Celtic Pig foodtruck expands with campus restaurant Thursday, Sep 23 2021 

By Tate Luckey

Last semester, in an effort to break up the dwindling lack of dining options on campus (partly brought on by last year’s lack of campus residence), U of L Dining had a week where food trucks from local Louisville and Southern Indiana restaurants came to campus in what was dubbed as “Food Truck Fest.” Now, one of those has a permanent home here on campus: The Celtic Piglet.

Located behind the Speed School of Engineering and right inside the Duthie Center, the Celtic Piglet carries on the BBQ and English hybrid theme of the food truck. As such, their menu features a mix of both smoked meat-based and “Celtic” in origin foods. A meal swipe includes any entree under 8 dollars, a side of either a bag of chips or fruit and a drink. They’re open 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Monday-Friday.

The Sausage egg and cheese biscuit

The Food

I decided to try one meal for breakfast, and one meal for their lunch. So at 10:45 on a Wednesday morning, I hiked down to indulge in a sausage, egg and cheese biscuit, since they were out of Scotch Eggs. And the results: not bad. It was admittedly small, but it was hot and a nice meal to get you through your first class or 2. The biscuit was pretty tender. But for a meal swipe (or 6 bucks a la carte), and breakfast, there are better options on campus.

A (messy) cross-section of the “Pulled Pork Panini”.

Lunchtime rolled around and I again went back to try their sandwiches. I played it safe in getting a pulled pork panini, but this was a much more worthwhile option: tender smoky pork and Monterey jack/cheddar cheese on a pillowy sesame seed bun. I even got a brownie too, just to try it and out and it was great: nice and chocolatey, chewy, and had a layer of tacky caramel and walnuts on top. It was nice, but the issue is that again, it’s one of the only entrees you can get for under 8 dollars.

The Issues

I’m not alone in this opinion- Colter Koch, a sophomore engineering student, likes the convenience of the restaurant, but is unsure about the reasonability of such prices. “Oftentimes I will grab the breakfast burrito or sausage and egg biscuit in between my morning classes. I enjoy the food a lot, but the prices in comparison to other breakfast options on campus are honestly unreasonable. Paying double for a breakfast sandwich just because it is a bit closer makes choosing the Celtic Piglet tough. I think the popularity of this spot would greatly increase if they priced their food options closer to those of other campus options,” he said. 

For comparison – I’m a student in the School of Business, so it’s about a 15-minute walk to get to the place from where I take most of my classes at. Not exactly out of the way, but considering the Ville Grille or Subway is closer, and it’s about the same amount of time to get there as it is to the SAC, it can make the average student consider the value of their meal swipes.

Final Verdict

Overall, would I eat at the Celtic Piglet again? Sure, if it was closer. It breaks up the monotony of fast food here on campus and is a good option for those looking for smaller, home-cooked-style meals, but with it being smack in the middle of where engineering students primarily are it can be out of the way for a lot of students.

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Couple dies within 48 hours of one another from COVID-19; Community honors their memory Sunday, Sep 19 2021 

"This is something we'll never forget. And this is something that their grandkids will never forget."


‘For years, I lived this double life’: Former Kentucky Teacher of the Year shares recovery story Friday, Sep 17 2021 

As Hispanic Heritage Month continues, WHAS11 is highlighting Latinx community members working to change.


Feature Editor reviews Drake’s “Certified Lover Boy” Thursday, Sep 16 2021 

By Tate Luckey

Among the various pop and hip-hop albums released throughout the year, the album-of-the-year conversation arguably boils down to a few artists: maybe it’s Tyler The Creator’s Call Me If You Get Lost, or Olivia Rodrigo’s Sour; perhaps J-Cole’s The Off-Season? Kanye recently dropped Donda, which I did a review of here. And now Drake enters the fray, with his album “Certified Lover Boy’ coming out just a week after Donda. Is the 6God back? Was the Champaign Papi right in his hype over the album, going all the way back to 2019?

