ashley Manning keeping children’s hospital staff well fed amid COVID-19 outbreak Wednesday, Apr 1 2020 

The former Colts quarterback and his family have continued to feed the staff at Peyton Manning's Children's Hospital throughout the coronavirus pandemic.


Kentucky college student makes face masks that better accommodate those who are deaf and hard of hearing Wednesday, Apr 1 2020 

Getting to see the mouth as it moves is a key aspect of communication for people who use American Sign Language, Ashley Lawrence said.

Kentucky doctor stresses importance of children’s mental health amid COVID-19 pandemic Wednesday, Apr 1 2020 

Dr. Scottie B. Day said it's possible social isolation could lead to depression or an increase in injuries of children at home.


Kentucky Department of Agriculture temporarily lowers income requirement for food bank use amid COVID-19 outbreak Wednesday, Apr 1 2020 

The changes will last through April, although KDA officials said they may request an extension depending on how the pandemic's financial impact develops.

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