4 Ways to Get Involved With Investing Thursday, Sep 22 2022 

By Jacob Maslow – Branded Content

Do you have a friend or two that love to talk about how their money helps them become richer? Maybe they say something like, “You have to have money to make money.” Maybe it’s something you heard on TV instead, such as “I put my money to work for me. My money goes out and earns me more money.”

This only tells part of the story. It’s not enough to have money that can make you more money. You need to know how to put your money to work. The good news is that it is easier than ever with technology and modern investing strategies to start investing. With new concepts like fractional ownership in stocks, real estate, and much more, you do not need a large pile of cash to start investing. Here are four ways to get involved with investing. 

1. Stocks

Stocks are one of the most common ways people think about investing. With more stock brokerages offering fractional ownership and other trading strategies, more people have the ability to put some money in the stock market. On top of that, you’ve probably heard of an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) and a 401(k), which are both valuable tools for building a retirement nest egg. Within those types of accounts are two different ways to contribute.

In a traditional IRA or 401(k), you can contribute money pre-tax. This means the amount of money you contribute is not counted when you file your income taxes at the end of the year. However, be aware that you will still have to pay income taxes on that money whenever you begin to withdraw from the account.

On the other hand, any money you put into a Roth IRA or Roth 401(k) is considered an after-tax contribution. This means that you have previously paid taxes on that money. The advantage of a Roth IRA or a Roth 401(k) is that you do not have to pay income taxes on any of the money when you withdraw, including any gains made on your investments. Beware that you may have to pay a penalty if you withdraw from these accounts too early.

2. Real Estate

Some do not even consider real estate investing because it is intimidating and seems to have a high barrier to entry. Traditionally, investing in real estate required large loans with high fees and interest rates along with the daily stress of maintaining the property. However, fractional ownership offers a modern strategy to avoid those hassles while still reaping the benefits of real estate ownership.

Real estate investing can take on many different forms depending on your interest level. Vacation rental properties or other short-term rentals are popular because there is a high demand from people who want to stay at these places. Rental properties with long-term tenants or even commercial properties are other ways you can invest in real estate and start collecting profits.

3. Bonds

If investing in stocks is too scary to you, you might consider investing in bonds. There are three main sources of bonds. Companies issue corporate bonds to raise money. In return, companies pay the bondholder interest based on pre-arranged terms until the maturity date of the bond, which is when the company pays back the face value of the bond.

State and local governments issue municipal bonds. These work in a similar fashion to corporate bonds, but the money is usually being raised to fund public projects. An added advantage of municipal bonds is that the interest payments you receive are tax-free.

The United States government issues Treasury bonds to raise money and fully guarantees them, so the odds of losing your money due to default are extremely low. As is the case with municipal bonds, any interest you collect while holding these is tax-free.

4. Bitcoin

If bonds sound too boring to you, you can take on a more volatile investing strategy with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Most people know what Bitcoin is by now, but there is still a significant percentage of people who have not invested in digital currency. The cost of a single Bitcoin has been more than $60,000 in the past, but the typical investor is buying and selling a much smaller amount through fractional ownership. Other cryptocurrencies have much lower costs per unit, but prices can fluctuate drastically and move very quickly. Do extensive research to understand the risks associated with volatility before investing in this asset class.


Getting involved with investing can take on many different forms. It is true that your money can make you more money, but you need to weigh the risks and your comfort level before starting. Fractional ownership enables you to invest with a much smaller amount than has historically been needed. Do more research into these four asset classes and others to determine the plan that makes the most sense to you.

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The Boom of Online Real Estate Licenses Tuesday, Jan 4 2022 

By Jacob Maslow — Branded Content

Online real estate licenses have exploded in popularity in recent years, owing to the growing number of people interested in pursuing a career in real estate. 

If you’re a semi-retired or retired person looking for supplemental income, you might want to consider real estate. 

You may even apply for a Tennessee real estate license online to get into your business soon.

