Great Gifts for Members of the Navy Monday, Jun 6 2022 

By Jacob Maslow – Branded Content

Do you know any United States Navy members who spend a significant portion of their lives putting their home country’s needs before their very own?

Now is the time to show them that you recognize what they have done and that such a selfless individual deserves incredible unique military gifts to enjoy during their off-hours. 

Instead of spending a whole afternoon scratching your head for answers, here are some great gift ideas for members of the Navy that have earned some extra recognition.

Personalized Whiskey Box Set

When it is time to kick back and relax with military buddies, one great gift for members of the US Navy is a whiskey gift set to thank them for their service. 

Be sure to choose a US Navy gift set wherein every single item in the set is specially engraved with the name and rank they earned when they served.

You might even get a glimpse of a tear dropping down from the eyes of this trained-to-be-tough soldier with this personalized gift set when they’re using the glass to sip their favorite whiskey with the decanter.

Now you have given them a reason to socialize more and make time to celebrate life after a long day’s work so they can enjoy some relaxation with a delicious glass of whiskey in their personalized glasses.

Find other ways to make this gift set personal by searching for their favorite color, giving them even more reasons to treat this whiskey box set as a keepsake. They can show it off whenever they have guests and keep it as a memento of their experience in the Navy.

Don’t leave that naval officer high and dry. Get them the good stuff, some premium whiskey that suits the special occasion that you are getting them this gift for in the first place. 

Veteran Flag Case

If you are buying a gift for a Navy veteran who has already concluded their many years of service, get them a beautiful retirement flag case to display their American or United States Navy flag inside with pride and a personalized plaque to place on their living room mantle for all to see. 

Navy Decor

For Navy members who genuinely appreciate their military branch’s rich and expansive history, consider getting this gentleman or superwoman this brass telegraph as a US Navy gift to showcase this vintage decor piece to display in their office or personal study.

Books for Your Favorite Naval Officer

If that special sailor in your life is an avid reader, then you know exactly what you need to do, find out which books they are looking forward to getting their hands on, or get them to share their Amazon Wish List with you. 

If you are unable to figure out which books they actually would make time to read at the moment, you can pay for them to use an e-book platform for them to be able to download books on their own time. Also, you won’t have to worry about shipping costs and lengthy delivery times that could be too late for the special occasion. 

They may even be interested in listening to audiobooks, so keep that in mind. 

Custom United States Navy Caps

Imagine the looks on those special Naval officers in your life’s faces when they realize that you just got them custom us navy ball caps? 

Customize their caps with ships, insignias, badges, and colors, although being that they are in the Navy, you can’t go wrong with getting them a navy blue custom US Navy cap. 

Quality Custom Embroidered Navy Hats

Choose the U.S. Navy Ship Class, and add the ship name, hull number, and optional text on the back of the cap. Ships and text are professionally embroidered directly onto your cap. Hats are made and embroidered in the USA.

Durable Watch 

Casio G-Shock watches are an excellent way to give the gift of a timepiece that has a timeless style.

The GA110 is a particular model of Casio G-Shocks with bold colors, shock resistance, water resistance up to depths of 200 meters, and LED light. 

It also doesn’t hurt that G-Shocks have a battery life of about two years, and they can keep time accuracy to within 15 seconds of the set time in the course of a month.

Night Sky Star Map

For a truly unique gift for members of the US Navy, why not offer them a Night Sky Star Map that showcases the exact alignment of the stars on a particular date in a direct location that you can enter into the website?

Night Sky Star maps is a personalized present for nature lovers, world travelers, those that ask curious questions about the cosmos, and that science buff that once donned a naval uniform or currently still does. 

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Snag these dorm gifts for under $50 this Christmas season Saturday, Dec 18 2021 

By Tate Luckey —

It’s the end of the semester. Finals are over, there’s a chill in the air and the annual spirit of gift-giving is upon us. 

But, you’re a college student, and just spent the last five months eating nothing but meal swipes and microwave noodles in your dorm as you work away on assignments. What can you possibly afford? 

I polled around 100 students and posed to them the question “If you had a budget of $50, what’s the most useful dorm gift you can think to get?”

ASAKUKI Essential Oil Diffuser. (Photo/

Oil Diffuser/Wax Heater

Since candles aren’t allowed in dorms, an oil diffuser or wax heater is the perfect way to keep your dorm smelling fresh post-break. junior and Kurz Hall Resident Assistant Marc Ramsingh recommends the ASAKUKI Essential Oil Diffuser, as it’s remote controlled and even has 7 LED settings for those late-night study sessions. 

Illuminated Vanity Mirror

“This was my favorite, most useful thing my freshman year,” junior Hannah Walker said about the AirExpectal Illuminated Vanity Mirror. The 72 LED mirror comes with 3 light settings, perfect for getting the right look for your next social event.