Short answer: No. Longer answer: Kinda? But he dropped the ball.

The Artwork

I would be remiss not to first address the album art. Designed by Damien Hirst, on a blank background features 12 pregnant women emojis in various clothes and skin tones. Contrast this with Scorpion, a clean, almost vintage-looking black and white photo of Drake looking serious, or even Views, in which he is (photoshopped) atop Toronto’s CN Tower. It’s an extremely jarring, almost immature contrast to what listeners are used to. 

The Songs

Drake and Kawhi Leonard Reunite in the Video for "Way 2 Sexy"

Drake and Kawhi Leonard Reunite in the “Way 2 Sexy” Video

Yet somehow that is about the most exciting thing on the album. The songs aren’t necessarily bad. They’re just, not notable. Listening to the near 90-minute album I could name two, maybe three songs total that stand out, the first one being his lead single “Way 2 Sexy” featuring Future and Young Thug. That song is classic Drake. It’s catchy. Future and Thug’s verses are great, and it’s now being taken over by TikTok as a “sexy boys anthem.”

“Champaign Poetry” is actually a nice intro song, sampling Masego’s “Navajo” (which in turn, samples a cover of the Beatles classic “Michelle”), with Drake discussing his conflicts of fame and his true self in a very “stream-of-consciousness” type of flow. 

But beyond that, the other 80 minutes are just kinda….there. 

Girls Want Girls? Just kind of weird. “Yeah, say that you a lesbian, girl, me too” he playfully sings. What does that even mean? Heck, what does the title even mean? Most of the lyricism is just discussing Drake’s lack of loving, about the heartbreak and hardships he’s encountered.  The number and notoriety of the artists featured here can’t make up for the same rehashed subjects. It’s like Drake has fallen into a formula, and here we see an album emblematic of the question “where will he go from here?” but for the wrong reason. 

It’s just not exciting. 

The Bottom Line

Again, the album is not bad. It’s very well produced, and for casual Drake listeners, there’s stuff to enjoy. But you can’t help to think that given the musical deluge this past year, there should have been more. 

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Five Interesting Ways to Get Involved in the Stock Market Monday, Sep 13 2021 

By Jacob Maslow–Branded Content

Are you shopping around for a way to get involved in the stock market? Fortunately, in the era of online investing, there are multiple ways to put your money to work in the securities exchanges, aside from traditional approaches like buying and holding blue chip stocks. Today’s market savvy investors know how to pool their resources, follow social trends, leverage the power of low-cost issues, earn profits from day trading, minimize risk by owning index funds, and reaping the rewards of owning shares that pay regular dividends. For anyone who finds the traditional strategies boring and limited, the following approaches offer a fresh way of earning a potential profit on investments of any size.

Social Investing

Numerous brokerage sites allow account holders to follow a guru, or selected member who has years of experience in a particular niche, like consumer goods or the financial sector. New members can simply follow the leader, whose purchases and sales are listed on the site so whoever wishes can replicate their actions.

Penny Stocks

There is no set-in-stone definition of what a penny stock is, but most agree that any shares priced below the $5 level qualify for the title. One of the best things about penny stocks is that you can purchase multiple shares for a modest amount of money. Plus, you can review a penny stock trading guide that teaches the basics for beginners who want to start out with accurate information. 

Another key benefit of this asset class is that many of the low-cost shares have plenty of room to grow. Of course, there are no guarantees that any corporation, large or small, will be a long-term success. But unlike blue chips and other high-priced issues, penny shares sometimes rise in price considerably. You need not be a mathematician to see the difference between an investment the costs $5 and rises to $50, compared to one that costs $200 and rises to $225. Penny stocks represent a potentially large upside and a relatively small downside in most cases.

Day Trading

If you’re the type who doesn’t like to hold positions overnight, and enjoy the fast-paced action of doing several transactions per day, day trading might be your best choice. People who day trade go to cash before the end of each session and typically specialize in just one or two companies’ stocks. Deals move at lightning speed and you’re never left wondering, at day’s end, whether you notched a profit or a loss.