A Career in Real Estate

A career in the real estate business can be financially rewarding, especially if you are a baby boomer. 

Here are a few benefits of being a real estate agent:

  • You do not have to stick to a rigid time table system.
  • You can work as per your convenience.
  • You can choose your customers.
  • You can start a real estate business at a very low cost.
  • There are many Tennessee real estate license online courses that you can easily enroll into.
  • There is no upper limit to how much you earn.
  • The state of Tennessee permits online completion of 100% of the pre-license real estate courses.

One of the most significant advantages you’ll have on your path to being a great real estate agent is that, as a baby boomer, you’ll know your community and neighborhood better than agents who have recently relocated to the area.

You will be able to use your network of friends and family which can help you to get more opportunities and more customers.

Online Real Estate Licenses

There has been a boom in demand for new residences as a result of the migration of various individuals into the city and towns. 

Several customers are constantly looking for ways to upgrade to more expensive and better properties. A situation like this provides an excellent platform for people who want to work as real estate agents. 

However, there is one requirement: you must obtain an online real estate license in order to operate as a real estate agent.

It is extremely simple to obtain a Tennessee real estate license online, and if you are serious about pursuing a career in real estate, you must do so immediately.


The Tennessee Real Estate Commission has laid out a few requirements that are mandatory to get a real estate license online. Here are the criteria:

  • You must not be younger than 18 years of age.
  • You must have a high school diploma or have a GED.
  • You must have completed the Tennessee real estate pre-license course of 90 minutes.
  • You must pass the course with a minimum grade of 70%.
  • You must submit your electronic fingerprint report.
  • A Tennessee real estate broker should be able to provide you with sponsorship.
  • You must get evidence of error and omission insurance.

After you have completed all the criteria, you can apply for the license.


RealEstate.com is an online school for real estate studies that is renown in the space. The course for affiliate brokers must be completed within a period of 6 months.

However, the duration that is taken to achieve the real estate license online solely depends on the pace and efficiency of the applicant.

Parting Thoughts

Now that you have so much information on your plate, you have the option of taking your interest to the next level. If you want to work as a real estate agent, don’t waste any time and apply for your real estate license online!

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Why Real Estate Investing Is Becoming More Popular Monday, Nov 15 2021 

By Jacob Maslow–Branded Content

Are you looking for a business opportunity to invest in? Real estate has become one of the most popular business ventures that you can think of. Anyone can invest in real estate as long as they know what needs to be done while in business. Investing in Myrtle Beach real estate is one of the investments less likely to fail. The following are why real estate is becoming more popular and why you should invest in it.

Money is made immediately.

If you are looking for an investment that will make you quick money, real estate is one of them. It is the wish of every person to make fast money, which is why the real estate market has bloomed over recent years. If you are keen enough to make the right sales, you can be assured of making vast amounts of money. Some new real estate agents have been making more significant amounts of money than they imagined they would have made. The investment is all about knowing the proper channels, and you can be assured of making a lot of money.

Property appreciation accrues huge amounts of money

One of the best benefits of real estate is property appreciation. The appreciation of a property will depend on its location. Therefore, it is up to the real estate agent to look for properties likely to appreciate at a high rate. Such properties will make you a considerable income and have made real estate a lucrative business.

There is a ready market.

The best part about the estate is that there is a ready market. People will always sell and buy homes, and this means it is a long-term investment. The reason some businesses do not prosper is the lack of a ready market. If a company does not have a ready market, it will have no one to sell the products to, which will not be profitable. Of course, such a business would eventually close, but this is not the case with the real estate business.

Low barriers to entry

The industry has a low entry barrier, and this has attracted many people to join the business. Whenever a company has a high entry rate, it is likely to become famous. People do not need a lot of money to invest in real estate. Various financing options can help build your investment in this industry.

The benefit of tax deductions

Real estate enables investors to enjoy certain tax benefits that people in other businesses don’t enjoy. Among such tax benefits are depreciation, property taxes, insurance, and the interest paid on mortgages.

