Have Fun at the MOLO Village Community Festival July 9 Wednesday, Jul 6 2022 

Get out this July and enjoy some summer fun at the MOLO Village Community Festival. There will be all sorts of activities for kids and adults alike. This all-day event is going to be so packed with fun, you’ll wish you had more time to enjoy it all. Community Festival It's free to attend this festival, which will be at Baxter Park. There will be all sorts of stuff to do here. Visit the artist booths to see handmade crafts and gifts. Meet local business owners who will have their booths set up. Listen to live music, take the kids to a bounce house, swing by the petting zoo. There will even be free health screenings. MOLO Village Community Festival The festival is open from noon to 8 pm at 301 S. 12th Street. That's in the Portland neighborhood, a historic community that has recently found a brand-new life as a place for local artists. If you're full of creative ideas, Portland is the perfect place for you. Finding Your Place in Portland Portland is a truly historic community. It sprawls out on the riverbank next to downtown Louisville and once, it was a city of its own. Today, Portland is still full of the historic architecture that was built here so long ago. However, Portland has been given a new life as an artists' community. Many older buildings have been renovated. Some have been turned into historic home museums, some have become new galleries to showcase artwork. There are many artists' spaces here and lots of ongoing art projects that are changing the look of Portland. If you've ever dreamed of fixing up a historic home to your own liking, Portland is just the right place to do that. There are many home styles and sizes available here and some places that have really great stuff to build upon. Fix up a brand-new life in Portland. It can all start this July. About the Author:  Joe Hayden is the Team Owner and Manager of the - Your Louisville Real Estate Experts!

Learn Gardening 101 July 8 Tuesday, Jul 5 2022 

Having a garden always seems like such a great idea. Who wouldn’t want to grow their own fresh ingredients or pretty flowers or whatever? But then you try to do it and you realize you actually don’t know anything about gardening. This July, learn Gardening 101 at the Shively Library and you can really make some of those ideas come true. Community Garden At this gardening workshop, you will actually get hands-on in the Shively community library garden. You’ll learn more about growing food, basic garden maintenance and all sorts of other tidbits and helpful advice that will help you grow things successfully in your own garden. Gardening 101 at the Shively Library The workshop is open and it’s free for all to join from 1 to 2 pm. There will be garden tools available, so come ready to get your hands dirty. Sometimes, the best way to learn is to do. The Shively Library is at 3920 Dixie Highway and Shively is a great community to explore while you’re already in the neighborhood. See the Community of Shively Shively is a sprawling community and it's also its own small city. That means it has its own police force and its own identity. Shively even has a pretty cool history that dates to the days just after Prohibition, when everyone was drinking again and when this neighborhood became a whiskey boomtown. The neighborhood was known for being a little wild back then but later, Shively became a pretty suburb full of lovely homes and it shed its "lively Shively" ways. The neighborhood is still full of pretty homes that have multiple bedrooms and classic designs. Lovely Craftsman-inspired and Cape Cod-style homes are all over Shively. If you like homes that are that are sweet, classic and charming, you're going to like Shively. There are also schools, parks, restaurants, places to shop and all the other stuff you need in a neighborhood in Shively. See it for yourself this summer and see how Shively looks to you. About the Author:  Joe Hayden is the Team Owner and Manager of the Joe Hayden Real Estate Team - !

Get Immersed in Van Gogh July 7 Monday, Jul 4 2022 

See art as you've never seen it before at the Beyond Van Gogh Exhibit. At the Immersive Experience at the Kentucky International Convention Center, you basically step inside the art of Vincent Van Gogh. The swirling colors, the stunning images, the bright worlds he painted will all come alive and surround you. Beyond Van Gogh The show uses still and moving art. The artworks literally appear across multiple surfaces and move around the room. They move around you. Paintings from Van Gogh will be literally projected onto every surface around you. It really is as if you've stepped inside one of Van Gogh's paintings. Beyond Van Gogh Exhibit Louisville There's also music that plays to help enhance the art dancing and swirling all around you. Van Gogh is known for being something of a troubled genius, an absolutely brilliant artist who could not reckon with the demons in his own mind. The battles that played out within him are visible on his canvas. At this exhibit, you can step inside that world, step inside Van Gogh's mind, and truly experience the art. In other words, it's just super cool. You'll see pretty art all around and hear some good music. Plus, the place is air-conditioned and in July, that's a deal you just can't beat. So go to the Beyond Van Gogh exhibit and go step inside some paintings. Admission is $24 to $85 per person, depending on ticket type. See the exhibit at the Kentucky International Convention Center at 221 S. 4th Street. That's right in the heart of downtown Louisville and that's just blocks away from Butchertown. This neighborhood is one of the city's great historic communities that's full of modern appeal. Paint a New Life in Butchertown Shortly after Van Gogh gave his paintings to the world, a man whom many called a wizard came along: Thomas Edison. But before he was famous for his light bulb and a whole bunch of other stuff, he made his home in Butchertown. After you see the real estate here, you just might want to do the same thing. Butchertown is known for its shotgun homes, buildings that date back to some of the earliest days of the city. They have that distinct look where they're actually bigger than they appear because the buildings go back farther than you realize at first. They have cool features like brick accent walls and interesting architectural details. But these homes have also been modernized and updated. Butchertown has a hip vibe and it's a very modern neighborhood with the latest in food and fashion. It's an interesting mix of history and modern living and it gives Butchertown a vibe that's all its own. See how you vibe with Butchertown this July. About the Author:  Joe Hayden is the Team Owner and Manager of the - Your Louisville Real Estate Experts!