Index Funds

If you prefer to play the entire market all at once, or even an entire sector of it, index funds offer the opportunity to take part in the general movement of the whole securities market or the segment that interests you. For instance, you can buy shares of various funds that track the Dow or S&P, or buy into indices that include only financial institution, or only manufacturing company issues.

Dividends-Only Shares

Some build portfolios that consist exclusively of dividend paying stocks, which means they receive payouts on a regular basis. There are aristocrat companies that have long histories of paying dividends every quarter. For many years, there have been people who only purchase these kinds of stocks.

Photo Courtesy of Jacob Maslow//Cosmic Press

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Features Editor highlights Kanye West’s “Donda” Friday, Sep 10 2021 

By Tate Luckey

After months of delays, 3 listening parties, and a bunch of controversies, Donda, Kanye West’s 10th album, is finally out for the masses to listen to. His last album, Jesus Is King (2019) combines Christian overtones and gospel elements with his repudiation from sin. Donda expands upon this, interlacing the previous point with Ye’s family and childhood. It’s an expansive album (27 whole songs, just shy of 2 hours), with an equally expansive catalog of features (by comparison, Jesus is King clocks in at 27 minutes, and The Life Of Pablo goes on for just over an hour). Because there is so much here to unpack, here are a few songs that really stand out. 


Featuring vocals from “The Weeknd” and a verse from “Lil Baby”, this song actually popped up in 2018 as a demo West posted on his Instagram and Twitter. Now as a fully finished song in 2021, this is definitely one of the standouts of the album. Kanye has a real knack for realizing what sounds fit and which don’t; The Weeknd’s harmony with his Sunday Service Choir on the first and last “Don’t let me down” is powerful. This song’s transformation from an arguably lofi sound to more grandiose is perhaps emblematic of Kanye’s musical transformation, too. 


Set up after “Donda Chant” and featuring a verse from Jay Z, Jail is my personal favorite song from the album. The chorus is infectious, and the minimalist guitar instrumental perfectly complements the restrained anger Ye and Jay-Z’s lyrics have towards the prison systems and their own personal heartbreaks. It’s the perfect song to display their lyrical chemistry. 


Kanye’s ability to create both energetic and somber songs is on full ability display while listening to “Moon”. The lush, reverb-soaked vocals perfectly complement “Moon”‘s idea of ascension (which, knowing Kanye is likely spiritual). One can even make the argument that Kanye’s calling out to his mom, given the lines “don’t leave me so soon” and asking out “how can I get through” to reach out. 

Believe What I Say

Previewed during the 3rd listening party West had for DONDA, “Believe What I Say” is another standout. The grooving bassline, along with West’s laid-back vocals give off a Graduation vibe. Even Lauryn Hill is featured at the beginning! It’s a song that I think is underrated on the album, and fans of older Kanye may enjoy it more. 

Now, it’s tough to quantify a body of work from an artist, whether a film or painting or album, as a letter grade or star review system. I feel that that’s disingenuous to the idea of a review. So I’m choosing to grade this based on a simple question: would I listen to Donda again? Sure. Admittedly, a few of the songs go on too long (looking at you, Jesus Lord), but I encourage anyone reading to block out time to take a listen. It’s almost as if this album is meant to be heard at a live event rather than in your own home. Concept albums are nothing necessarily new, but Kanye does it again producing a moving, introspective experience.

File Graphic // Kanye West Twitter //

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The Vault: Revisiting Ground Zero 20 years after 9/11 attack Friday, Sep 10 2021 

In the weeks after the horrific attack, WHAS11 had crews on scene in New York City, finding the many connections linked back to Kentuckiana.


Remembering 9/11, 20 years later | List of Kentuckiana events this weekend Thursday, Sep 9 2021 

Here's a list of what's happening, when and where, with information from the organizers about how they're honoring the victims of 9/11.


