Not so fast: Prosecutors say they have more evidence against pilot in triple murder Monday, Feb 22 2021 

The Kentucky Attorney General's office says it has more evidence tying an airline pilot to a twisted triple murder.


‘Who made the call?’ | Metro Councilman calls for change, amending ordinance after homeless camp cleared without notice Monday, Feb 22 2021 

After owning up to its mistake, the Louisville Metro Police Department says it is reviewing what led up to the clear-out of a homeless camp in downtown on Friday.


Beshear: Kentucky’s regional sites to expand COVID-19 vaccinations to more people March 1 Monday, Feb 22 2021 

The state's 20 regional vaccination centers will start offering COVID-19 shots to those in the 1C tier on March 1, Gov. Andy Beshear said Monday.


Louisville basketball coach Chris Mack on mask-less viral video: ‘I’ve got to do better’ Monday, Feb 22 2021 

Chris Mack said he called Kentucky coach John Calipari to explain the context of the video and Calipari was "gracious as always."


Most of the boats destroyed in fire at Patoka Lake marina have sank, authorities say Monday, Feb 22 2021 

The cause of the blaze remains unknown and under investigation by the Indiana State Fire Marshal.

Indiana’s first equity officer focused on removing barriers Monday, Feb 22 2021 

Karrah Herring started her position in Feb. 1, which also marks the beginning of Black History Month.

Tips for returning to school as a parent Monday, Feb 22 2021 

By Jacob Maslow — Branded Content

Are you thinking about going back to school but are worried about how it will affect your family? You need to take this into account, but going to college when you have a family shouldn’t derail your progress and contribute to it. However, communication and cooperation are critical. The steps below can help you all prepare for the change.

Know the Finances

You need to know how much your classes will cost and how you’ll fit them into the family budget. If you are taking out private student loans, you should also figure out your repayment schedule. You can use a student loan repayment calculator to get an estimate. As a family, you should talk about how the cost will impact your budget and what changes you may need.

Assigning Chores

You will have less time than you used to, so responsibilities within the family may need to be reallocated. If you are a stay-at-home parent, this is going to be a significant change for everyone. It’s best if everyone approaches it in a spirit of generosity and forgiveness because it will probably be bumpy for a while. If your kids are taking on chores they haven’t done before, they may not be perfect at it to start with or may forget. It’s normal for there to be some frustration and resentment all around. Talking about some of these challenges upfront can help you all keep perspective if a conflict arises.

Enforcing Boundaries

How much you can enforce boundaries will vary according to the ages and needs of your children. Still, in general, older children should respect times when they are busy and studying or taking an online class. Breaking habits might be more challenging, and even though they understand that they aren’t supposed to be disturbing you, if you are the parent they usually come to if they are hungry or bored or need a ride somewhere, you may need to redirect them a few times before it sticks gently. Keep in mind that in returning to school, you can be a valuable role model for your children even if they find it difficult in the short run. You may also be surprised to discover your family a significant source of support during this time.

Contingency Planning

Having kids makes life unpredictable. When they get sick, or childcare falls through, you might have to drop what you’re doing, even if that’s studying for a big exam or writing a paper on a deadline. However, it can also help determine things like this were coming up and work out some solutions. You may want to have one or two family members or friends who can quickly step in if necessary. You might also want to chat with your professors about your responsibilities and your challenges juggling family life while you pursue an education. If an emergency does occur that throws you off schedule, and you end up staying awake all night with a sick child, keep in mind that even students who aren’t parents must contend with unforeseen interruptions and challenges sometimes too.

Photo Courtesy of Jacob Maslow // Cosmic Press

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Louisville men’s hoops turns to Notre Dame after blowout loss at Carolina Monday, Feb 22 2021 

With just four regular-season games to go, time - and wins - are of the essence for Louisville in the final stretch before the ACC Tournament.


Obama and Springsteen sit down together for new Spotify podcast series Monday, Feb 22 2021 

They will talk about their upbringings, racism, fatherhood and even recall a White House singalong around a piano.


Kentucky reports lowest single-day case count since October on Monday, but 13 more deaths Monday, Feb 22 2021 

Gov. Andy Beshear cautioned the numbers could have been impacted by last week's winter weather that shut down some testing facilities in Kentucky.


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