9/4-6 PRF BBQ Monday, Aug 31 2015 

Steve Albini's annual barbecue rock n roll party PRF BBQ is taking a detour out of chicago this year, and landing in several spots around louisville this weekend. The party kicks off this friday (starting at 3pm) at Mar Bar with many bands including the masterful American Lesions, and Saturday and Sunday at The Cure  (starting at 2 pm) with many bands including Waxeater, trophy Wives, Knife The Symphony, plus a screening of Burn To Shine Louisville. 

2/28 Rubik’s Cube party @ Mag Bar Wednesday, Feb 19 2014 

Sometimes there's an idea so good that it makes no sense at all. The idea for the Rubik's cube was invented and reinvented many times before it was  great. On Friday Feb.28 it will be reinvented yet again, and possibly to perfection this time. The Rubik's Cube Party at Mag Bar is both an insane and genius idea, and just like the toy, the directions seem simple enough but promises to get complicated (possibly not until the morning after):
come dressed in mismatched red/blue/yellow/green/orange/white clothing and switch clothing with people until you are all one color.
 (21+ 11pm-4am This Event is FREE!)

Valentine’s Day Events (CULTS @ Zanzabar) Wednesday, Feb 12 2014 

you hope it'll sneak by.. but this year Valentine's Day is FRIDAY; there's no escaping it this time, so why not embrace it the way we like to do in Louisville? put on that red and leave your coat in the car and get out there!
CULTS @ Zanzabar 8 pm 21+ $15. UPDATE: SOLD OUT 
Beibelhauser Brothers @ BBC

Louisville MUSICulture is giving away 2 tix to CULTS on FB.

Honey, it’s the weekend: Beatles tribute, Jenna Dean, the Punknecks and more Friday, Feb 7 2014 

Winter might seem interminable right about now, but this weekend you have everything from modern metal to 1964 Beatles to keep you warm. My pick of the weekend is a Southern rock band (that maybe doesn’t know it’s Southern rock) … Continue reading