HotPop Microwave Popcorn Popper. (Photo/

Microwave Popcorn Popper

The microwaves in the dorms are definitely subpar, so if you’re looking for a way to pop perfect popcorn every time, the HotPop Microwave Popcorn Popper is perfect for any movie nights you might have. “I actually save money just buying the kernels and oil, it’s super convenient,” sophomore Paige Hensley said.

Dorm Posters

A great way to show your style is by buying posters for your room. Sites like, allposters and icanvas are all quality sites to browse to find the right posters needed to show off your style and decorate your space. U of L even hosts a poster sale during the fall semester early on with local vendors, so be sure to check your emails for when that event arrives!

Now, there are plenty of other great gifts you can get for yourself or your roomie for the holidays, including a Keurig, an electric tea kettle and even 3-month supply of Chegg. Just remember to treat yourself to something that will make your dorm more “you.”

File Graphic // The Louisville Cardinal

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Revelry boutique holds their annual “Cuteopia” art show Tuesday, Feb 4 2020 

By Madelynn Bland–

Valentine’s Day, which often includes giving and receiving gifts from lovers and friends, has once again crept up and caught us by surprise. As usual, all there is to find at any chain store are teddy bears and generic chocolates.

While these are perfectly adequate gifts, some of us are in search of that amazingly unique gift meant to knock the socks off of our loved ones.

This year, there is some luck. 

On Feb. 8, Revelry Boutique Gallery and Mama Tried Tattoos will be presenting the 8th annual “Cuteopia” art show. Not only is this show a great way to support local artists, but it will feature some of the most unique Valentine’s gifts you’ll ever find. 

Native Louisville artists made all the featured art.

Some of the artists featured include University of Louisville graduates Anna Erwin, Monica Stewart, Irene Mudd and Jenna White. These former art students have now turned their passion into their work.

Erwin said, “I have actually been an employee with Revelry Gallery for four years now, even while still taking classes at U of L. This extra involvement in Louisville’s art scene elevated my education by learning from my artist co-workers and local artists on a face to face basis on how to make my art sellable in a commercial gallery.”

The show is proud to feature many different types of art that really stands out against the usual Valentine’s gifts. Some of the art already previewed includes a portrait of Leonardo Dicaprio by Susan Howe,  pressed flowers by Gritty Pearl and create your own conversation heart earrings.

An array of art mediums will be showcased, from earrings, paintings, ceramics and even underwear. The gifts purchased here are sure to be nothing short of unexpected.  

Owner of Revelry Boutique Gallery Mo Mcknight Howe, said, “Handmade gifts are more meaningful than something more mass produced. I think people love to receive a gift that was made by hand with love put into it.” 

The event is free and open to the public. It will be held at the Revelry Boutique Gallery on Feb. 8 at 6 p.m.

Photo by Anthony Riley // The Louisville Cardinal

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DIY Mason Jar Photo Holder Friday, Dec 22 2017 

DIY Ball Mason Jar Photo Holder

It's not too late to craft some last minute gifts this Christmas. These Ball jar photo holders come together quick. Seriously, you make four of these in an hour or two. That, and they're cute and can be personalized with photos and gift cards. Win, win, win.

DIY Ball Mason Jar Photo Holder

Supplies needed: 4oz mason jar, craft snow, small bottlebrush trees, wire (I used 18 gauge). You'll also need a small nail, hammer, wire cutter, pliers, and hot glue. It'll be helpful to find something round to wind your wire around to help it take shape - I used a thread spool.

(I found the 4oz Ball jars at Walmart and Kroger. They come in a 4-pack.)

DIY Ball Mason Jar Photo Holder

Start by creating the photo holder in the lid of the mason jar. Using a small nail, hammer a hole in the center just large enough for the wire to slip through. Create two loops with the wire (twisting around a round object makes this easier). Create a long tail at the end of the wire loop. Thread this through the hole in the lid and then bend a 90-degree angle on the underside of the lid. Use hot glue or similar to secure the wire underneath.

DIY Ball Mason Jar Photo Holder

DIY Ball Mason Jar Photo Holder

DIY Ball Mason Jar Photo Holder

DIY Ball Mason Jar Photo Holder

DIY Ball Mason Jar Photo Holder

Once your lid is finished, create your winter scene inside the mason jar. Use hot glue to adhere the bottle brush trees and then sprinkle in the craft snow. 

DIY Ball Mason Jar Photo Holder

Screw the lid back on and add your photos or cards and you're done! Easy, cute, and personalized!

What last minute crafts are you making?

Happy holiday crafting, DIY'ers!