First responders, nurses, corrections employees all ask to be included in Kentucky’s bonus pay for essential workers Monday, Dec 6 2021 

Representatives from the Kentucky Professional Fire Fighters said just because there was a pandemic, call volume didn’t go down.


Kentucky farm sector may reap record receipts: Economists Thursday, Dec 2 2021 

The University of Kentucky ag economists said Thursday that the upturn is fueled by strong crop yields and surging grain exports.


Suppliers say marijuana bill could have unintended consequences for hemp industry Thursday, Dec 2 2021 

The bill would lump Delta-8 in the same category as marijuana. Which means, if the bill passes, Delta-8 would be regulated in the same way.


Spencer County still struggling with bus driver shortage Tuesday, Nov 30 2021 

Superintendent Chuck Abell says the district is doing all it can.


Bardstown man quits job and starts own business Wednesday, Nov 24 2021 

Josh Hoff was one of the millions of Americans to quit their job this fall. He launched Bourbon City Taxi two months ago.


Jobless claims hit lowest record in half a century Wednesday, Nov 24 2021 

The number of Americans applying for unemployment took a nose dive last week to the lowest level in half a century.


What is a living wage – and why aren’t people who work full-time earning it? Thursday, Nov 18 2021 

Despite issues like inflation and the coronavirus pandemic, experts say there are things families can do to make their financial lives a bit easier.


ID verification required to file for unemployment benefits in Kentucky. Here’s why and here’s how Tuesday, Nov 2 2021 

Unemployment insurance fraud skyrocketed during the pandemic, so the state is taking extra steps to confirm people are who they say they are before they can file.


Economic momentum grows as 1,750+ new jobs come to Commonwealth Friday, Oct 29 2021 

Together, GE Appliances, Tyson Foods and the ARGI Financial Group are investing more than $800 million for expansions over the next few years.


‘Stop spending trillions of dollars’ | GOP senators weigh in on rising prices Thursday, Oct 28 2021 

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Kentucky) and Sen. Todd Young (R-Indiana) said increased spending at the federal level has contributed to rising prices at stores and at the pump.


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