Flexible schedules

If you invest in the real estate market, you will get to enjoy flexible schedules. This means you can make it a part-time investment as you focus on your career.

The next time you think of an investment, you should consider real estate as one of the possible investment opportunities. The investment has a higher chance of succeeding than failing, and therefore, it is worth investing in. All you have to do is research the dos and don’ts in the industry, and you can be assured of making huge profits.


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Louisville, Kentucky Housing Inventory Increasing Wednesday, Sep 15 2021 

From Kentucky Realtors

July 2021New listings hitting the market increased for the fifth consecutive month and active listings are also trending upward. These indicators signal that the recent price surge will soon peak as more options will become available to consumers. Those hesitant to list their homes for fear of not finding a new property to move into may also be spurred into listing by the increasing inventory, thereby boosting the listing count further. Closed sales in July reached 5,393. That figure is down slightly (at 7%) from 5,943 in July 2020. The year-to-date closings figure climbed to 32,485. This is a 9% increase from July of 2020 when that number reached 29,811.

Nationally, total existing-home sales, completed transactions that include single-family homes, townhomes, condominiums, and co-ops, grew 2.0% from June to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 5.99 million in July. Sales inched up year-over-year, increasing 1.5% from a year ago (5.90 million in July 2020).

“We see inventory beginning to tick up, which will lessen the intensity of multiple offers,” said Lawrence Yun, NAR’s chief economist. “Much of the home sales growth is still occurring in the upper-end markets, while the mid- to lower-tier areas aren’t seeing as much growth because there are still too few starter homes available.”

The median sale price of homes in Kentucky surged 12.5% from $200k to reach $225,000. This figure sat at $179,000 just 2 years ago. “We are definitely looking forward to a moderating of the sale price of homes”, said Kentucky REALTORS® C.E.O. Steve Stevens. “While it’s good that consumers are seeing their equity grow, the fact that so many Kentuckians remain priced out of the market is unfortunate.”

July 2021 YTDNationally, REALTORS® continue to advocate for property owners as it relates to rental properties. “The eviction relief programs are dispersing money at an alarmingly slow pace”, said Kentucky REALTORS® President Charles Hinckley.  There are several reasons for the delay in delivering the money, according to a report published by the Aspen Institute and COVID-19 Defense Projection, including high documentation burdens, long payment timelines, and insufficient infrastructure for rental assistance support. Hinckley continued, “REALTORS® will continue to fight for the rights of all property owners. There is help available and we can all do our part to let our leaders know that processing this aid is paramount to letting Kentuckians remain in their homes while our small business owners receive the funds they need to bring their accounts current.”

Distressed sales in Kentucky remained low in July. There were just 13 last month, down 32% from last year’s figure of 19.

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Kentucky Horse Farms for Sale Friday, Sep 3 2021 

For more than 100 years, Kentucky has been popular worldwide for its horses. The luxury horse farms in Kentucky are known as the best places to raise, train, and breed horses. Many equestrian companies and international organizations have gathered in Kentucky state to provide their services. Whether you would like to spend time with the magnificent horses or want to see the renowned horse trainers, you can find them all in Kentucky’s famed farms. 

If you want to own a horse farm near vibrant downtown life, a horse farm for sale in Lexington is the best place to be.  While purchasing Kentucky horse farms for sale, you need to explore the right place with experienced real estate agents to hunt for a good opportunity. Here is some information about horse farms and Kentucky’s lifestyle, you should go through it before looking for your horse farm in Kentucky. 

Kentucky horse farms for sale

Kentucky is a state known for horses. The first known circular race track was constructed in Kentucky in 1780 and the most famous horse race in the United States still today is Kentucky Derby. Due to its rich history with respect to horsemanship, Lexington is known as the world capital of horses. Many horse people and companies from around the world can be found in Kentucky state particularly in Lexington.

