NATO was founded in 1949 with the signing of the Washington Treaty and is a security alliance of 30 countries in North America and Europe. NATO`s fundamental objective is to ensure the freedom and security of Allies through political and military means. NATO remains the most important security instrument of the transatlantic community and the expression of its common democratic values. It is the practical means by which the security of North America and Europe is permanently linked. NATO enlargement conveyed the United States` goal of an open, free and peaceful Europe. On 22 February, NATO`s 26 members agreed to contribute to NATO`s support to Iraq. All NATO allies have contributed to the training of Iraqi security forces, both inside and outside Iraq, through financial contributions or equipment donations. Leaders also discussed the continued expansion of NATO`s presence in Afghanistan and enhanced cooperation and coordination with the US-led Operation Enduring Freedom. Leaders reaffirmed the importance of giving the Alliance a greater political role in discussions on policy issues related to transatlantic security within NATO. NATO took several important decisions in June. The North Atlantic Council endorsed the support requested by Poland for its expected role in the stabilization of Iraq.

Although NATO does not have a permanent presence in Iraq, it has provided assistance to Poland in areas such as communications and logistics. At a meeting on the 12nd and 13st. In Brussels in June, NATO Defence Ministers endorsed a reform of the Alliance`s command structure and plans for a NATO response force to respond quickly to modern conflict zones and threats. NATO Operational Commanders discussed these changes in more detail at a meeting on 17-18 June in Mons, Belgium. Also in June, at a conference in London, Secretary General Lord Robertson identified the fight against weapons of mass destruction as one of five “priority areas” in cooperation with the seven countries of NATO`s Mediterranean Dialogue. On 1-3 April, NATO met for its largest summit to date in Bucharest, Romania. At the meeting, the “Declaration of the Bucharest Summit of Heads of State and Government participating in the meeting of the North Atlantic Council in Bucharest on 3 April 2008” was issued, which contained more than 50 points […].