Learn Computer Basics July 6 Sunday, Jul 3 2022 

Technology has gotten kind of complicated. If you’ve been left behind or if you’d just like to learn more about the basics, now’s the time. Go to a Free Computer Course at the Jeffersontown Library and learn the basics of using computers. Computer Basics You’ll get to know more about computers through this hands-on course. An instructor will help you learn how to use a mouse, a keyboard and basic computer programs. You’ll even get help for working with Windows. Computer Basics at the Jeffersontown Library This free class will be held at the library from 9 to 10 am. The Jeffersontown Library is at 10635 Watterson Trail. While you’re here, you’ll find that J-Town is a huge community that’s big enough to have everything you might need in it. And if what you need is a great home to live in, Jeffersontown has plenty of options for that, too. Learning the Basics of Jeffersontown There are a lot of places to go in Jeffersontown. There are gyms and restaurants and salons, all the usual suspects. There's also a place where you can play all sorts of games, places for the kids to play, lovely parks and restaurants with cuisine from all around the world. There are bowling alleys and cafes and even historic places. You can go to a museum here or see some architecture from days gone by. But if you visit the shady side streets and quiet cul-de-sacs in J-Town, you'll see that this neighborhood has lots of homes to live in, too. You can find homes of all types and sizes in J-Town, from pretty traditional homes with big white columns to modern two-story homes built in stone. There are all sorts of different homes here, whether you're looking for a house with a huge lawn or you need a lot of bedrooms or you're looking for luxury touches like stone counters and walk-in closets. There are so many to choose from, you can definitely find your dream home waiting for you in Jeffersontown. All you need to do is start looking for it. About the Author:  Joe Hayden is the Team Owner and Manager of the Joe Hayden Real Estate Team - !

Take the Kids to Learn About Nature July 5 Saturday, Jul 2 2022 

Louisville has a lot of natural wildlife. Many different birds and animals live in the city's parks but there are also a lot of animals in your own backyard. Take the kids to a special presentation from Louisville Nature Center this July where they can learn about the animals that live in their own backyard. Animals in the Backyard At this special event, kids will get the chance to learn a lot more about the wildlife they can find in Louisville. They will participate in hands-on activities and learn a lot more about the animals that live around them. This event is ideal for children aged 4 to 10. Louisville Nature Center Backyard Animals This presentation from the Louisville Nature Center will be held from 2 to 3 pm at the Highlands Library at 1250 Bardstown Road. That's in the Cherokee Triangle neighborhood, a place that's perfect for observing Louisville’s amazing wildlife. This neighborhood is next to a park on one side and a national monument on the other, so there's lots of pretty stuff to see all around Cherokee Triangle. But once you see how lovely the real estate inside Cherokee Triangle is, you may not want to leave this neighborhood to go see it! Find Creature Comforts in Cherokee Triangle Cherokee Triangle is in the Highlands, a neighborhood that's known for its cool vibe and lively atmosphere. There are coffee shops and parks and people traffic here. Bardstown Road is a hub for foodies and there's some nightlife, too. It's also a great place for people shopping for unique items, because many independent businesses have set up shop here. There's a movie theater right across from Cherokee Triangle and plenty of great places to visit nearby. But inside Cherokee Triangle, it's peaceful and quiet. The shady streets are full of homes, and those homes are pretty spectacular. The elegant, traditional homes here are historic and it definitely shows. These homes are built tall and pretty with multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, plus all sorts of incredible historical details inside. You know how they say they don't make them like they used to? When it comes to homes, that's definitely the case. The homes here have intricate details, such as hand-carved wood, fireplaces, gleaming hardwood floors, built-in shelves and all kinds of incredible touches you can't find so easily in modern homes. These houses were built for luxury and comfort. And even though they were built long ago, these homes have been updated and renovated over the years so they're also very modern. Go house hunting in Cherokee Triangle this July and soon, your kids may have a brand-new backyard to go explore. About the Author:  Joe Hayden is the Team Owner and Manager of the - Your Louisville Real Estate Experts!