Best equine clinics, horse trainers, grassy landscapes, beautifully designed horse farms, and particularly an enriched culture of horsemanship make this place a paradise for an equestrian. These are some reasons which make the Kentucky horse farms for sale an attraction for horse lovers. 

kentucky horse farms for sale

If you are looking for a horse farm in Kentucky, you should keep in mind two basic principles 

  • Don’t get fascinated by the property like the building, fencing, and barn.
  • Consider the topography, soil quality, and location of the farm.

Think carefully about the needs of your horses while selecting a location for your farm. The needs of different horse breeds vary widely. Some breeds find the plane ground more suitable while others can be equally good on steeper landscapes. Like thoroughbreds, jumpers and hunters need to be on plane grounds and paddocks because their babies are accident-prone. While ponies get fit on the steeper grounds too.

The lifestyle of your horse is the second factor to take into account. Ask yourself whether your horses need enough space to graze and walk around or they are indoor types and need less space per head?

So, the horse breed which you have or which you want to acquire should be considered while looking for your new horse farm.

In central Kentucky, you can find the best horse farms for sale in Lexington. However, as you move away from Lexington, the land becomes steeper and cheaper. 

Horse farms for sale Lexington

The perfect place to raise, train and breed your horses is a horse farm for sale in Lexington.  In the center of the bluegrass region of Kentucky, Lexington is the hub for the best horses to be raised, trained, and compete for horse shows and races in Kentucky. Along with the area’s nutrient-rich farms, proximity to facilities like best equine hospitals, world-renowned Kentucky Horse Park, and Keeneland Racecourses is a distinguishing feature of horse farm for sale Lexington.

kentucky horse farms for sale

Lexington horse farms and lifestyle

Along with the best horse farms, Lexington has long been known for the University of Kentucky, its erudite population, and its affluent lifestyle. It has got the attraction of many international companies and is home to the headquarters of many horse breeds and equine competition organizations.

While living in Lexington, you don’t have to face extreme weather conditions. People don’t face prolonged periods of heat and cold and the temperature remains moderate throughout the year. Although it snows every winter there, however; it melts away with the moderate temperature. A city with a small population is surrounded by beautiful parks and lush green lands to raise horses. Traffic remains minimal as compared to most modern cities.

According to the United States census bureau, Lexington is in the top 10 US cities with a population having advanced degrees. Forbes titled Lexington as the best city to find a job. Parenting magazine ranks it 2nd best and 5th best city for families and education respectively in the US. 

All this information makes it evident that your new horse farm in Kentucky will not be away from the facilities of an advanced city. All you need for horse care, breeding, and training can be found in the proximity as well. So, find a suitable location for your new horse farm according to your needs and requirements and keep enjoying horsemanship.

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Housing Market Pending Sales Volume Reaches Record High; Up Nearly 50% Thursday, May 27 2021 

from the Kentucky Board of Realtors

Lexington, KY (5/27/2021) – The aggregate volume in pending home sales contracts for the state of Kentucky reached a record high last month. $2.2 billion in transactions were under contract in April 2021. This is up 47% over the $1.5 billion in pending sales volume for both April 2020 and 2019. Home sales numbers continue to be up year-over-year, but the meteoric rise in volume is largely due to the higher prices that the current housing market is commanding.

As expected, closed sales are up once again. In April, 4,738 homes sold. This is up 25% from 3,793 in April of 2020. The pending sales count was also up 25%, reaching 8,413 for the month.

Nationally, existing-home sales waned in April, marking three straight months of declines, according to the National Association of Realtors®. All but one of the four major U.S. regions witnessed month-over-month drops in home sales, but each registered double-digit year-over-year gains for April. The Southern region accounted for 44% of all existing home sales across the nation.

“Home sales were down again in April from the prior month, as housing supply continues to fall short of demand,” said Lawrence Yun, NAR’s chief economist. “We’ll see more inventory come to the market later this year as further COVID-19 vaccinations are administered and potential home sellers become more comfortable listing and showing their homes. The falling number of homeowners in mortgage forbearance will also bring about more inventory.

