Some Louisville restaurants shifting gears to handle rise in COVID-19 cases fueled by omicron variant Sunday, Jan 16 2022 

Some restaurants are asking patrons to either show proof of vaccination or a negative test while others have reduced hours or closed locations temporarily.


Mike Linnig’s delays start of 98th season due to COVID-19 surge Thursday, Jan 13 2022 

The seafood restaurant was supposed to open on Jan. 20 but the date has been pushed back a week, according to a post on its Facebook page.


Is it safe to eat snow? How to make snow cream the safe way Friday, Jan 7 2022 

The general idea is to combine freshly fallen snow with milk (often condensed milk), sugar and vanilla - creating an ice cream-esque treat.


Kentucky couple competing on Food Network’s ‘Worst Cooks in America’ Wednesday, Jan 5 2022 

Married almost 6 years, Kara and Eddie Anderson say they live off fast food drive thru's and scrambled eggs from the local gas station.


Big Momma’s Soul Kitchen serves up southern delights one last time Sunday, Dec 19 2021 

Whether it was the fried chicken, cabbage, meatloaf or other favorites served, the west Louisville staple brought out many on Sunday as the owner says goodbye.


Cardinal opinion writer ranks favorite holiday foods Wednesday, Dec 15 2021 

By Alexia Juarez– 

With Christmas and New Year’s approaching, aside from the down time and rest taken to celebrate, it’s important to look at one of the crucial things that make the holidays special: the food. 

Holiday dinners are the best way to engage with family and friends and enjoy quality time together. According to Susan Spracher, writer for the foster care blog “Lilliput,” the blending of old and new traditions makes the holiday season bright.  

We can’t ignore one of the biggest factors that contribute to quality time with the family: the holiday feasts. We all have a specific list of holiday foods that we rank from favorite to least favorite.  

Let’s take a look at mine. 

1. The holiday food at the top of my list is tamales. Growing up in a Mexican household, tamales were always a food that my family made only on special occasions. Tamales are made of corn-based dough, filled with meat, cheeses, fruits, vegetables or chili pepper. 

Tamales have a nice, crumby feel that is described as being like a corn cake, but steamier. The insides make all the difference, and you can put any kind of salsa on top.  

2. The next food at the top of my list is stuffing. This dish is also a Thanksgiving favorite, but it’s always appropriate to make it on Christmas as well. My family always makes turkey stuffing bought from the store, but there are other flavors too. My favorite thing about stuffing is its soft, crumbly texture with every bite you take.

3. Steering away from the main dishes for a moment; one of the top desserts my family makes for Christmas is Oreo mini cheesecakes. They are mini desserts that use the wrapper of a cupcake with the Oreo cookie as the crust.

4. The next dessert and common holiday favorite is Christmas cookies. Last year, my aunt started the tradition of baking cookies in common Christmas shapes, like stockings, a snowflake, or a Santa hat, and letting all the nieces/nephews decorate their own with their favorite icing and toppings, using all kinds of sprinkles.  

No matter whatever foods you have at the dinner table this holiday season, it’s important to enjoy them with the people you love. Dig in this holiday season and celebrate finishing the semester strong.  

But, if you’re worried about holiday weight, that’s what a New Year’s resolution at the gym is for! 


Graphic by Catherine Brown // The Louisville Cardinal

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Glow Worm Play Cafe Monday, Dec 13 2021 

Is there a place for young children to play while you relax in a café setting? Yes, there is such a place! Glow Worm Play Café recently opened and has the perfect combination of fun and relaxation. Glow Worm Play Café is located near the Highlands and the Downtown Louisville area and offers a combined space for children six and [...]

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Louisville food trucks team up to donate meals to tornado victims and first responders in Mayfield Monday, Dec 13 2021 

7 local food trucks in Louisville have banded together to help the victims and first responders in Mayfield, Kentucky as they recover from the tragic tornadoes.


Newest Heine Brothers’ location celebrates grand opening in downtown Louisville Wednesday, Dec 1 2021 

The popular coffee company had their grand opening ceremony at their new café in the PNC Tower on Wednesday morning.


Louisville’s first craft seltzery now open in NuLu Wednesday, Dec 1 2021 

All seltzers are vodka based. They're vegan, gluten free, low carb, and all under 100 calories. Eight of the 10 can also be non-alcoholic.


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