The parties have started negotiations on a number of priority issues agreed in the framework of the agreement signed on 12 December 2019, which sets out the parameters of this accelerated process. The parties revised the initial deadlines in order to reach an agreement before 1 May 2020. In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, it has become increasingly important for the parties to redouble their efforts and reach a fair agreement. A collective agreement is a written legal contract that includes workers grouped into a single bargaining unit. The contract will be concluded through collective bargaining between the union and the employer. The preliminary agreements must now be ratified by the 50,000 postal workers across the country before they become the new treaties. The impasse is due to the solvency deficit and, consequently, to CP`s desire to protect a bad situation (lack of the employer`s ability to pay) from a deadlock by closing the plan for new Ees. The deficit, on the other hand, was caused by the strangulation of revenue sources by the federal government`s postal policy. Collective agreements generally include wages and social benefits.

They also include job descriptions and classifications, as well as a dispute resolution procedure (usually an appeal and arbitration procedure). The question is whether or not we want a postal service? If we do, we need to reduce paper billing fees or, in one way or another, impose postal surcharges on the bells of the world that collect and benefit from such royalties (all these organizations undoubtedly follow them as a line of business with their corresponding profit center management reports). A collective agreement makes a significant contribution to protecting workers from unfair treatment. This gives us a say in the workplace, allows us to improve our working conditions and provides us with a fair way to address and resolve problems in the workplace. PSAC-UPCE and The Canada Post Corporation have united despite the COVID-19 pandemic. PSAC members across the basic public service and in authorities are still without contracts, while they continue to provide important, quality and essential services to Canadians in these difficult times. If an agreement has been possible at Canada Post, it is possible to do the same with the Board of Directors. We ask the Board Secretariat to come back to the table and negotiate a fair deal for workers and all Canadians.