Nursing students facing ‘the fear of the unknown’ as graduation nears Sunday, May 10 2020 

Nursing students never could have guessed they would be walking into a pandemic as they started their careers. Now they are say they are nervous but ready.


Jay-Z’s Team Roc calls for fast action in Ahmaud Arbery case Sunday, May 10 2020 

Jay-Z, Alicia Keys, Yo Gotti and Meek Mill all signed a letter calling on Georgia's Attorney General to appoint a special prosecutor to help achieve a fair trial.


Here’s what’s reopening in Kentucky Monday under Phase 1 of the ‘Healthy at Work’ plan Sunday, May 10 2020 

Beginning Monday, certain industries will be allowed to open if they meet the minimum requirements in addition to CDC guidance.


Indiana nurses’ passion for patients lift spirits, keeps them coming back Sunday, May 10 2020 

Whether you talk to a nurse who's been on the job for decades or a couple years, they'll all tell you the same thing.


Culture Maven review: “Natalie Wood: What Remains Behind” Sunday, May 10 2020 

Film review and podcast by c d kaplan

There certainly was a lingering sadness in the life of mid 20th C Hollywood star Natalie Wood.

But, what may be even more sad is that she’s remembered more for the manner of her untimely death, than for her acting and goodness. Or what a doting mother she was.

She was a strong woman, but had her insecurities. Like most all human beings. That, of course, played out in public, given the nature of her high profile film career.

As a teen in the 60s, I frankly was smitten, as I discuss in my review. And would have liked this HBO documentary to spend less time on the manner of her drowning off Catalina Island, and more about her as a person.

That plaint notwithstanding, there’s plenty enough here to recommend the movie.

For more details, listen to the podcast above.

Ready for some great music?

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Nursing student among those killed in weekend violence remembered as ‘fabulous young lady’ Sunday, May 10 2020 

Louisville saw three double shootings in one weekend, the latest in a surge of violence Steve Conrad previously attributed to the coronavirus.


WFPK Album of the Week: Laura Marling – Song For Our Daughter Sunday, May 10 2020 

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For her 7th album, Song For Our Daughter, Laura Marling made a few challenges for herself to write beyond her usual boundaries, in part using tricks she picked up from her side project, LUMP.

While also working toward a degree in psychoanalysis, Marling wanted to write lyrics that would help arm the next generation as an artist now in her thirties and able to pass along wisdom collected, while also continuing her style of responding to characters from famous books and stories as a means to continue her own ideas.

Using sparse and minimal arrangements, the British singer-songwriter took the occasional musical inspiration from Paul Simon and Paul McCartney, allowing her acoustic to shine in the way it has on so many of her live stream guitar lessons.

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Louisville’s violent spike continues during deadly weekend Sunday, May 10 2020 

It’s a Mother’s Day weekend so violent in Louisville, community activist Christopher 2X was almost at a loss for words.

West end restaurant celebrates Mother’s Day with regulars and cards Sunday, May 10 2020 

To many of the people in line, Jessie Green is a mother figure.

Hair salons, spas and tattoo parlors to reopen in Indiana Monday Sunday, May 10 2020 

Restaurants and bars that serve food are also allowed to open Monday at half capacity.

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