Remember that you entered into a contract when you started the lease and, based on what you have said so far, you have not fulfilled your obligations under this contract, so it is not inappropriate for the owner to seek redress. (After all, it`s part of his livelihood). I am a Scottish student living in England, and over the past five years I have struggled to get a guarantor, as all my families are Scottish and real estate agencies often only accept guarantors living in England and Wales. I signed up as the guarantor of my friends daughters, as her work was new, my daughter had a reference so had her guarantee of them. They separated after a month!! it was insulting against them, the landlord heard this and kindly agreed to give them a $400 deadline which I just had to pay $400, enough time to find somewhere else, my daughter has to go home, but he won`t sign to release me from his guarantor, as his rent wants to be paid!!!! what can I do, all the proposals I am a guarantor and I would like you to answer a question for me. The landlord can get money from my account for the tenant without consent and any warning I lured into an apartment in September with a friend, my father acted as my guarantor and my mother friends has the credit exam, but they still let us move in. Cut a long story brief, she kicked us out by not paying rent … I let the real estate agents know that it was them, like them, and they haven`t bothered me or my father since. (March 2011) Then yesterday (December 2011) suddenly sent the real owner, not the real estate agent, my father sent one last request for money. I suppose you could try to argue that the owner`s failure to respect your right to silent enjoyment effectively nullified your lease.

It`s not a defence that I came across, and I doubt it will come up, especially if it was an incident, but it might be worth putting them there. I`m a DSS tenant and I want to move to Manchester, where my son is. We have no problem with borrowing and rent, but I`m 58 years old and I don`t know who could be a guarantor for me, my son is in an IVA, so he can`t, that`s the only thing that stops me.