During the life of the service (as defined in Section 3.1) and subject to the terms and conditions of this MSA, SecureWorks undertakes to provide the Services and the Customer agrees to purchase these services. The specific terms and conditions for managed security services (“MSS Services”) are described in the Service Order (s) service contract and the specific terms and conditions for consulting services (“advice services”) are described in one or more work instructions executed by the parties (“Declaration (s) of Work”). MSS and Consulting services are collectively referred to as “services.” MSS services are described in one or more facilities in each service contract, and SecureWorks services from MSS services are provided in accordance with these “Services Level Agreements”), subject to the conditions set out in them. For the purpose of executing or purchasing services in accordance with a service order and/or a performance statement from associated companies of one of the two partners, references to SecureWorks and customers are considered references to these respective related companies. 2.9 Third-party product purchases. If the customer subsequently purchases or purchases third-party products or services through SecureWorks as part of a service contract or performance statement, the Customer will comply with the terms of the order of service or this statement of work regarding these third-party products or services. 9.1 Restricted warranty. SecureWorks ensures that services are well executed and craft-oriented. Unless it is expressly in the sentence above and to the extent authorized by law, SecureWorks, including its affiliates, subcontractors and agents and each of their employees, directors and executives (together the parties to SecureWorks) do not provide guarantees, guarantees, guarantees, guarantees or explicit or implied conditions regarding products, services or customer reports, including, but not limited to, any guarantee of accessibility, suitability for purpose, performance, suitability or non-guarantee for products or services. The customer (i) must use the software, services, equipment and/or documentation for internal security purposes or for the internal security purposes of the customer`s related businesses that purchase services under this type and (ii) cannot, in and of themselves, be affiliated with the customer or a third party: (a) sell, lease, license, sell, distribute or transfer the products; (b) decipher, decompil, decompil, reconstruct, translate, redevelop or discover a source code of the software; (c) copying software or documentation, except that the client can make a reasonable number of backup copies of the software (if any) or copies of the internally used documentation (provided the customer reproduces on those copies all ownership instructions from SecureWorks or its suppliers); or (d) remove from any software, documentation or equipment any language or name indicating the confidentiality or ownership rights of SecureWorks or its suppliers. In addition, the client does not allow third parties to use software or equipment (I) for the resale or redevelopment of services on the basis of timeshare, outsourcing, service office, hosting, application provider or managed service provider; (II) to change any aspect of software or equipment; or (III), with the exception of the authorization in point 14.1, to assign, transfer, distribute or grant other access to one of the products or to use another product with or for the benefit of a third party. Applies to compliance consulting services.