The median sale price of homes in Kentucky for April was up about ten percent, to $205,000. Year-to-date, Kentucky’s median sale price is up almost twelve percent at $198,000.

“Across the Commonwealth, and the entire nation, housing inventory continues to be the main factor in both rising prices and the speed at which homes are going under contract”, said Charles Hinckley, President of Kentucky REALTORS®. “We encourage anyone considering listing a home for sale to consult with a REALTOR® to learn about all options available and how the market will react to their particular property.”

Kentucky REALTORS® C.E.O. Steve Stevens says that although this market pace is not sustainable for the long term, experts are not anticipating a crash. “Most economists agree that rising mortgage rates, more homes being added to the market, and slightly waning buyer demand will eventually lead to a market correction”, he said. “This should moderate prices and bring home ownership back into reach for those who might have been priced out of the market in recent months.”


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2021 Begins with High Demand and Higher Prices Thursday, Mar 4 2021 


Last January, the market was off to a great start with home sales topping out 19% higher than January of 2019. One year (and a pandemic) later, the Kentucky housing market has duplicated that feat. January 2021 home sales were up 19% once again, reaching 3,512.

Nationally, total existing-home sales, completed transactions that include single-family homes, townhomes, condominiums and co-ops, increased 0.6% from December to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 6.69 million in January. Sales in total climbed year-over-year, up 23.7% from a year ago (5.41 million in January 2020).

“Home sales continue to ascend in the first month of the year, as buyers quickly snatched up virtually every new listing coming on the market,” said Lawrence Yun, NAR’s chief economist. “Sales easily could have been even 20% higher if there had been more inventory and more choices.”

The median sale price of homes in Kentucky for January rose almost 14% percent from last year’s mark to $190,000. The statewide average home price jumped 17% over last December surging to $230,245. The big story continues to be sales volume. An already booming market had home prices up about 18% year-over-year in January of 2020. After six months of a scorching hot post-pandemic affected market, which saw inventory plummet to record lows, January 2021 saw sales volume surge another 31% to $808.6 billion. This is up from $511 billion just 2 years ago.

2021 began with record low inventory levels. Economists declare that a healthy housing market contains 6 months of inventory. January saw that figure hover at just below 2 months. “With low inventory and the speed with which homes are being sold, it is more important than ever to partner with your local REALTOR®”, said Charles Hinckley, President of Kentucky REALTORS®. “They possess local market knowledge and can help Kentuckians achieve their real estate goals.”

The market is showing signs of slowing down as pending sales were down for the first time since April. This is most likely due to a combination of decreased foot traffic due to cold weather, and a simple lack of properties to consider. Pending sales for January 2021 were 3,212 which was down 4.5% from 3,365 in January of 2020. “REALTORS® are partnering with sellers to give their homes the best position in the market”, said Hinckley. “This is important, especially for those who are relocating.”

Just 11 units sold as distressed, which is down 85% from January of 2020. More property owners are remaining in their homes due to government programs continuing to assist those with hardships.


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Kentucky Real Estate Biz Continues to Flourish, For Some Tuesday, Dec 29 2020 


by Steve Stevens, CCE, IOM
Chief Executive Officer – Kentucky REALTORS®

Doing business virtually became something new to many businesses in 2020 and certainly became more important than ever to other types of businesses. The virtual world, however, was always here for real estate and it has been helping people buy and sell properties for many years. The reason real estate transactions have not become even “more virtual”, is that real estate has been traditionally a “people business”. Most real estate professionals enjoy the face-to-face interaction they have with buyers and sellers. Relationships matter and trust is critical – especially when you are considering what will likely be the biggest and most important investment of your lifetime.

The challenge of the pandemic, however, has not been viewed entirely as a negative by the real estate industry. On the contrary, in many cases what we have experienced has been a tremendous opportunity to step back and look at all the ways in which real estate professionals do business and then make adjustments to fit our current circumstances in order to protect consumers and ourselves. These adjustments have yielded greater efficiencies and improvements to the business of real estate and many of the changes in business practices will assuredly last long after the pandemic is over.