Go Shopping at the Potter’s Sale July 2 Friday, Jul 1 2022 

Pottery is one of the very oldest art forms. Humans have been making it since the Stone Age. Literal cave people made pottery. That means we've had a few tens of thousands of years to perfect pottery. And this June, you can get a look at some really perfect pottery with the Louisville Potters Group. Summer Sale The Louisville Potters group is hosting a special sale of pottery from 13 different artists. All items will be available for purchase and some will have special pricing. That means you'll find some good deals here. Louisville Potters Group The sale lasts all day, from 9 am to 3 pm. There will be some designs here that are one of a kind. Every one of the featured artists has their own unique style, so you can browse for pottery of all types. Abstract, contemporary, whimsical and several other styles will be available for purchase. All the booths will be set up outside under shade trees on the grounds of the Masonic Home. It's free to come browse and see beautiful pottery. The Masonic Home is at 3701 Frankfort Avenue. That’s in the Crescent Hill neighborhood and this is a great place to be when you want to do a little shopping. What Can You Buy in Crescent Hill? Crescent Hill has its own golf course, an aquatic center that's always the place to be during the dog days of summer, restaurants and parks, salons. There's even a post office. Crescent Hill schools, little cafes, all sorts of local places to see and enjoy. There's a historic home site here, too. In fact, there are lots of homes here where you can make history. This neighborhood is full of historic architecture from the days of Louisville's past. There are homes in all sizes, shapes and styles here. You can practically deice how many bedrooms and bathrooms you want and find a home here to match. The great thing about Crescent Hill homes is that each one is unique. Each one has its own look and its own story to tell. Whether you're looking for something that's full of hand-carved luxury features or a home full of modern upgrades that's made for comfort, it's available in Crescent Hill. Ready to make Crescent Hill part of your story? See what the real estate here tells you when you visit this July. About the Author:  Joe Hayden is the Team Owner and Manager of the Joe Hayden Real Estate Team - !

Go Swimming This June Thursday, Jun 30 2022 

When the humidity hits you the moment you open the front door, it's summer in Louisville. Sometimes, it's a little bit miserable. Luckily, Louisville has some amazing public pools where you can cool down. So go swimming at the Sun Valley Park Pool and cool off this June. Summer Fun Have a little summer fun at Sun Valley Park this June and take a cooling dip in the public pool here. The pool and park is open every day from noon to 5 pm except Wednesdays, when the pool is closed. Sun Valley Park Pool Louisville Sun Valley Park is at 6506 Bethany Lane. That's just a few blocks outside of PRP, a neighborhood that's a lot like a walk in the park. Life's a Pleasure in PRP Pleasure Ridge Park, PRP, was built to be an escape from the hot, crowded city. This neighborhood is full of hills and trees and green spaces. The name is no accident. PRP has several parks, a golf course and lots of places to enjoy nature. If you like real estate, too, you'll like PRP even more. Along with the schools and grocery stores and restaurants, Pleasure Ridge Park has a huge variety of homes. There are many smaller subdivisions within the neighborhood and plenty of houses in all sizes and designs to choose from. Some homes here have big garages, swimming pools, outdoor living spaces and extra details throughout the inside living spaces. Homes here may have one bedroom or six, one bathroom or many, lots of high-end features or they have good "bones" but need a little work. Whatever type of home you want, you will find it if you keep looking around PRP. About the Author:  Joe Hayden is the Team Owner and Manager of the - Your Louisville Real Estate Experts!

Try a Zero Gravity Massage This June Wednesday, Jun 29 2022 

Try a different kind of massage this June and experience a full-body, zero gravity massage where you can truly relax and unwind. This is a private massage experience at Zero Gravity Massage of Louisville, and this is a great way to de-stress and unwind. Zero Gravity Not only is this a zero-gravity massage, it's zero touching. You will be in a zero-gravity chair that is designed to massage your entire body to relax all of your muscles. Choose a full body or full foot massage to spend 60 minutes relaxing and being pampered. There are multiple massage packages available, including couples massages. Zero Gravity Massage Louisville Full-Body The zero-gravity chair uses 64 airbags and rollers to give you a deep tissue massage that is totally safe for you. All social distancing guidelines are followed here and the massage is a totally private experience. Talking about relaxing! You're going to feel like you're sitting in clouds. Enjoy this experience at 350 Evergreen Road, Zero Gravity Massage of Louisville. That's in the Anchorage neighborhood. Being here is an experience all by itself. Keep your head in the clouds a while longer and get a load of these homes before you leave the area. Dreaming About Anchorage You know how people talk about searching for their dream home, the features their dream home has? Anchorage is all dream homes. Every next home you see here will make your jaw drop a little more. All the homes here are custom-built and they were made for luxury. These homes are beautiful inside and out. They're surrounded by landscaping and set back from winding, hilly roads on big, green lawns. Some are gated, some have pools, all have their own character and their own features that will make you look twice. These homes are even more amazing inside, with features like walk-in closets, master suites, custom cabinetry, fireplaces, marble accents, you name it. Whatever you've got on your dream home checklist, there are homes here that have all this and more. That should be the motto for Anchorage: all this and more. Go see the homes here and you may learn that living in Anchorage actually is possible. Your dream home could be waiting for you here right now. About the Author:  Joe Hayden is the Team Owner and Manager of the Joe Hayden Real Estate Team - !

