Ramsay Health Care is committed to helping employees balance work and private life. We offer a number of flexible work rules to enable staff to achieve this balance while ensuring that our patients continue to receive quality care. Ramsay Health Care has a long and proud history of offering scholarships and educational assistance to our employees to help them achieve their career goals. Every year, a significant investment is made in our employees to help them develop their knowledge and skills through professional development opportunities. The National Employee Benefits and Wellness program is a comprehensive offering of staff in areas related to lifestyle and health improvement, reduced health insurance, retail and service discounts, financial education and banking. Upon recognition of the contribution of our employees, Ramsay permanent employees may receive discounts if they or members of their immediate family are admitted to a Ramsay Health Care Centre in Australia. All Ramsay employees have the opportunity to join the club and enjoy it: Ramsay Health Care employees can take advantage of our business discounts with the following performance partners: As part of this project, Ramsay offers many flexible employment opportunities, including: Ramsay Health Care offers its employees a fantastic performance program that offers opportunities for access to great discounts and offers offers for a selection of products and services for a small contribution. Ramsay Health Care is a for-profit company, and as such, our ability to offer payroll is limited by the Australian tax authorities. However, many issues can still be resolved by our employees, including: All Ramsay employees have access to the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) as part of our commitment to you and your well-being. Ramsay Health Care employees receive comprehensive and timely counselling and wellness services, as well as legal and financial services.