REACH adds new Peer Academic Coaching program Wednesday, Sep 8 2021 

By Tate Luckey–

For students who are struggling with getting a good start to their academic career, or even those who need a quick confidence boost, REACH is the service for them. Not only do they provide tutoring, graduate exam prep, and a whole resource center dedicated to up to 200 level math courses, they also are providing a newer service referred to as Peer Academic Coaching.

According to Dr. Geoff Bailey, Executive Director of REACH and Testing Services, Peer Academic Coaching is designed to help students develop their academic skillsets to achieve their goals.

We help students establish specific, SMART goals and identify challenges that might detract from their academic success as well as help identify resources (U of L services, people, departments) that can support their academic lives,” he said.  The other REACH services, by comparison, are more focused on course content and learning the specific subject matter.

And don’t worry about the service being virtual either. While the pandemic has definitely left a ripple in how educators like him and Mark Woolwine, Assistant Director of Learning Resources, approached REACH as a whole, no student utilizing this service will talk to a coach through a screen.

Students who sign up can meet one of eight different peer coaches in BAB 427.  “Our peer coaches record students’ progress in CardSmart and review information about previous appointments to ensure we’re helping them continue to make progress on topics or developing skills that are critical to our students,” Bailey said.  

Students who are interesting in being a coach can sign up here. The only requirements are to have a 3.0 cumulative GPA and a faculty or staff recommendation. If you’d like to sign up for a coaching appointment, you can do so here

Graphic by Eli Hughes // The Louisville Cardinal

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Why Is Preventative Dental Care So Important? Monday, Sep 6 2021 

By Jacob Maslow– Branded Content

If you live in the southern Ontario area, you understand that this is a great place to live, work, and raise a family. You deserve to have access to comprehensive dental care that will help you enjoy everything that life has to offer in the local area. Preventive dental care refers to dental care that enables you to take care of your oral health. This is a combination of brushing and flossing along with regular dental checkups. What are some of the top benefits of seeing a dentist for routine dental care?

You Can Identify Problems Before They Lead to Serious Symptoms

Your local Port Credit dentist can identify potential problems before they lead to severe symptoms. Even though your teeth may feel fine right now, there could be problems lurking underneath the surface that you might not know about. For example, even though you brush and floss regularly, plaque and tartar are still going to build upon the surfaces of your teeth over time. Only a trained dental professional can remove this plaque and tartar. If you can correct problems with your oral health before they cause symptoms, you can protect your teeth down the road. 

You Learn More about Good Dental Practices

Next, you should go to the dentist at least twice a year because you need to learn about good dental practices. Even though you may like your current toothbrush, there may be better options that the dentist might tell you about. The same could be true when it comes to dental floss. If there are changes made to dental recommendations, you have to know about them so you can take care of your teeth. This is also an excellent opportunity for you to ask questions about your oral health. If you are concerned about your job, the look of your smile, or the health of your gums, you need to talk to the dentist about this. That is why you could schedule a regular visit with your local dentist. 

You Can Help Your Children Develop Good Dental Habits

Finally, going to the dentist regularly is also essential because it can help children develop good dental habits. If you have kids in your home, they need to go to the dentist at least twice per year. This is important for making sure their mouth, teeth, and gums are developing appropriately. If you can get your children in the habit of going to the dentist twice per year now, they will continue to do so on their own once they reach their adult years. This is important for making sure their teeth come in properly, their smiles are straight, and all oral health issues are addressed before they impact their growth and development.

Protect Your Dental Health with Preventative Dental Care

These are just a few of the top reasons why you need to invest in preventative dental care in the greater Toronto area. Even though you may only reach out to a dentist when you are experiencing problems, it is still important for you to go to the dentist at least twice a year. Even if you brush and floss regularly, some issues cannot be resolved unless you go to a dentist for help. So make sure you see a dentist at least twice a year and correct issues with your dental care before they lead to severe problems down the road. That way, you can protect your teeth for years to come. 

Photo Courtesy of Jacob Maslow//Cosmic Press



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