Eat at the American Kitchen This June Tuesday, Jun 28 2022 

Mexican, Chinese, Italian, you have a lot of different choices when you're trying to figure out what to have for dinner. Louisville is known for being an amazing food city with all kinds of different cuisines to offer. But sometimes, there's nothing like a taste of home. This June, eat at Moya's American Kitchen for classic American food and traditional favorites you'll always love. American Kitchen Step into Moya's for some delicious sliders, fried green tomatoes, loaded fries and all kinds of goodies. The entree menu has offerings like chicken and dumplings, a catfish dinner or meatloaf. There's a huge burger menu, so you can try the American classic, the black jack burger and, of course, a burger that's made for Kentucky, the bourbon BBQ bacon classic. Moya's American Kitchen There are wings, pizza, even a build-your-own-grilled cheese option. There's a kid's menu as well. Moya's is at 10000 Linn Station Road. That's just a couple of blocks outside the Douglass Hills neighborhood. This community has winding streets, tall trees, a school and all the charm and looks of a neighborhood that you might imagine in your dreams. This June, make your dream home a reality and go find it waiting for you in Douglass Hills. Feast Your Eyes on Douglass Hills Douglass Hills has its own community pool, a park and yes, there is a school right at the center of the neighborhood. There are also lots of trees and plenty of parks, schools, gyms, restaurants and places to go all around the neighborhood. The surrounding community of Middletown is packed with attractions. There's plenty to attract you inside Douglass Hills, too. There are many homes with pools and all the homes have nice yards, many with threes and landscaping. The houses have multiple bedrooms and more than one bathroom so that everyone has space. The designs are classic, with traditional good looks that never go out of style. Some homes here have little pops of color to make them stand out and each home here has its own unique charm. Find out which one should belong to you this June. About the Author:  Joe Hayden is the Team Owner and Manager of the - Your Louisville Real Estate Experts!

Fun Rules at Kentucky Kingdom This June Monday, Jun 27 2022 

Nothing says summer fun like going to the amusement park. Entire movies have been made about that very thing, in fact. Louisville just happens to have a great amusement park and water park all in the same place. This June, go have a day of summer fun at Kentucky Kingdom and Hurricane Bay. A Day at the Park There are more than enough rides and attractions at Kentucky Kingdom and Hurricane Bay to keep you busy for the day. Try the Ice Age 5-D cinema ride or slow down on the fairy tale carousel. Spin around in the Breakdance or rule the road in bumper cars. Free fall from a great height or go up and down slowly on the Ferris wheel. There are thrill rides, roller coasters, all kinds of places to eat and lots of games to play. That's all before you even get to the water park. Kentucky Kingdom and Hurricane Bay Hurricane Bay has its own attractions, including a bunch of different water slides, different wave pools and all sorts of fun stuff to explore. Here, everyone will feel like a kid. Actual kids love it here, of course. The park is open daily from 11 am to 7 pm. Hurricane Bay closes an hour early, at 6 pm. Kentucky Kingdom is at 937 Phillips Lane. That's just minutes away from Audubon Park. This neighborhood was built around a country club and it's got so many pretty homes, it's pretty much an amusement park for real estate enthusiasts. A Day in Audubon Park There's never a bad time to go see the homes in Audubon Park, but his neighborhood really shines in the summer. That's because Audubon Park is full of trees and the houses are surrounded by landscaping. This neighborhood truly has storybook appeal. The classic homes have lovely, pretty designs that are all unique and yet all fit well together to create an overall look for the neighborhood. There’s lots of brick and stone and arches and traditional architectural elements that give these houses timeless charm. Step inside and you'll find that these homes have more than one bedroom, more than one bathroom and lots and lots of reasons why you'll fall in love. These homes are charming and lovely on the inside, too. Hardwood floors, fireplaces, crown molding and attention to detail are everywhere in these homes. Some of the houses here have swimming pools, two-car garages and all kinds of amazing extra features. Spend a day or two in this part of the city and just remember that if you live in Audubon Park, you'll be living practically next door to Kentucky Kingdom! About the Author:  Joe Hayden is the Team Owner and Manager of the Joe Hayden Real Estate Team - !

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