REALTORS® have shown amazing adaptability and perseverance in the midst of the pandemic, from implementing safer office practices to how they conduct property showings to completing transactions at closings. Make no mistake, there have been obstacles to overcome. For a time, government buildings were not accessible to the public and thus, it became a struggle in some counties to obtain real estate documents necessary to complete transactions. Fortunately, real estate was deemed an essential business throughout the pandemic. Our state and local governments provided us the support we needed to continue to do business.

What has happened in the real estate market this year is nothing short of remarkable, as much as it has also been a blessing to our state and national economies. As was the case in previous recessionary periods, when other industry sectors struggled in a slowing economy, real estate as a sector has occupied an increasingly larger share of the total GDP and State Domestic Product to help pull the economy along. Take a look at real estate’s “record-setting” performance in 2020 (as of November’s close):

Kentucky’s total residential real estate volume still with one month to go in 2020 has exceeded an all-time high at $11.5 billion. The previous high was in 2019 at $9.8 billion.

Closed listings in Kentucky as of the end of November 2020 were 51,431. The previous high was 48,659 in 2017.

The downside of the equation is that increasing demand also causes increasing home prices and smaller inventory:

  • The average home price in Kentucky in 2020 stands at $223,781, up from 2019’s high of $200,258.
  • The median home price in 2020 is $154,401. For the southern region of the U.S., the median price is $270K.
  • Kentucky’s housing inventory has dropped from 4.85 months of stock in 2016 to just 2.51 months in 2020.
  • Nationally, inventory is at 2.3 months.
  • Homes stayed on the market in Kentucky an average of 103.8 days, down from 133 days just 5 years ago.
  • Real estate will continue to be an important component of Kentucky’s and the U.S. economy in 2021.

It is expected to continue its strong run on into the new year, primarily driven by record low interest rates that should stay around 3%. It will be a seller’s market, yet if you can find a home to buy, you can cash in on low mortgage rates that will help soften the blow of rising home prices.

Steve Stevens is Chief Executive Officer of Kentucky REALTORS® which has more than 12,000 members and is the Voice of Real Estate in Kentucky. The association’s 2020 President is Lester T. Sanders of Louisville and President-Elect (2021) is Charles Hinckley of Radcliffe.

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EXP Realty Professional Buying and Selling Experts Monday, Dec 28 2020 

EXP Realty Professional

exp realty benefits of being an agentEXP Realty, a Louisville real estate market expert, helps clients purchase and sell homes. The fact is that property purchases are a worthwhile investment. EXP’s real estate market experts work efficiently with sellers and buyers. The company supports its clients in managing all aspects of a real estate transaction. NBA veteran Rick Robey delivers award-winning property expertise in Louisville as an EXP Realty professional.

For most people, the fact remains that buying a home represents the realization of the American dream. Now, for the first time, more and more people are considering investing in a dorm. The reality is many people simply do not know the best places to start the search for the perfect property. Regardless, potential home buyers should consider starting a house hunt with an EXP Realty professional. EXP Realty, a real estate market expert, is recognized by industry leaders for its performance with other local agencies.

It’s not only first-time buyers who are interested in property. Secondly, and thirdly, buyers are trying to take advantage of lower interest rates by buying new homes. Buying and selling one’s own home can be a stressful experience for some. In addition, there are many fine details that buyers and sellers need to consider when concluding a contract. Indeed, dealing with an experienced agent can take some frustrations out of the process. 

As real estate sales and purchase professionals, EXP’s real estate professionals have a profound understanding of the Louisville market. Rick Robey is a member of the Louisville community and is highly regarded in the region. That is why we have closed many properties for satisfied customers. 

EXP Realty-Trustworthy Real Estate Experts

Serious estate agents have spent significant time studying the industry. Not only do they study many aspects of the market, but they also have time to work with their customers on site. Customers are also told that estate agents must complete at least 96 hours of property training before they can obtain a license.  

