Fallen Indiana solider returns home Sunday, May 24 2020 

He will be laid to rest Tuesday.

Republicans and Democrats alike condemn effigy of Beshear that was hanged at state Capitol Sunday, May 24 2020 

After protesters hanged Beshear in effigy, Kentucky's Republican and Democratic leaders, including Sen. Mitch McConnell, condemned the move.


WATCH: Protesters hang effigy of Gov. Andy Beshear from a tree outside Capitol Sunday, May 24 2020 

An effigy of Gov. Andy Beshear was hanged from a tree outside the Kentucky state Capitol during a Memorial Day weekend protest.


listen hear! Low Cut Connie – Private Lives Sunday, May 24 2020 

listen hear! spotlights a new track we love and think you will too.

Low Cut Connie returns with Private Lives, the title track from their forthcoming double-album release. It’s an upbeat piano-driven rocker that delves into what front man Adam Weiner calls the “town freaks” of his native Philadelphia.

“I am fascinated by how people live, what they do to get by day-to-day, and what they choose to show the world, The outward-facing world, that is our culture, but what I’m interested in is what we call subculture…private lives.”

We’re fascinated as well! We love this first taste and are looking forward to the full album release later this year via Contender Records/MidCitizen Records.

More Info: Official  Twitter  Facebook  Instagram

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WFPK Album of the Week: Jason Isbell & The 400 Unit – Reunions Sunday, May 24 2020 

Each week, WFPK features a new release with the Album of the Week. Listen for tracks on air and check out the audio and links here!

Jason Isbell admits that going into his latest record with The 400 Unit, the just-released Reunions, wasn’t an easy task after setting the bar high for all songwriters time and time again with his last few releases. The pressure was on indeed, but it shouldn’t be a surprise that the challenge was met with both fire and grace.

With songs like What Have I Don’t To Help, Isbell finds a way to sing about personal situations, but situations that we’re all going through, questions that we’re all asking ourselves during a time of division and next to issues that have been around for lifetimes.

Even if Reunions turns out to be a transitional record for Isbell & The 400 Unit, it’s still a testament to his being one of the greatest songwriters of our age and one of the most exciting musicians to watch.

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Album available at Guestroom Records and Matt Anthony’s Record Shop.

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Governor Beshear hung from tree in effigy on Kentucky Capitol grounds Sunday, May 24 2020 

Following the incident, Kentucky House leadership released a statement saying the action "reeks of hate and intimidation."


After long wait, Louisville’s ‘hot rod haven’ will be fixed Sunday, May 24 2020 

St. Anthony Church Road was damaged after a landslide last summer.

WATCH: Protesters end Second Amendment rally with march to governor’s mansion Sunday, May 24 2020 

Second Amendment supporters ended a Memorial Day weekend rally with a march from the state Capitol to the Kentucky governor's mansion.


Protesters hang Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear in effigy at state Capitol Sunday, May 24 2020 

Protesters gathered in support of Second Amendment rights on Sunday at the Capitol for a "Patriot Day Rally," according to a Facebook event created for the rally, which was promoted in a news release sent to WDRB News by the…

Protesters Hang Effigy Of Ky. Governor At State Capitol, Sparking Outrage Sunday, May 24 2020 

A rally at the Kentucky State Capitol on Sunday ended with “several people” hanging an effigy of Gov. Andy Beshear from a tree and then marching to the governor’s mansion, chanting “Come out Andy,” according to tweets from a Courier Journal reporter

The governor lives in the mansion with his wife and two children.

Reporter Sarah Ladd sent out a string of tweets from the rally late Sunday afternoon, including a photo of the effigy with a noose around its neck. 

It also had the Latin phrase “Sic semper tyrannis” on the back. The phrase is attributed to Marcus Iunius Brutus, who was one of Julius Caesar’s assassins, roughly translated to “thus always to tyrants.” The saying is also associated with John Wilkes Booth, as some historical accounts say he shouted it after assassinating President Abraham Lincoln.

According to a Facebook event, the “Patriot Day 2nd Amendment Rally” was a demonstration in support of gun rights, organized by Ben Kennedy. A spokesperson with Kentucky State Police said they aren’t answering any questions about the incident at this time. WFPL’s calls and messages to the governor’s office had not been returned as of Sunday evening.

The State Journal reported that many of the attendees came with firearms and received copies of the Constitution and sheets with the lyrics to “The Star Spangled Banner.” 

Kentuckians spoke out against the effigy on social media. Some called it a display of White Supremacy, demanding elected officials of all political parties to speak out against it. 

On Twitter, Kentucky Secretary of State Michael Adams said the effigy was “disgusting and I condemn it wholeheartedly.”

U.S. Senate candidate and state representative Charles Booker tweeted: “It’s not just the threat on his life, it’s the fact that they demonstrated an act rooted in our history of racism. I’ve had family lynched in Kentucky. This is vile and traumatic.” 

Kentucky’s Senate Democratic Leader, Morgan McGarvey, called it “a new low.”

Beshear is no longer routinely holding briefings every day, and didn’t hold any this weekend. On Saturday, about a dozen people with family members at the Green River Correctional Complex demonstrated at the Capitol alongside a “Reopen Kentucky” rally.


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