First time this type of surgery is performed on premature baby at Norton Children’s Heart Institute Thursday, Jun 2 2022 

"This unique case is unlike any other and we are so pleased to see this patient thriving as a result of the innovative approach."


Why winter coats and car seats don’t mix Wednesday, Jan 12 2022 

Bulky clothing, including winter coats and snowsuits, should never be worn underneath the harness of a car seat.


Severe pregnancy complication could soon be detected by blood test Wednesday, Jan 5 2022 

Although the test won't be available for a while, doctors and parent advocates say it may someday save lives.


Bullying Prevention, how to keep your kids safe Monday, Jan 3 2022 

One in five students report being bullied. Here are a few ways an expert says you can keep your children safe.


Glow Worm Play Cafe Monday, Dec 13 2021 

Is there a place for young children to play while you relax in a café setting? Yes, there is such a place! Glow Worm Play Café recently opened and has the perfect combination of fun and relaxation. Glow Worm Play Café is located near the Highlands and the Downtown Louisville area and offers a combined space for children six and [...]

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Fun Tea Bubble Puff Cake and more Monday, Aug 2 2021 

We went in search of Taiwanese treats in Louisville and we found Fun Tea! This tiny shop on Bardstown Road makes endless combinations of flavors for Boba tea in Louisville and so many other treats, there’s for sure something for everyone.  Fun Tea is open seven days a week from noon to 8pm and is located at 1613 Bardstown Road [...]

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FREE Bath Bomb Decorating Wednesday, Jun 30 2021 

Decorate a free bath bomb with your kids! A simple way to spend some time together and bring home a free bath bomb for a fantastic bath later! Buff City Soap offers free bath bomb decorating! They have a counter ready for anyone who wants to try out their bath bombs and make their own. Buff City Soap has five [...]

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Best Cookies in Louisville Tuesday, Mar 23 2021 

Here are 9+ local bakeries to pick up the best cookies in Louisville for your family Cookies are perfect for outings to the park, treats for special occasions, or to share with friends.  We are on a hunt for the best cookies in Louisville and it’s not a job we will complain about. Now that the weather is getting nicer, [...]

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Crumbl Cookies Louisville Monday, Mar 8 2021 

Crumbl Cookies is opening in Louisville, Kentucky You know you love cookies! We are so excited for this bakery to open and we can try all of their cookie flavors.  Crumbl Cookies Louisville is located at 12949 Shelbyville Road in Middletown. It will open on March 11 but on March 12 it is FREE COOKIE DAY starting at 8am! We love [...]

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Best Coffee Shops in Louisville & Hot Chocolate Wednesday, Feb 17 2021 

The weather report is looking a bit chilly these days. I recommend stopping by a small business to get something to warm you up from the inside out with a local specialty hot drink.  Our writers love coffee and our kids love hot chocolate. So, when it’s cold, we are on the hunt for the Best coffee shops in Louisville [...]

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