Mr. Robey, since 1989 he is a certified realtor and a member of the RE-MAX Hall of Fame. In addition, he obtained the RE-MAX Lifetime Achievement Award. He also received the 100 percent Club and Platinum Club for his real estate successes. Furthermore, EXP is the number one real estate agency in the region, and Rick’s team received recognition from the chairman.

Investing in property should be part of your long-term income planning. Brokers should conduct all their client transactions carefully. Rick Roy’s team of industry experts can help prospective buyers find the ideal property and sellers prepare their properties for a successful sale. The truth is that investing in real estate is a time-sensitive process. Both buyers and sellers need a dedicated estate agent with a deep knowledge of the industry. Clients will find not only the foremost agents on the market, but also trusted agents with a superior reputation. Consider moving to a new property with EXP Realty. 

Buy and sell with the professionals from EXP Realty. Contact a property market leader.

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EXP Realty Market Professionals in Louisville Saturday, Dec 26 2020 

EXP Realty-Home Buying and Selling Expertise

exp realty agentOwning a home is symbolic of achieving the American dream. Today, more and more people are thinking about investing in a home as a first-time buyer. Moreover, individuals who already own real estate are considering expanding portfolios with more real estate. The fact is that buying a home is a good investment that is not without risk. EXP Realty is a company that can help future home buyers work through the details of purchasing a property. Eight-year NBA veteran Rick Robey delivers award-winning real estate expertise in the Louisville area with EXP Realty. 


The purchase of a property should be considered as a long-term investment. Indeed, the decision to invest in real estate should not be taken lightly. In addition, buying real estate is a financial commitment that requires research and careful planning. EXP Realty market professionals work with both buyers and sellers on real estate transactions. EXP Realty as a buy and sell expert is an ideal choice for people who venture into the market. 


Locate an Area Real Estate Expert 


The types of real estate that an estate agent can manage include both residential and commercial buildings.  EXP Realty market professionals offer buyers and sellers in the Louisville region a high level of expertise and decades of experience. People who wish to buy or sell a property, you should contact the real estate agency as a serious company with which you can do business. Rick Robey, a leading real estate professional, has enjoyed success as a member of the 100% Club, Hall of Fame, Platinum Club and # 1 Kentucky and Tennessee teams, as well as Chairman’s Circle. 


Since buying a house is a fairly complex process, potential buyers should work with an experienced broker. Licensed brokers have spent hours upon hours studying courses that have been reviewed by professional organizations to obtain a license. The courses studied by the brokers include principles and practices in real estate, law, economics, finance, property management, trust management, lending, interest and appraisal. 


Licensing requirements vary from state to state. In Kentucky, real estate agents must complete a minimum of 96 hours of instruction from an approved institution or 6 hours of instruction from an accredited institution. Rick Robey has been a full-time licensed broker since 1989. He is also a member of the REMAX Hall of Fame and received a REMAX Lifetime Achievement Award. In addition, Rick held the top 10 real estate teams for more than a decade.  Potential customers will find that EXP Realty is a competent resource as a buying and selling professional. Indeed, Rick has sold more than 2,000 properties since 1989.


Investing in Real Estate


Buyers who haven’t made their way to home ownership early need not worry when they reach the age of 30, as the resource notes that the average age for a first-time homebuyer on a median income of about $72,000 is about 35 years. While there are buyers who fall short of these statistics, EXP Realty is designed to help countless home buyers. 


Many new home buyers are not entirely sure about all aspects of the property. It is therefore a good idea to contact an experienced broker. In fact, when buying a home for the first or even second time, there are a few important factors buyers should consider. Factors like budget, price range, down payment and long-term value are just some of the things buyers should consider. Since buying a house is such a complex process, buyers and sellers need trustworthy real estate agents who are competent and communicative. As a real estate agent who continues to pursue training, Rick is known for being at the cutting edge of the industry. Explore real estate options through EXP.

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