After the defeat of Hitler`s Germany, the most widely circulated texts were published, including J.W. The colony gave Germany the Sudetenland from October 10 and de facto control of the rest of Czechoslovakia, as long as Hitler promised not to go any further. On September 30, after a break, Chamberlain went to Hitler`s house and asked him to sign a peace treaty between the United Kingdom and Germany. After Hitler`s interpreter translated it for him, he happily accepted. As a result of this agreement, German troops crossed the border on October 1 and were warmly welcomed by Sudeten Germans, while many Czechoslovaks fled the area. On his return to London Chamberlain announced that he had obtained “peace for our time.” While many members of the British government were satisfied with the result, others were not. [32] Later in the session, a pre-arranged deception was undertaken to influence Chamberlain and exert negative pressure: one of Hitler`s accomplices entered the room to inform Hitler that other Germans had been killed in Czechoslovakia, to which Hitler shouted in response, “I will avenge each of them.